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mr brightside, what a brilliant song even now! #thekillers
gutted for dynasty, kevin what ya playing at!? @WaterlooRoad
fucking hate my job #pisstakers
so sad that u am obsessed with a facebook game #criminalcase #sick
you don't have my number, we don't need eachother nowwww #foals
Its so hard to get up this morning #tired
me and @EvieMBlack have just watched a documentary about a woman who woke up one day with a chinese accent
love is a losing game
i'm tired of trying to keep you, all i want to do is sleep and perhaps when i'm sleeping you'll get back on your feet @elliegoulding
that one person you'll do anything for no matter how much they hurt you.
how long will i love you, as long as there are stars above you and longer if i cannnnn. beautiful song @elliegoulding is just amazing!
watching saw 6 by myself on a sunday evening #livinglifeontheedge
Me and @EvieMBlack looking klassy with a k for once!
just read that @KatiePiper_ is expecting a baby! lovely news! #inspirational
just introduced myself to @foals why did i not do this sooner?! #mint
Making love always feels better than meaningless sex.
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jealousy is such a bad quality to have, but its so hard to avoid
cannot wait for @ClothesShow in december with @EvieMBlack! #excitingtimes
the nicest people are always the ones who get hurt the most
oh fuck off
Really want @emmaoliviaward to win tonightttt! #bintm
omg shut up sarah, i don't care you're irish
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Gutted my two faves @nnnomi and @SophieEllson were in the bottom tonight :( #BINTM
Jezza's not holding back this morning, woah @itvjeremykyle
This woman on four weddings is having a dog as her bridesmaid #interestinggg
Love when girls put that much pressed powder on their face there skin looks clotted @EvieMBlack
I swear #Vanessafeltz has had like 8 gastric bands.. She loses like 12 stone, then put it back on,t hen gets another one and loses it again
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I swear john mcririck picked his bum when he was in the big brother house @EvieMBlack
Don't get when women call their partner 'hubby' cringeee @EvieMBlack
My dog is licking my arm and it creeps me out
I bet @LeeSlowey is having tons of fun at folk club lololol
wish boys would understand the impact of their actions on us girls sometimessss #sigh
Should stop indulging on pay day!
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hate those times where all your brain wants to do is think think thinkkkkkkkkkkk #blarghhh #thinkingtime #decisions
just catching up with last nights @BINTM would absolutely love to see @SophieEllson, @nnnomi or @emmaoliviaward win, can't wait!
she thinks she's cool, like geek to chic but really she's just fail @EvieMBlack #bitchingsesh
annoying @EvieMBlack by expressing my love for pixie lott @pixiesongs #itsallaboutonight
just got the @elliegoulding playlist on, swear she has a song to describe every situation!
i chased your love around a figure 8..
because i'd rather pretend and still be there at the end
tape me up, then break me up every so gently, when i'm at my weakestttt
people that think they're cool and they're actually a massive mong
i try out a smile, and i aim it at you, you must have missed it, you always do
can we finish what we started, don't you leave me broken hearted tonighttttttt
it starts with a picture and it sits in your frame, we part with a letter and it ends in my nameee
i know you care, i know it has always been there