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Bette Midler
I am so proud to be part of this great organization; here is our newest garden, before and after.
Yesterday the leaves on the birches were green. Overnight they all turned bright yellow...OVERNIGHT!!
This #RooseveltsPBS brilliant... We should lock Congress in a room and force them to watch it. What a tremendous amount they got done.
Dreams come true. I photobomb Martha & The Vandellas.
Dreams come true. I photobomb Martha & The Vandellas.
Yesterday was the Battle of the Bees on the roof of @WaldorfNYC. Competition for Best Honey was fierce-@TimGunn was host...Which hive won?
The great Andrea Martin has written a book called "Lady Parts". EXTREMELY revealing, if you catch my drift...
Female leads made FROZEN and GRAVITY huge hits, but women only have 27% of speaking roles in movies. Hollywood, wake up and smell the $$$!
Worst part about the #PalinBrawl is that the family showed up in a gas guzzling stretch Hummer.
“What would happen if everyone in Bay Area were to move to Detroit?” @venture4america #TechonomyDetroit @techonomy
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Less than 2 weeks to go until we fight for our climate in New York! Join the movement. #PeoplesClimate
Yoko Ono was right about wormen: South African Olympics Committee Says Oscar Pistorius Can Compete via @intelligencer
Philadelphia may be decriminalizing marijuana. Call me cynical, but this sounds like a plan by the cheesesteak industry to boost sales.
Gives me chills to see pics of folks on the climate train, chugging from San Francisco towards New York! #climatemarch
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Polls show Scotland might vote for independence from the UK. Her Maj was so shocked she raised an eyebrow for the first time in decades.
All top songs are about having big butts. Should I re-release "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" as "Booty Tooty Bubble Butt"? #bigbuttsmeanbigbucks
Arnold Schwarzenegger had Maria Shriver removed from his official portrait. So Terminator. But maybe Maria insisted on it!
Okay kids, here it is: The Death of Adulthood in American Culture
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Happy Birthday AmeriCorps! Working with @NYRP for the last 17 of your 20 years of #GettingThingsDone. #AmeriCorps20
Congress is back in session! What are they not going to do first? Not fix the economy? Not fix healthcare? The options are exhausting!
Ray Rice's punishment should fit his crime. I say we lock him in an elevator with Solange Knowles and give him a taste of his own medicine.
When did the police become so militarized? Cops used to look like Norman Rockwell paintings, now they look like #HurtLocker
#TipTuesday: Do you layer your #SkinCare products in the right order? Here’s the correct way to apply. #SkinCareShare
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Janay Rice Issues Heartbreaking Statement After Domestic-Violence Video Surfaces
Please share your comments about #gusandme here. And thank you all for your interest and support.
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Will this action film make me fat? You bet it will! Action Films Spur the Need to Feed
If you're in NYC, look up and see an extraordinary sunset...
Our partners at @TDBank_US are greening the earth, one tree at a time. Plant #freetrees. Register for yours: @NYRP
Usher is hosting a Senate fundraiser in September with Bill Clinton. I've got a great name for it: Fall at the House of Usher.
It was @Beyonce's 33rd birthday last Thursday! I hope she doesn't mind that my birthday wishes are Bey-lated.
It's National Hummingbird Day! TAKE ACTION: Tell the EPA to ban the use of neonicotinoids>>>
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Yes!! Everything she says is true: check it out...Reading The Times With Delia Ephron via @
RT if you think this is troubling. The Sierra Nevada, January 2013 to January 2014
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Learn more about the #ClimateMarch in #NYC on 9/21 Will be a historic mobilization devoted to protecting our climate.
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Joan Rivers has died. What a sad ending to a brilliant and tragi-comic life; one of the bravest, and funniest of all.
Clooney is directing a film about the Rupert Murdoch scandal. No need to buy tickets. They've already been ordered from your hacked phone.
Crimes against women continue unabated in Canada.…
No whites after Labor Day? Ok, how about I just stop drinking whites? (I prefer red wine, anyway!)
Thank you to former New York Mayor, Mike Bloomberg for his generous contribution to…. I thank you and the kids do too!
So touching that Angelo Mozilo has no regrets about Countrywide!…
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Justin Bieber's arrested on assault charges, after crashing into a minivan. I hope his Fisher Price tricycle is okay!
Jesus, the news. Puts me in mind of my dad's favorite saying, "People are no damned good."
.@NYRP's handing out 4,500 #freetrees. Pick one up--It'll bear fruits of labor. Literally--Fruits. @MillionTreesNYC
Still thinking of @Joan_Rivers, and hoping for the best outcome of all...back to her old outrageous self...