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confused wanderer
The look on people's face when they see you crying
Life hack: pretend you're texting while walking behind someone and take a photo of their ass
-aya nhar bl shaher nehna! -lyom l tweetup l thaleth 3ashar
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-arraret wen baddak ta3ml 3erssak? -eh bl tweetup l jeye
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I'm abusing the power i know.
Upcoming tweetups: Tomorrow (Wednesday), jbeil at 5-6 The day after tomorrow(Thursday), le mall dbaye at 5 Yalli ba3dou(Fri): Tripoli at 12
who's going to the Jbeil tweetup tomorrow?
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Caffeine to get through the day, alcohol to get through the night.
Haven't met any new tweeps for a while, feels wrong.
//And it's done♡ honestly that was one of the most pleasant pieces I've ever done☆☆what do you guys think?
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We apologize for an inappropriate image recently shared as a link in one of our responses. We’ve removed the tweet and are investigating.
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*cuddles vodka bottle*
There's a teenage couple waiting for a van next to me aww I'm not alone tonight
lifee is so goddamn confusing which makes it so painfully simple which makes thinking so fricking fascinating which what the hell lifes gay
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I'm wearing red and praying no one would notice me.
In other news, I'm officially out of sync with time and space.
The night is rad because you can always escape to sleep if something bad happens
Elevator conversation: - Chob -Eh Chob -3am bi2oulo el a7ad chete - Ah walla? *Awkward silence*
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