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Beth Moore
Do you ND LPL girls recall me telling you about relaxing drives w/Keith on the golf cart? On one. Get me a neck brace
Mooooooooved by the words of Psalm 104 this brilliant September morning. Good day, y'all! God's gonna be so faithful.
Don't panic. Stack the tasks on your to-do list at Jesus' feet to hand back to you 1 at a time with miracle provision
LPL Fargo ND. Jesus, fall on us. We need You. We want You. Come, reveal Yourself to us.
Saying hi from Fargo North Dakota! Would be incredibly grateful for prayers for Jesus to be magnificent&mighty here!
This one right here I found particularly awkward. I'm sorry, y'all, but that's funny.
Last simulcast FYI: Pic of Houston area sites. LPM staff is hosting our beloved Houston's 1st:…
"His grace toward me was not ineffective." Nothing is more ironic than seeing the Cross as an excuse to stay in sin.
Profuse thanks to all you moms who tweeted back-to-school pics! Loved every single one! Hard call but this one FTW:
Okay, 1 more! Because @AmandaMoJo just texted me our own 2: 1st/4th. Somebody just hit me. Slap me so I can bear it.
In case some of you moms don't have a prayer partner today or could use an extra one, my prayer for your school kids:
Quick break between chapters. I feel your prayers! Stick with me in intercession 1 more night pls! God's responding!
I thought maybe some of you could use this reminder from the Bible study I'm using for my AM devotions. NOTHING CAN.
Storms, they'll surely come. May their Commander shelter you with His hand & awe you with fireworks in the distance.
Live today with confidence in a holy Father who is never indifferent toward you. Nothing you need is too much for Him
My assistant pulls stats for me each LPL so I'll know what denominations or other belief systems are in the mix:
With most of my LPL worship team. @LiciB isn't in town yet & @niaallenmusic isn't here. I love all of them like crazy
Would so appreciate prayer for a Jesus show at LPL Milwaukee that causes all idols & evils to flee from His greatness
These woods just now. Thought of Hab.3:4. I pray this day that the hidden power in His hand will be so evident to you
This picture with everybody edited out but my gorgeous friend @PriscillaShirer so, well, so you can enjoy her shoes.
The girls and I went through Waco to welcome our newest love - my niece's 1st-born - into our family. A woman-child.
My biggest moment at "War Room" festivities: being invited in to an Evans family pic. So fun. I love them like crazy.
Faith + patience. Faith + patience! Because it hasn't happened already doesn't mean it's not going to happen at all.
Do NOT let anybody or anything undercut your confidence in Christ. On the other side of perseverance is reward.
No week at your grand-rents is complete until your Paw Paw demonstrates how to shoot a bull's eye from the den. Yay.

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