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Need to stop procrastinating💁
I shouldn't be laughing this hard at pics of George Washington 😂�
Retweeted by Alex.
15 hours till my first exam!😰
Trying to wake up Sherice and the first thing she said was too early😂
First exam in a week today😭
Think I'm the only person that's never seen Lord of the Rings or Star Wars
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100% should call the royal baby Regina!!!! REGINA AND GEORGE!!!! REGINA GEORGE!!!!! MEAN GIRLS!!!!!
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Need to get those legs toned for summer🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Second spinning class
Going to the gym was the worst idea ever. My legs are sore and feels like jelly😐
A Muslim with a degree is not stealing your job when you have two GCSEs and an STI
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This no junk food challenge is making me sad😫
Overthinking is a trait I do not enjoy 🚶...
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All I follow on Instagram is food posts😐
Leg pains😭
Survived my first spinning class🙌
I don't like surprises anymore😐
I need food😩
There's a massive spider in my bathroom FML😐
Please remove any labels from drinks you are bringing into the exam..
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Can't say I've actually done much revision, I've just been organising and planning to do it
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Power naps are so good🙌
why does ryan mason have a tattoo of my when i was 12??????
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First time going in casino and won £52!
Officially an adult😱
18 in 24 hours!!!!!
Who the fuck sings karaoke at 2AM😡
This is how the rain looks like when you're up there.
Retweeted by Alex.
Nicki minaj was so good!😍
Hello Birmingham 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 No one is fkn with
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I have no money to pay off maga😑 fml
She met the voices of spongebob and patrick at the kids choice awards 😂 so awesome 😄❤
Retweeted by Alex.
18 in 10 days but still feel like 12😌
Wtf. If you look at the mouth on the left u hear bar, if u look at the one on the right u hear far😭
Retweeted by Alex.
Hershey's taste like poo💩

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