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silent bilal
I saw the fab lead singer of bandage in hamra yesterday
"@AndrewGotIssues: You are the unforcasted storm" Unpublished lyrics of the boy who blocked his own shot
2034: -dad how did you meet mom? -3melet search la #fab 3a instagram w lamma shefta 2elet hayde hiye
"@mhijazi: Why do they insist on making fools of themselves?" Twsssssssssssssssssss
Cheapness of buses appreciation tweet
Mom borrowed my pink converse because "they're more comfy" I'm proud of you mom :')
A truth or dare tweetup
What's the coolest way to die?
"@andrewtokatly: Anyone around hamza ?" You're in tripoli?
You're the best thing that never been mine.
-you came all the way from tripoli to here? -I was just wandering around and thought I'd stop by
Blow up all the candles Blow up all the candles You're too young to be so shy He says to me so I stay the night
We could make a blanket of coats And breathe our souls into the neighbor's front lawn
Bundle up and come with me now Down the road where the burned down barn
- إجِت الدّولة! . بسرعة ضَبضِب يلّا يلّا. وليه يلّا. - له له، قوم دوّر القازان.
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Some people self harm, I listen to damien rice.
I don’t have a soul like you The only one I have Is the one I stole from you
Maybe the person whom you think is always happy, is only happy when they see you.
People are like food. It's not the look that matters, it's the taste.
I want someone who would never give up on me no matter how many months and years pass. Just like him.
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اليوم اشتريت بطارية فقال لي البائع: "إشحنها 8 ساعات متواصلة" فضحكتُ وضحك البائع وضحك الزبائن وضحك مدير عام مؤسسة الكهرباء وضحك المياومون
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camouflage level: "@joe11093: 3m ebke “@wot_m8_: Guys 3am mout she actually took the time To PUT THEM ON HER HAIR”"
Waking up to guests <
Electricity 24/7 would bang
@bilalkamoon People in movies are not real. They do not share the same pig like tendencies as we humans do.
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I dont get how people in movies stop eating when they're feeling down. I eat like a pig when I feel bad
People don't believe me when I say I put ketchup on everything
Damien rice aktar wa7ad m3azzab bi 7ayetou
*capslock* ميار
All of this started because I was thinking what if audrey's real name is قادرية
your names are weird tbh
I dont get why people pay money to eat in public
Get lucky // daughter
& if it makes you less sad, we'll start talking again. You can tell me how vile I already know that I am. I'll grow old, start acting my age
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Good converse day: when your converse isn't too clean nor too dirty
Neutral faces > smiling faces