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Ryan Park
Thanks for the listing @akavitdigital - I feel so Coloradoan.
One thing I've learned over the past 4yrs of business, love & life: Anger is a weak response 99% of the time - emotional control is power.
I love following @randfish on Twitter - Do yourself a favor if you're in #marketing and join me in following a great SEO mind.
Delegation is preparing your team for success, but relinquishing control to allow them to fail. Creativity begins with trust. #nohandholding
BREAKING: Madison Bumgarner named World Series MVP, NL MVP, NL Cy Young, AL MVP, AL Cy Young, MLB commissioner, Governor of California, Pope
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Dear @femfreq, If I ever have a daughter, I hope she is as bold, educated and principled as you. Keep doing ur thing. Cheers, A Real Man
Make things happen #KC!!! #GoRoyals
@GroovyQ, Range, and the only street in Denver that says "I'm a real metropolitan city" - 17th Street. #Denver #MileHigh
What you wish you could say at the gym, hahahaha:… via @BuzzFeedVideo #gymlife
When I want to get away from Denver; When I crave New York City: there is The Market on Larimer Square with its familiar penny subway tiles, Jewish style deli, Little Italy-esque coffee tables, and a constant flow of tourists that come from seemingly nowhere. The Market is my staycation - a refuge f
Chillin at my favorite coffee joint in Denver, The Market on Larimer, getting it in!
Thanks to @PaleoNick for stopping by today. Great ideas for health and fitness. Check him out!
How to Adjust Your Content Strategy for Adaptive Content Personalization -… #inbound #marketing
The SEO Value of a keyword on your website can vary, but do you know which words will drive the most business? "Medical Device" will yield…
Let's get to work! #justdoit
A passionate woman is worth the chaos. #thoughtoftheday
.@chuckpalahniuk Welcome to Colorado. We are so happy to have Mr. Fightclub himself in #Boulder for your new book!
On behalf of my design agency, Arrae Creative, I'm honored to be working with The White Privilege Institute to create a beautiful brand experience for an incredibly important topic in our society: gender, racial and social equality. It's a honor to serve WPI, and we hope our designs evoke emotions
Why Your Mobile Strategy Doesn't Start With the Phone -… #MobileMarketing
The best advertisers are storytellers.
If you really want to get ahead, you've got to keep your eyes focused on the path.
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Here's Who's Paying To Fight Ebola
Call me old fashioned but there's something awesome about finding a book at a used book store. Tangible, paper books.
Look folks, ur either 1 of 2 things in this world: Someone who likes burritos, or an Illegal Immigrant. #sarcasm #IllegalPetes #Ridiculous
"We make a living by what we get; but we make a life by what we give." -John C. Maxwell
Looking forward to living w/ @TommyBenning and being neighbors to @yodeets/@galvanize next month. #TechApartment2014
Every entreprenuer, musician & anyone else who loves what they do MUST see the movie #Whiplash - that was a powerful 106 minutes. #review
If I'm lucky enough to have a daughter, I'll have a game plan. "Turning A Princess-Obsessed Toddler Into a Feminist:…"
Best SNL spoof this year! @JimCarrey is Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Commercial:…
To the girl in spandex, doing quad stretches, bending over, 2 feet in front of am I suppose to focus on working out? #gymproblems
Just knocked out a 5k run at Cheesman Park, off to the gym to round off a #SundayFitday... #JUSTDOIT
Ate lunch with a homeless man named Mike, and his dog Churro. Traded him a couple of slices for his story: A tough few months of unemployment and "letting go" turned into homelessness, and moving from Missouri to Colorado on a dime (literally). He's very hopeful that he'll find a job that he's "qua
Unpack your bags, something small, take what you need and we disappear...and when we get to the ocean, we're going to take a boat to the end of the world...
"Forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you." -CS Lewis #love #life
Festival time at The Big Wonderful in RiNo :)
Sitting in the studio...
Teachers are the backbone of our society. Do everything you can to support them--with money, time, or even just kind words. #teachers
Love this: The Top 10 Keys to Writing Attention-Capturing Subject Lines…
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We have lots of dedicated desk space available! Ask us about what membership has to offer! #coworking
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When there's nothing else, there's basketball. #loveandbasketball
Forecast: Morning Drizzy... ♫ Evening Commute Spotify #NowPlaying
“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” – Lao Tzu
“Let him who would move the world first move himself.”