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Beth Ostrosky
Charlie finds Bella to be beautiful. I wish Bella could see how handsome her admirer is. 💛
Oliver not impressed with Howard's sketch of Yoda
Archie on Howard's lap
22 pound Leon bear stuffed himself into kitten house
My lap this second
Pretty Pretty Pearl.
Petunia made the jump. Oliver didn't.
OMG Petunia on top!!!!!
Yoda needs a coffee break.
Listen to this sweet sound Bob is making. He's nursing the air. #sosweet
Dweezil loves Howard's necklace
Can you see Foster Bob?
Someone is looking extra large today.
Foster Pearl is requesting her breakfast in bed. #diva
We use our AWESOME @BethStern calendar to keep track of our dog's heartworm and tick meds. Hope 4 a new one in jan!
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@BethStern I'm so in love with yoda... I look forward to videos and pictures on Instagram everyday #inlovewithyoda
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Oliver gets to Yoda who is on top shelf. Get ready to melt..
@BethStern Just had to take a quick moment of your day and thank you for all your IG posts,the pics of your fosters bring such joy to my day
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Petunia loves Pearl
Oh hello, Archie!
Morning fluff pile. Yoda, Petunia and Oliver. 💛💛💛
6 resident and 6 fosters=12. A lot of poop! RT @tailman7: @BethStern so how many cats are u and howard living with now?
End of summer. Love is still in the air.
Oliver spooning the real Yoda.
I let Yoda out of the foster room so he could eat dinner with my resident cats. #oliverismad
I think Archie thinks it's the real Yoda
I did it! In a bikini! RT @marycmccormack: @BethStern you were ice bucket challenged by me. I will not be ignored. #ALSIceBucketChallenge
@BethStern I won't declaw but we LOVE SoftPaws. Our girl kitty gets pretty pink tips- lol
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Yes. I don't believe in de-clawing RT @Barberiss: @BethStern does Yoda still have claws?
Coming this fall..A children's book to share our Yoda's story!@simonandschuster #soexcited #YODA
We love Foster Bob #blackcats
Petunia, Oliver & Pearl. #petuniacatchingup
Petunia likes breakfast in bed.
Yoda has yet to teach foster Bob how to clean his face after breakfast. #waitingforYodatodoit
About to go to AGT and feel like a superhero. #sillydress
Yoda has his story to tell. And, kids, you're going to love it. #yodagotabookdeal #tobereleasedthisfall #childrensbook #benefittingBiancasFurryFriends
Oliver is sound asleep in the superman position
Petunia thinks she's hiding.
I love seeing kittens in Howard's hands
Dweezil being super adorable this morning.
Bella keep Howard's side of the bed warm while he's judging. #AGT #donttellhoward