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silent w∆nderer
awakeness level: almost gave the security guy a 1000 bill instead of my ID
Here's an original idea: let's make a tweetup
I'll just head to manara and watch people run while eating chocolate
"@LBCI_News_EN: Lebanese MP Fattouch punches female employee at Justice Palace " what did she do? Call him tabboule?
In a couple of years we'll start seeing "You're a true 00's kid if you remember this"
I'd tell you how much I hate you but I don't have enough middle fingers
The problem with religious people is that they look for heaven, not god.
My classmates are talking about computers and I think one of them got turned on
Those first-year-uni students all happy and excited don't know what's waiting for them.
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2am men el nom el se3a 2am w dal 3am yjarreb ynem lal se3a 3am
I'm not a man I'd never kill or eat an animal And I never would destroy this planet I'm on Well, what do you think I am? A man?
Twitter after school is the new twitter after dark cuz no one stays up after 12 anymore
so darling hold me tight cuz I'm hella cold and you're hella warm
Sweater weather more like hoodie weather
I'd much rather cuddle or get drunk with someone than go on a date
Like hey I like you so let's go sit facing each other in a restaurant
Cuddle weather without having someone to cuddle with is sad
You're the khodra to my man2ouche b zaatar
anyone knows where i can get the mp3 version of this? "Get Lucky -- Mashrou' Leila & Nile Rodgers, مشروع…:
I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife.
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And it's been raining now for three days straight as a sad reflection of my sorry state
I can hear the cracks of your youthful heart And it makes me wanna be A part of that
If you're in the friendzone at least you're in a zone and she acknowledges your existence
"@Talyne_: Me: *asks dad a question* Dad: *looks at me* *shrugs* *looks away* Mom: talyne leh ma btehke ma3 bayyik? Ok." Story of my life
When someone hot fav/rt you multiple times
"Kel el 3alam btemshe ma3 7ada 2ella enta btemshe ma3 halak w 3atoul hatet hal semme3at"
Ariana Grande walks into starbucks... That's it, that's the joke.
Week 1: pretty face. pretty outfit. Have all the books. Week 4: just check in the mirror that you're not dead. Have pen + paper max.
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Morning classes are for listening to the albums that finished downloading last night
The class started five minutes ago and this dumbhead of a teacher is still trying to figure out how to plug her phone to the wall
Forget fayrouz, gimme some alt-j vibes
Take me to Nara so I know it's real
Ken fi 7ada esmou tamara rizk
11:11 pm: make a wish 11:11 am: make a sandwich
And the one thing that keeps me from falling for you Is that I'm truly alone and I like it Yeah I'm truly alone and I like it
Sar machkal ben benten wosil el makeup lal rekab..
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Here’s the Pythagorean theorem (a² + b² = c²) demonstrated visibly
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Will I ever find happiness through a human being? I doubt it.