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Bette Midler
Rick Scott refused to debate Crist because he had a fan onstage? If you're a politician in 2014, you should be grateful to have any fans.
Crescent moon tonight; so beautiful.
October is Hell!! It's benefit month, and Hulaween is around the corner! @godslovenyc Gala last night; Michael Kors is divine. Pix to come.
Shameless Shilling! 'Be My Baby' is now available instantly when you pre-order #ItsTheGirls from iTunes:
Customers complaining that some of the new Hermes bags smell like skunk! You know what else stinks? Paying $20,000 for a purse!
A new study says that heavier babies end up performing better in school. Moms, bag the C-section and bake that kid a little longer!
Macy's announced it will open at 6:00pm this Thanksgiving to remind Americans there really is no such thing as a holiday.
Head on over to #VanityFair to get the first listen of #BeMyBaby featured on #ItsTheGirls!
The Divine is swayed by witty word play! Introducing The Support Hos! Join us on Facebook to create new characters!
Lena Dunham's new book is out, titled "Not That Kind of Girl." Honey, for a $3.7 million advance, I'd be whatever kind of girl you want!
It was Vladimir Putin's birthday last week. Bet that was a scary party. What do you get the man who brutally seizes everything?
I'm really looking forward to Pope Francis' coming encyclical on global warming. He's a force for change on many fronts in a locked-in world
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Have you seen the video of the man getting kicked off a plane for joking about Ebola? The man is fine, but the video is extremely viral!
This fall is just momentous. Check out all the beautiful smiles at Willis Ave Garden as we reopened it! @NYRP
I sing The Chiffons' "One Fine Day" on my new album, "It's The Girls!" It only takes one fine minute to pre-order it online! #ItsTheGirls...
"Is it love or is it the truffle?" The late Marcella Hazan and her husband Victor. Words fail me.
NASA announced it discovered a star 10 million times brighter than the sun. I'm amazed it's taken them this long to discover me!
Thank you Malala Yousafzai & Kailash Satyarthi for inspiring the world with your courageous work on behalf of children. Congratulations.
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It's #TheloniusMonk's birthday, woulda been 97 yrs old today!
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JK Rowling tweeted an anagram message to her fans earlier. I think I solved it: "I taught a generation to read. Give me the Nobel already
Time to put the #SecretService back under the Treasury Department, when their service was excellent. Dept. Homeland Security has ruined 'em!
Who will win the Nobel for Literature? Will they consider me for A VIEW FROM A BROAD? The other contenders didn't use any pictures!
It is so cool! Excited that @BilldeBlasio and @NYCParks share our vision @NYRP Millions for underserved parks!
The Rock confirmed he'll be starring in a "Baywatch" movie. Why wasn't I consulted? No one knows "Beaches" better than I do!
This Aster was alive with bumblebees. Thrilling.
@mrsmisdivine: @BetteMidler did I miss the winner of the contest for the name?” NOOOO! Coming soon!!
@BetteMidler i watched it and it was really cool and absolutely genius!!!!!
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Watch the most popular one; this guy is a genius.
The 2022 Olympics are looking grim: only Beijing and Almaty, Kazakhstan are left as host cities. Should I step up and host it at my place?
.@lenadunham's new book is out, titled "Not That Kind of Girl." I guess "that kind of girl" is one who wears clothes?
The Ebola patient in Dallas had his apartment thoroughly cleaned by health officials. In that scenario, do you leave a mint on the pillow?
"Gone Girl" opens this weekend. It sounds so depressing. I think more people would go see it if they called it "You Go Girl!"
Hausfrau Tip of the Week: TAP WATER + ONE GLASS = GENIUS
“Plastic Fashion” Photo Series Alison’s Adventures embracing plastic fashion
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.@JerryBrownGov: We’re the first to ban these bags, and we won’t be the last: #SB270 #bagban
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Taylor Swift joining #TheVoice as a mentor. Lucky for contestants, she's giving music advice and not dating advice. Still, isn't she great?
Netflix making a sequel to "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." But if you've got slow wifi, it's more of a "Pausing Tiger, Buffering Dragon."
The bar has been raised, the gauntlet has been thrown…but this is it! Final days to be submitting those fabulous names for my Girl Group. I’ll be picking the winner on Oct. 6! #BettesGirls #ItsTheGirls
This is it! Final days to be submitting those fabulous names for my Girl Group. I'll be picking the winner on Oct. 6...
“Trash Island” Photo Series Alison’s Adventures marveling at Trash Island Maldives
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“Trash Island” Photo Series Alison’s Adventures exploring Trash Island Maldives
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An edible strip of film! Look what's on the last frame! It's HULAWEEN!!
Hulaween's never been so baroque! Don't miss the fun, fab ball 10/31 celebrating Federico Fellini, benefiting @NYRP!