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Actually love the header👌
How do I always end up in a bad mood before I go to sleep-.-
Economics exam this morning😩 Good luck everyone
When will I ever pass my driving test😩
First driving lesson today👌
Had a really good night tonight!! It's good to see everyone again!! Actually love them so much🙈
me every day: i'll revise tomorrow
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@__alexchung my beautiful Asian! Have a fab day babe! Miss you!!💃💋
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It's my Chinese birthday tomorrow😱😱
Summer: Skin gets darker 💁 Water gets warmer 🏊 Drinks get colder 🍹❄ Music gets louder 🔊🎶 Nights get longer 🍻 Life gets better 👍
I lied. Winter's back.
Feels like summer again👌
@tbhjuststop: my english teacher vs. the author
Hating life right now😑🔫
girls pull the most ridiculous faces on photos, can't tell if you're having a stroke or just trying to smile
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Never had a pancake😐#dontcaree
5 hours left🙌
Having a threesome with Ben and Jerry👌🔞
Fuck valentines day. It's Friday!🙌
No alarms tomorrow 👌😍
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Alec is my new fav person ever
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My god I miss you!!! @SolomonTheodosi @betrueoriginal
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Lost so much followers;O
Hugged 100+ people in count down🙈👌
The awkward moment when you go to a really posh place and feel like a chav😓
I need to have my own life.
I'm actually gonna cry if I don't get this😑🔫
Omg wish me luck. I need this tag!!!!!
Queuing since 7:30AM 😓
Chilling in Paris😂
Worst day ever.
Why am I not 18 yet😑🔫
Merry Christmas!🎄🎁🎅
London or Birmingham?
Chilling with @_mynameislay in my crib. Haven't seen her in ages!!!!!!
Christmas in 5 days!😱👉🎄🎁👌
the human body has 7 trillion nerves and some people manage to get on every single fucking one of them
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Eating a whole tray of Ferrero Rocher like a boss👌
I hate licking envelopes😑🔫
I hate getting flashbacks of things I don't want to remember.
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