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.@ColumbusCrew when we register for the pick-up games, will we get confirmation? I just signed up, but what's next?
I've tasked my wife to complete a #SteveClark #Yes #crew96 #Fifa15 cover... stay tuned. #AlloftheHashtags
So did anyone make a Steve Clark Yes #FIFA15 cover yet or what? #crew96 @MassiveCityFFC you're our only hope!
Someone make a FIFA15 custom cover of Eddie Gaven sitting on his back deck drinking a bourbon and coke. #legend #beard #Crew96
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Yo dawg, we heard you liked drafts... #MLS #draftofadraft
So... who's all playing pick-up soccer at Crew Stadium that weekend they e-mailed us on? #crew96
#MLSlogo update to include correct dates and coloring #Calvinball
Anyone have a gif of the Jermaine Junior freak out that happened over by #NORDECKE? #crew96 #childish
So apparently I was on the jumbo tonight and they caught me yelling at the officials "WTF mates" #oops #crew96
VIDEO: Michigan State DE Shilique Calhoun body slams a QB, and Jim Ross calls it.
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Pablo Hernandez, take a bow. This is just ridiculous.
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Toronto, Madison, Yonkers, Sioux Falls, Cincy, C-bus, San Fran, Seattle, Nashville, Tempe! I'm coming!
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"Hey Chuck, when's that soccer company logo due?" "Tomorrow, why?" "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-" #ExplainTheMLSLogo
It's a men's league, so it has a wiener. #DesignElements
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.@ColumbusCrew is there anyway we can get the new crest on a jersey with the old @MLS logo. #crew96 #MLSlogo #bad
BREAKING - photo released of MLS design team lead
#MLS released the new logo at 5:50 AM on a Thursday. That's so MLS.
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Thoughts on the new logo? I think it is just plain awful. The old logo wasn’t perfect but this new logo makes that look like the Mona Lisa
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I wonder if #MLS put the interns in charge of this logo, with the thoughts "what could possibly go wrong?" #wehaveatail
Official leak for new #MLS logo, but it will change before tomorrow because #calvinball
#AskLoughnane can you show us the @FrankieHejduk2 bobblehead that is going to be given out Saturday?
#AskLoughnane do you have a marketing plan to help boost STH appeal versus casual fan, benefits more towards STHs?
An Arkansas State player played dead on the WORST FAKE PUNT EVER. (Via @SeanKorte)…
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Games a Crew player in forward role have scored in open play marked '0' 0 x x x x x x x x x x 0 x x x x x 0 x x x x x x 0 x x x
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O' me of little faith #crew96
Hey at least TFC is still losing... #crew96
Awww we suck again! #crew96
I don't understand why Wal-Mart has 24 checkout lanes, but only ever has 4 open... 17%, why build so many checkouts?
Columbus, OH! It. Is. On. DOUG LOVES MOVIES is coming to the @FunnyBoneCbus on Sunday Oct 19. At 4:20, of course!…
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Yes, it's wear a jersey Friday at work... and this is my choice #WildThing #RollTribe
I wonder what #EddieGaven is up to these days #crew96 #CuriousWednesday
He's big, he's mean, he'll kill the other team! Emanuel...Emanuel... #Crew96
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I support @ColumbusCrew signing anyone nicknamed "Mad Dog." #Crew96
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"You serious, Clark?" Coincidence of the year today as 2 players form "Vacation" character. »
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I've been in #Canada for less than 4 hrs and have seen a moose, drank a Molson and ate some poutine... Does that mean I'm Canadian now?
My all-time MLS Best XI. It's kind of ridiculous I know but this is MLS.
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If #Liverpool beat City today we'll give away an #LFC jersey! Follow & RT to enter!
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So does the next allocation/DP get to play Red Rover? @MLS @MassiveCityFFC #MLS #crew96 #cf97
New England held the top slot in the blind draw envelope selection allocation order.
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If #Portland wins the #CascadiaCup today we will give away a Portland jersey. Follow & RT to enter.
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