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Top Army General Drops Bombshell About Obama as He Resigns… Bullshit
from mar charbel to marlboro real quick
and now lebanon smells exactly like its situation
Coffee keeps me going until it's time for alcohol.
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Some guy just told me that me being a lesbian turns him off
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chill pill l yawmiye la elak 3abr hal tweet
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No space L-shaped Tetris Tile seeking Somewhere Oh somewhere To fit in Alien
#GrowingUpShy when you’re choking, but have to hold it in because 2 coughs had already drawn too much attention
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Za bro. This is why proper english is important people.
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was that a Tom Waits tattoo on @glenn_hughes left arm?
how i spend my time in the shower: 40% setting water temperature 40% thinking about life 10% showering
silent knife, unholy knife i've fallen for the black outside my window
سَيَّجنا لبنان وعلّينا سياجو، وهيك صار متل حديقة الحيوانات تمامًا
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people who fast celebrate eid because they can eat again people who don't fast celebrate eid because they can eat in public again
happy ma3moul day i mean eid
alt-j bas ma 2ejet
i'm about to say a very lame joke
Lebanon is perfect especially that we have: No president No electricity No traffic law No security No jobs Cika Secularism Cika
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if you can't beat them, run as fast as you can before they beat the crap out of you
i had a wet dream, i was drowning
who's going to jim beam tomorrow?
eid mubarak and a happy new year
#GrowingUpArab when your mom is praying and she says "ALLAHU AKBAR" and you gotta know what she wants quick or you're dead
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i'm a silent wanderer but silent wonderer also applies
جنسية should mean sexuality do we even have a word or sexuality in arabic?
idek how they decided that "nationality" should be translated to جنسية
do you know, where the wild things go?
Please don't go I'll eat you whole
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*says a funny joke right before i fart so that no one notices*
sticks and stones may break your bones, but words could break your heart and soul
*ysharshe7 lama on twitter*
i killed myself but i'm still breathing
What's next? You're gonna marry your vibrator? God said Adam and Eve, not Florence and The Machine!
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@silentwandererr ya ahbal.mnetla3 3a sate7 l bet l.mahjour mnehdaron
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please no more good artists in lebanon this summer i ran out of money
carrot juice is second choice and i got used to second choices
i got used to drinking carrot juice not because i like carrot juice because carrot juice is what's left after everyone drinks orange juice
my header says it all
I have inside jokes with myself
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if only i got a date for every retweet on this, i would've been married by now..

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