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Bill Hybels
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Celebration of Hope at Willow is about as good as it gets for me! Don't miss today or next week!
Teachers know the miracle of God depositing a thought in your mind that is so much better than anything we could come up with. What grace!
I saw a boat named "Psalm 37." Boaters always have reasons for the names they choose. Take a fresh look at Ps. 37 and you will get it!
Willow launches Celebration of Hope this week end. 3 weeks laser focused on the plight of the poor. Can't wait!
"The Hard Thing About The Hard Things" by Ben Horowitz is the most thought provoking leadership book I have read in years.
I first read Willard's "Divine Conspiracy" in 1998. I read it again last week. Slowly. The God he describes is irresistible!
A new post: She's not a megachurch. She's my sister.
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Chicago people are tough. But this winter has been a challenge. One of my linebacker friends said to me yesterday, "I am a broken man!"
We ignore the spiritual practice of solitude to our own peril. When we lean into it God always speaks.
Leaders: Everybody will be taking their cue from you today. Show up with energy and passion. Inspire and commend the team all day long!
My week end sermon is "Stronger in Patience." Willow knows this might not be my strongest virtue. The hazing has already begun! Brutal.
This week my sermon is "Stronger in Patience," which is like Miley Cyrus preaching on modesty or Donald Trump preaching on humility or......
Rehearsal day for the Baltic Leadership Summit here in Riga Latvia. Starts tomorrow. A thousand expectant leaders. Please pray!
No shortage of challenges today as I mentor pastors here in Kiev! Please pray for the Ukraine. So much potential!
After a sunrise walk along the Danube River I am good to go coaching pastors here in Bratislava Slovakia.
The Germany Leadership Summit starts tomorrow live here in Leipzig. 7500 pastors and leaders. Please pray for God's anointing power!
One hundred thirty pastors here in Strasbourg France fired up for some coaching today. Please pray that I will serve them well.
Leaders: Self discipline can be your strongest ally. Cultivate it and harness it and you will feel its power!
Just spent 3 days with Sr. Staff off site. Laughter, tears, planning, prayer, unity, passion. For a leader, nothing beats it! Grateful.
With MLK week end 8 days out, I challenge every leader to read Grisham's new book "Sycamore Row." It will rock you regarding race.
Pastors all over the world are busting it trying to write a sermon that captures the wonder of the Incarnation. Let's pray for them!
Our Vision: To rescue thousands, protect millions and prove that justice for the poor is possible. #endslavery
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We are packing gifts during our services this week end for every single prisoner in the Chicagoland Correctional System. Can't wait!
I am taking my entire Senior Staff off site all day to reflect on the "work-family balance" around Willow. We must get this right!
I read everything he wrote, and stood in the prison where he spent 27 years on Robben Island. Nelson Mandela...redefined leadership.