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Claim territories, gather resources & prep for battle. You've never gamed like this @fatherio
anyone in tripoli now? i need a quick favor
all these watches and you still have no time for me
THIS TWEET IS TAKING FOREVER TO SEND! hmm maybe if I log out of MSN and restart Internet Explorer then try again..
I feel insecure because people are assholes not because I'm lacking any self confidence
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go rant that facebook is down on facebook
Me: teta trouhe nekoul sushiii 😍 Teta: chou heda sushii Me: rez w samak Teta: mafike t2oule syadye? ...
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OP Green Cedar in Lebanon featured on the latest #Ingress Report (6:28)
twenty one pilots' lyrics are the realest shit
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Never mind Ika licking the inside of your screen clean.
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i dont put the "at" in water
you look like someone that life had chewed on
on the other hand, i'm not v grateful that i'm spending it at a restaurant with big families and screaming kids
i'm v grateful that i'm not spending this day in tripoli cuz i definitely dont enjoy the sight of sheeps waiting to be killed
mesh 3ajebne wade3 wejje bel avi but mej find another one
omfg i HATE when kids scream in public... u have no real problems. it should be me screaming. ME
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cold tabeekh bi ekher el leil <3
bush did 9/11 obama did 420
in the rare occurance that i reach "home" early, i just stay in bed until everyone sleep then i become active
school is starting soon and i wonder what will kids will think when they're taught in تربية مدنية not to throw garbage in the street..
it takes a lot to breathe, to touch, to feel a slow reveal of what another body needs
it takes a lot to give, to ask for help, to be yourself, to know and love what you live with
My sister offered me earphones but i told her i like to listen to the voices in my head which were right bc rn she's very pissed & concerned
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i tried to follow my dreams but their account was protected and they didn't approve my request
What do you call a spider with a nice butt? عنكبوتي
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No matter how beautiful you get you'll never be as beautiful as coffee
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i hate when adults make fun of u and ask if u bought ur jeans with all the holes in them…. why don’t u go fix the holes in our economy john
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We at #Niantic are excited to announce #PokémonGO, in collaboration with The @Pokemon Company and @Nintendo
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man in the street: *begs for money* me: *begs for money* man: *is confused* me: *is confused*
slow vans are the worst shit ever
there's no distraction to mask what is real
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