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Like...of age?!?! You dirty dog..."@WWEZeb: IS @RealPaigeWWE LEGAL??? HMMM...I MIGHT HAVE TO CHECK THAT OUT. @JCLayfield"
O, word!?! An 8-Man Tournament to decide who faces me for my Intercontinental Championship! Let #MondayMadness begin! #RAW
I'm going to start a daily calendar. Front: "Daily Thought"-some inspirational mumbo jumbo Back: "Daily Thot"-an around the way girl
If this gets 1 billion views, Rosenberg will don a cape & manage me. "@Rosenbergradio: let these cats know to watch…"
Baby doll, dry your tears and pop those hips! @RealSummerWWE #twerkteam
I'm assembling a twerk team, @RealSummerWWE. All I can promise is an audition.
The hombre @smokedza drops #Ringside2 for the Wrestling/Hip Hop Heads. I thank him for allowing me to ramble on it.…
Which one? There were so many "daddies." And "uncles." And "wrestling partners." "@WWEAJLee: This is why your father isn’t coming back.”
Never again. Never. Again. “@CelesteBonin: I'll only show my face after I see you eat a short stack covered in hot sauce."
May that hug crush your sternum. Finish what I started, @itsBayleyWWE. “@WWEAJLee:” Any experience as a body guard?”
You better show your face at some point or I'll let fans take turns gouging my eyes out, @CelesteBonin. Bet you'd like that, you sick freak.
Tonight, at #Axxess from 8-10p, I wax poetic about the good ol' days with two narcissists, @MmmGorgeous & @SashaBanksWWE. #NXT #1234Fif
My headlocks are clearly losing their effectiveness. “@_CutePoison: This is my new favorite photo of @WWEBigE ...
He'd be frightening if he wasn't so delightfully charming. "@EntertainmenTwt: @WWEBigE digs our #RocketRaccoon mask."
That's where the ample breasts come in handy. "@BenJMorse: @WWEBigE in the house. His bro hugs are like dreams coming true. #WrestleMania"
This is one of those "Ooooh, look at me! I'm up early for work" tweets. #RadioRow #WrestleMania
I'm at Axxess today. Interviews (5-6p) and a signing (6-8p). Clothing is required, but I'm sure a diaper is an acceptable form of pant.
For the 9-5ers who daydream about putting their foot betwixt The Man's buttocks.
Hip Hop Heads: Support #DreamZoneAchieve. Can't wait to get to @smokedza's latest offering.
Chilling documentary. Didn't realize things were that bad for her. "@Dustin_Jacobs: check out our mutual friend."
The Infamous is flawless. "Son, I got plans, power movements..." “@Rosenbergradio: Mobb deep is in the conversation of greatest rap group"
I call it "Lady Hallucinates, Tears and Snot Flow, Then She Gets Hungry" @jennifersterger