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Bette Midler
3 retired firefighters who worked at Ground Zero die from cancer on same day via @NBCNewYork
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Colin Farell and Vince Vaughn are staring in True Detective Season 2. Why is there no lady cop? What's next? A male Miss Marple?
I feel so stressed out when all the fall shows premiere! So many of them die so quickly - it feels like the beaches of Normandy out there!
#TBT In honor of UN Climate Summit: Live and let live...and act so that we all can!!
Obama got in trouble for saluting a Marine with a coffee in his hand. Personally, I can't THINK before I've had my coffee, much less salute!
Another remarkable sunset over NYC.
Crazy getting ready to refresh everything for the season and release of #ItsTheGirls! Check out my fluffed up website, I SLAVED over it!
Nearly half of our bird species are threatened by #climatechange. Join me and help @audubonsociety #saveourbirds
oooops! Make that WE girls! Cheeze. It must be the Ativan. My grammar is my strongest suit.
Congress just got back from August vacation and are now taking another break till November. These guys get more recess than Kindergarteners!
Us girls love a good makeover, so the site got one too. There's a pre-order thing there as well #ItsTheGirls
Yours truly is announcing my first album in years honoring some of the great girl groups of all time!! #ItsTheGirls Harmonies and Hair!! Click your way to for more news and advance tracks!
Harmonies and Hair!!!
Yours truly is announcing my first album in years honoring some of the great girl groups of all time!! #ItsTheGirls
Joan Rivers' Facebook posthumously endorsed iPhone6! She'd be a great new Siri. "You want directions? Go to the mall and get a new outfit."
UB meeting this week to discuss Climate Change after hottest summer ever. At this rate we'll be holding Summer Olympics in Antarctica soon..
Good morning! Now here's a feat of engineering!
Yes I have girl group mania! Here I am with The Shirelles...
Yes,I have girl group mania! Here I am with The Shirelles.
ALWAYS FASCINATIN'. Why Is Gay Porn So Popular in Pakistan?… via @MotherJones
Spectacular banner drop in Australia's Blue Mountains this morning. Big day of climate action across Australia.
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United Nations Building lit up for the People's Climate March by a Tesla car battery.
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The biggest climate action in history starts tomorrow morning. Be part of it. #climatemarch #PeoplesClimate
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Photo bombing the Chiffons. Are we adorable or what?
I am so proud to be part of this great organization; here is our newest garden, before and after.
Yesterday the leaves on the birches were green. Overnight they all turned bright yellow...OVERNIGHT!!
This #RooseveltsPBS brilliant... We should lock Congress in a room and force them to watch it. What a tremendous amount they got done.
Dreams come true. I photobomb Martha & The Vandellas.
Dreams come true. I photobomb Martha & The Vandellas.
Yesterday was the Battle of the Bees on the roof of @WaldorfNYC. Competition for Best Honey was fierce-@TimGunn was host...Which hive won?
The great Andrea Martin has written a book called "Lady Parts". EXTREMELY revealing, if you catch my drift...
Female leads made FROZEN and GRAVITY huge hits, but women only have 27% of speaking roles in movies. Hollywood, wake up and smell the $$$!
Worst part about the #PalinBrawl is that the family showed up in a gas guzzling stretch Hummer.
“What would happen if everyone in Bay Area were to move to Detroit?” @venture4america #TechonomyDetroit @techonomy
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Less than 2 weeks to go until we fight for our climate in New York! Join the movement. #PeoplesClimate
Yoko Ono was right about wormen: South African Olympics Committee Says Oscar Pistorius Can Compete via @intelligencer
Philadelphia may be decriminalizing marijuana. Call me cynical, but this sounds like a plan by the cheesesteak industry to boost sales.
Gives me chills to see pics of folks on the climate train, chugging from San Francisco towards New York! #climatemarch
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Polls show Scotland might vote for independence from the UK. Her Maj was so shocked she raised an eyebrow for the first time in decades.
All top songs are about having big butts. Should I re-release "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" as "Booty Tooty Bubble Butt"? #bigbuttsmeanbigbucks
Arnold Schwarzenegger had Maria Shriver removed from his official portrait. So Terminator. But maybe Maria insisted on it!
Okay kids, here it is: The Death of Adulthood in American Culture
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