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I had a horrible day at work. I'm jay glad I have the best coworkers to make me feel better about things.
I literally spent $140 within 24 hours :(
Work is gonna be hell. I really hope it's better thanh I think it'll go.
I'm so tired 😪 I want to cry hahaha.
"Is that your phone vibrating?" "No... That's just ma dick." HAHAAH @alllluuurra
"We had a lot more friends when we were weird" truuuu
You make no sense to me.
Today is gonna be fun :)
I hate when people end a sentence with ".!"
"What am I gonna do with all these sugar packets?!"
Trying to lose weight is so hard, especially when you work at a donut shop.
I need to go to sleep.
I like licking rusty poles and eating napkins #selfie
Am I allowed to be your friend…? I don't have many of those. My hobbies include eating napkins and licking rusty poles. #selfie #panorama.
Sometimes you are just bored in class like
This isn't your house, therefore you can shut the fuck up.
I'm in a shitty mood right now lol.
When you realize you forgot something at the store...
My sisters' boss just called her to say that she saw her twerking on snapchat 😂😭
Ugh. I don't want laphams class 😐 so I'm gonna try and change it. But classes?
We have GPA on skyward now. 🙌🙏