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Plankton singlehandedly roasted an entire family on spongebob
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lol, I changed "no" on my mom and dads phones
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I am emo because my plans for tomorrow are cancelled.
Inspired by @gracehelbig to make a smores popcorn pizza! (Nutella popcorn and jif puff)
I love wedding pictures. They're so cute and most of them are #goals x1000000
Yesterday I bought two cakes.. Just because they were on sale. And i bought 6 boxes of hot pockets. Hmu if you're hungry bc I gotchu fam
"Yeah isn't our fridge good? It has ranch, alcohol, brownies, and bacon bits" omfg
You know you're mad when you start saying "first of all" and keep going 😂
I want macaroni and cheese rn
Call 911 the dog ate the special brownies somehow
I'm about to punch a fucking wall
•Goes to Arby's for sliders and mozzarella sticks •They run out of both •I go home kinda sad and empty.. I ordered something else but still
I voted for #RoosterTeeth for the #Streamys! Vote for your favorite nominee here:
My old coworker literally got me a 20$ Bigby card and Qdoba for my birthday. She's so nice ❤️
special messages from newborn Ella:
Having a horrible day and I don't even know why.
I feel attacked lol
whaahappened? oh nothing, Spongebob - you just struck another pedestrian...
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Sometimes in jealous of bugs because of how many legs they have. Not fair
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School Is so DUMN. They don’t tech u the important things like how to get famous people to follow u on twitter or how to get moms to shut up
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this squirrel's trying to kill me......any more of these stunts and I'll be reduced to a PUDDLE...
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How I feel since I turned 18
#Virgos can be both introverted and sociable. It depends mainly on their environment.
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2 tired 2 t(werk)
I know their is a god becuse French fries. #blessed
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“No”. - me whenever my mom talks
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shoutout to my best friend in the world @Billlayyy I hope u had an amazing day and a great bday 🎉 love u to the moon n back :-)
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My birthday wouldn't be complete without a custard cake 🎂 thanks for all the birthday wishes I received today! It was a great day #birthday #18 #turnup #cake.
Who drove an hour and a half to the nearest Golden Corral for their birthday? This bitch right here did!
#iwishiwasmiranda look at that stank face
I don't smoke or anything but I feel like buying something at otters just because I can and its half off. 😳
@Billlayyy happy bday bff love u have a rockin bday
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This guy has been washing his hands in the Pizza Hut bathroom for literally 5 minutes and all I want to do is poop AND I CANR BC HEA IN HERE
wow I really need to make more friends
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I miss my best friend @_aubj. I can't wait to FaceTime you when you have time. Love you! ❤️
I'm nuts, baby I'm mad, the craziest friend that you've ever had 😈
My dog ate my glasses 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Don't complain about something if it wasn't a priority of yours in the first place.
I literally love Fetty Wap and that's confusing bc I'm fuckin emo
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