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i havent heard his shit for a while but lil b's been dropping bombs on here lately
When they tell black people don't have kids cuz you are low income that is modern eugenics, code words like thug or urban , awake - Lil B
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not giving a fuck is so liberating. try it
its frustrating but at the same time i like it cuz it's easy to be creative when you dont know wtf you're doing
i feel like every beat i make is a little better than the last.. im still trying to figure this shit out
dre should've actually grown dreads
ill be damned if dre doesn't meet an untimely death by the third episode for dramatic effect
wow they got the nigga who played dre #twd
still hopelessly naive
randomly found the best song ever:… bump it with the windows open #pookeyblow #ct
watching black jesus and chopping soul sampless #praiseblackjesus
finally going to visit again later this year
suede tims on my feets make my cypher complete.. #imissny
on a new 3 beat a week schedule on the cloud. its /neveradapt if you didnt know. check in every once and awhile you fuck niggas 😵#beatss
this week has been a mf and a half but im finally back on my shit 😅
lol that nigga ben carson has to know he fucked up
i feel like judge judy has been the same age forever on some hugh hefner shit #random
I don't want to be famous. I want my music to be famous.
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oh this happened like two days ago:… . yall should listen and tell me if it's whack #trap
that one was almost too easy
the biggest twist last episode was that the black guy survived #FearTWD
rise and grind
#np space seed.. im back on my star trek hype! Khan is that nigga
808s and snares and hats and beepy sounds and horns and shit my head hurts
work work work work
but that was all in jest bruh I'm sure there are niggas in eureka
I may have said that her town was named Eureka because that's what the settlers said when they realized there were no niggas there..
my roommates girl from eureka is visiting.. she doesn't like me lol
stop what you're doing rn nigga footloose is on encore #priorities
told my mom I got a job offer at a label and instead of joining me in my "nigga we made it" moment she scolded me about my posture #home
might actually have something in the works.. I may not be broke forever yall
shouts to scientists who decided to work on making weed stronger instead of like solving world hunger n shit #iapprieciateu
wax so strong it fucked up my sleeping schedule. fell asleep at 6 and just woke up. theres a point when the loud is too just too loud 😵
i havent really been into AOS since they did that nigga trip like t-dog on the walking dead #rip #agentsofsheild #saveblackactors
#np ice cube's lethal injection album. that nigga was upset in the 90s.
music is crazy right
making cool shit is easy, getting people to give a fuck about it is the hard part
dropping stuff left and right
#MasculinitySoFragile that niggas actually give a fuck about this hashtag. chill
so many people complaining about how the amber alert is annoying lol you niggas are trife as hell

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