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wwewrestling 326,343 followers
Hip hop heads, the hombre @emiliosparks has a wrestling-themed EP, Forever Madness, on the way. Peep the trailer.
#WWESuperCard has a People's Champion Challenge. Greatest decision of my young life.
Found this at @GameUnderground. The last time I played FFNY, it was acceptable to wear a throwback jersey in public.
Learning British customs. The old "hide the scone." "@RealPaigeWWE: This is how @WWEBigE and I says hello.
Me, in 15 years. Toothless, pantsless, but surprisingly friendly. #wwespringfield
My tag line would have been "Sports: Helping Brothers Get Their Swirl On" but it's whatever.
Wait...Are we not calling them "outfits" anymore? "@KiddWWE: A true pro always brings their gear....."
.@TrueKofi, @XavierWoodsPhD & I tryna make that side money. Hit us up for all your bar/bat mitzvah needs. Quinceaneras available soon.
Thanks for bearing w the absence of @TrueKofi, @XavierWoodsPhD, and I the last 3 RAWs as we shoot Madea Loses Her Tax Refund in a Dice Game.
.@KatieLinendoll Aww, shucks! If your fandom was measured in dollars, I would take that loot & buy a Vespa. Use it to go grocery shopping.
Yo, @itsBayleyWWE, you can't tell me this @RonFunches pic doesn't seal the deal. I'll gladly officiate the wedding.
Planning a daycare called "Hot Young Care" with @HotYoungBriley.
Eagerly awaiting this @wwehornswoggle vs @funnybrad 1-on-1 basketball game a week after Summerslam. Details to come.
Can't wait until @WWEMusic releases chopped & screwed versions of the Divas' themes. First up: AJ's "Let's Light It Up" (obviously).
Big ups to @FlatbushZombies & @Wale for working on music for us. Almost.
Yo! My hitter, @CelesteBonin, sent over that @CelestialBodiez gear. Be like Pone E. Langston & support the line!
Beat the brakes off of her. Tapdance on her forehead. Give her a two piece. No biscuit. "@NaomiWWE: It's going down"
After I saw how adept you were at dodging maniacally-hurled folding chairs, @TrueKofi, it was kismet!
That reminds me...I'll be setting up a booth where you can do just that when I'm at #SDCC. “@NoelleFoley: I want to motorboat Big E!”
Just watched @ActionBronson leisurely use a Port-A-Potty during the middle of a set in Ottawa & not miss a beat. A true pro.
I like to think you made this in between demoing thighmasters & time machines. "@KatieLinendoll: my fav superstars"
My first earthquake was like rocking back & forth in the arms of a compliant street woman. #Soothing #WWETokyo
Honored to shake the hand of Takayama tonight. #WWETokyo
Picking up this circa '99 @IAmJericho figure at a Tokyo shop has helped me get over his "What does E stand for?" bit.
My dude is killing it with those Buccaneers creamsicle @zubaz.
Yo, @TrueKofi. Your bro handshake game is strong. #RAW #DillonYouSonOfA...
Finally got a chance to see the @RonFunches #TheHalfHour. Hilarious from start to finish. Spit my water out on the identical twins bit.
"No telling what I might do for the red, white, and the blue." -@erickarcelliott #MITB
Last tweet wasn't a joke. @TonyLuftman has the greatest collection of sports stories that he was personally involved in I've ever heard.
Happy Birthday to my broham, @TonyLuftman. Fun fact: In '96, he went to @DunkinDonuts w Tim Duncan to try to get him free donuts. He failed.
750, actually. Get that booty, girl! “@KatieLinendoll: Big E PR squat 711lbs. Pre-Smackdown leg workout listening to
Is that a Royal Rumble tattoo game tat? Lego style? “@pillsandadvice: @AgentM…
I'll be there! I have zero clout, though... “@AgentM: Wonder if I can get WWE to give us the rights to use MITB song. Wanna use it at SDCC.”
Yo, @FILAUSA sent over some gems from its Heritage Collection. My current favorite alternative to being nude.
Big thanks to @Mattel. Now I understand the inclusion of the cookie sheet: the bun in the oven! #SoSayethTheInternet
I'm not worth a damn but @XavierWoodsPhD-2 degrees, Masters, PhD soon. “@natetheemperor: black superstars give our kids nothing to look to.”
My passion for flag waving overfloweth. “@NoelleFoley: Awesome night at #WWELive in Long Island! @WWEBigE's psycho smile made my night 😬”
Fantastic. For many reasons. “@njsamps: with the BEAUTIFUL bride @CelesteBonin. Pre-singing "More Than Words."
Reasons to dig @RonFunches: 1. His Undateable quips have me rolling (And I'm not even "on one!") 2. He's undoubtedly kin to @XavierWoodsPhD
Something On Your Shirt, Uce w/ @WWEUsos. (Concept stolen from @MrLegenDarius)
Yo, @mslayel vows to pour suggestive food products on willing fans at our Garden City, NY @steinersports signing, Saturday (6/21) from 1-3p.
Are your stools runny or nah? "@jennifersterger: ...Instead, these eggs make [my stomach] shake with something far more sinister."
Hope everyone enjoyed their #FlagDay & waved Old Glory as aggressively & passionately as humanly possible.
Shocked that the "moon" is actually the moon & not a pic of your latest conquest's dumper. “@njsamps: Dat moon doe."
"Looked like he just [sipped] a [can] of coke @WWE #Smackdown lay off the [cola], dude." I just made this @Vic_M_Munoz tweet PG.
Hello, @KimikoGlenn. My light-skinned broham, @njsamps, has been playing Jodeci's "Feenin'" on repeat & replacing "you" w/ "Kimiko." #Sprung