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sleep is for the weak.. and I'm feeling very weak right now so goodnight
it feels like you could reach out and touch the clouds
I am at cloud level and this is the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced
I have a love/hate relationship with being lonely
أيام زمان كنا بأول شتوي نشم ريحة التراب
Where you gonna go, where you gonna go, where you gonna sleep tonight? Where you gonna sleep tonight?
And you're singing the song thinking this is the life And you wake up in the morning and your head feels twice the size
it's almost 2015 and people still believe in horoscopes
And then as soon as the feeling passes you're like fuck that shit
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Holy shit. Do you ever have these moments where loneliness suddenly hits you and you need someone to connect with?
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I hope everyone buys me alcohol for Christmas
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who's that hotty on my tl? oh wait it's me 💁
do not spray into eyes I have sprayed you into my eyes
the reason I don't hit on girls is the same reason I don't draw lottery
I told my therapist about you.
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I downloaded the new Taylor swift album to "check it out" and I still haven't deleted it
eat me like one of your french fries
I stop copying from the board when I feel that the doctor is lost and 90% of the time he ends up erasing everything
Zen Pencils: Great people do things before they’re ready…
w yemken ba3d shway ana el7a2ou
ken fi shab natet van 7adde.. ba3ed shway baram w fal, yemken fa2ad el amal
you're who i think of, when i'm fucked up.
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*hits blunt* do gingers have soulmates?
million dollar idea: "@MinimaLynn_: PERSONAL FUCKING SPACE!!!"
And your friends, well they've got nothing good to say You just call out my name and I'll take you away
When you're tired of working like a slave And the smell of the coffee bean Well, it just won't go away
it's amazing how much you can go through life by just smiling and nodding
ofc they would think I'm shutting the music off or turning it down while I'm actually turning it up so I don't hear their bullshit
when someone talks to me I immediately reach to my earphones
men we2ta t3ellamet 7ot el 7a2 3ala "3aj2et jounieh"
I don't remember I ever got to uni before 8
fi marra el doctor sa2alne lesh 3atoul bteje m2akhar, wen seken? eltellou b foyer 7ad el jem3a, ja2arne haydik el ja2ra
twitter & tumblr really got some of you thinking that relationships are all about pizza, ass grabbing, & watching netflix together lol
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There are no verses in the Quran about Me wanting anyone to hold hostages in a chocolate shop in Sydney, you terrorist fucks.
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Is it sad that I'm ignoring texts from people I actually know so that I can read strangers' tweets?
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*goes wandering all over jal el deeb and zouk and jbeil later*
even though he's blind, he still loves looking out the window all day
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stressed, depressed and bad dressed
do artists sing their own songs in the shower? and why do we not have a recording of that?
fi 3alam mfakra el jem3a runway show
i wanna be alone but i want someone to be alone with
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my life struggles are endless, eza b balesh 3ed ma bkhalles
I also have this thing where I ALWAYS sleep WHILE setting the alarm LIKE I JUST pass out with clicking done and end up being late
or to lift something or to move at all