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Big Dro
I'm the best boyfriend alive hands down happy birthday babygirl🙏
Happy birth day baby girl @ericka_18xo
@ericka_18xo happy birthday baby you know I got you👌👌
Y'all act like men ask for a lot. They want their dick sucked occasionally w/o asking. Females the ones wanting $200 dates & designer purses
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I'm the type of nigga you go the distance with, cuff , settle down and have some children with.
Happy birthday to my baby girl😍�
@ericka_18xo happy birthday baby I wish I could tell you rn but your shleep😔 but, I fucking love you baby girl have a good day on your day baby 👌 love you😍😍
Sync your iPhone to your laptop and download iOS 8 from iTunes, it won't take up any memory. Retweet to save a life.
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#wcw my baby girl almost five months next week☺️
Baybrook in the morning then work goodnight🙏
The most fucked up joke the life will play on you is letting you meet the right person at the wrong time
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People make sex such a big deal... like stop being stressed and have sex
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I hate how my job always make me shave my facial hair
Would you rather have a Gay Ass Fruit Loop ass Son Or a Hoe ass Fuck the Whole Crew ass Daughter ? #AskTwitter
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I wish I knew how to cook actual food.
Basic bitches now down
I can hardly understand half the shit young thug say
CVS not selling cigarettes anymore actually made my day😭�
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I'm ready for Hoodie weather, hot chocolate & cuddling 😤👋
Haven't ate all day wtf
My first insta size lolol
New avi coming soon
My girl can sleep and sleep lmfao😂
Big dreams , plotting schemes behind the scenes to get my stacks long.
I can't wait to have a son one day to love, guide and teach & watch grow into a man...
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lasagna is the best food if all time.
When you first start dating vs How it is after a couple months
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bro look at the grip he got around that nigga neck
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If I get into a relationship with someone obviously its deeper than just sex. I can get that being single.
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Mcdonalds breakfast needs to be available 24/7.
Sex without head is disrespectful.
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feeling like you bother the only person you want to talk to is really shitty
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When bae asks are you still with your friends
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Caught this little nigga jackin off with his broke arm 😭😂😭😂
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Ignorance is rewarded. Intelligence never appreciated.
Just got off👌
Hardly ever go out to eat as a family this shit awk
Cruising with grandma
Lies will never get you anywhere but, in deeper shit.
Cost $0.00 to cut you off
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Lmfao that's a bet.
I have trust issues & think everyone's full of shit idc
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I have 0 fucks to give rn.