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silent bilal
Tall people problems
Today someone introduced me to her friends as "the guy who started the strip for jacky campaign".. I guess it's a good first impression?
And the bus ride ended. Bye
I want to become an airline hostess so I could travel the world while making money
Eat fatouch so you don't become fat-ouch
Guys when you go to hell make sure to go to jhannam el hamra because that's where my mom is sending me
Bæ needed, send cv via dm
Do you ever wish for a bus ride to never end?
everytime i hear the elevator door open outside our front door i chant "pls no pls no pls no" until i hear them knock on our neighbor's door
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I think I never heard gacia talk
Twitter is proof that people should not be allowed to name themselves.
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On the slightly darker side, I work in a restaurant and it's eid.....
On the brighter side, I have work today and tomorrow and the day after it
On the bright side, I can eat in front of my family again
"@nourdandan1: Its 2014 and still no emojis on android" It's 2014 and you still write "its"
happy eid u feggets i hope u choke on ur maamoul
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Mom: *wakes up* Mom: *comes to my room* Mom: ma 3eyadetne Me: kel 3am w ente bkher Mom: now kiss my hand ...
I stopped liking eid when I stopped getting 3idiye
I found the perfect game for a wanderer like me #ingress
And why the hell are you riding a motorcycle you're 8 ffs you should be playing yugi
Like can you stop with the fireworks
Tripolitan kids piss me off so much