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Beth Moore
Billings Montana LPL girls, the text God is placing on my heart is really speaking to me. Praying that God has a life changing word for us.
Today I have my hair twisted up in a clip so high that it looks like I have a beehive. I am owning it. I like it. I am wearing it.
Some of us will get a chance to make a decision today that completely alters our path. God, grant us an Is.30:21 day.
Don't pull those covers over your head tonight in fear & anxiety, dreading the future. Your God is going to take care of you. Peace to you.
The enemy of our souls knows to hammer us in areas where we try hardest to control people and situations. He knows we don't trust God there.
Working on this for supper tonight. A Moore favorite. Perfect for an early autumn day. Houston loves the Mandolas.
Happy Lord's Day, Jesus people. The glad sight from my den this morning. Beauty and grace and flawless innocence.
Keith just called on his way to shooting range. Said he's bringing home a picnic lunch instead. I think he's smitten because I roller skated
Praying for a new season to come blowing in on the wings of these October winds for you who've tarried long in a parched & breezeless place.
It's as if some folks were just born irritable.
It's my very favorite thing at Living Proof for boss's day: potluck!!! So honored to lead here with @SabrinMoore.
The question that stands between us and substantial productivity today is what we will do with a billion distractions.
Christ has made us competent in the Spirit. (2 Cor 3) We are well able to overcome obstacles, scale walls & successfully navigate this day.
2/2 There is no shame in needing a Savior. The shame is not taking Jesus up on the offer.
1/2 Reflecting on my rocky journey because of a magazine article I've been asked to write. Thinking again what a wreck Jesus got ahold of.
My girls. One of the funnest days ever.
I don't think it should matter that both of these good friends holding me up are on the Living Proof payroll.
Y'all go on about your business while Keith and I have a fight. He has now suggested that my age might not be when to learn to roller skate.
I just told Keith that I needed to figure out what I was going to wear roller skating. He asked if I had something with a padded seat.
We're going roller skating for @AmandaMoJo's birthday. Nervous. Wondering if it counts if I wear only one skate. Kinda like skateboarding.
It's my firstborn @AmandaMoJo's birthday. Child, you could loop how much your parents love you around every star.
2/2 ...then all the sudden I got offended and said, "I guess in the case of an old woman dying it's like a kitchen burned down." Smiling.
1/2 Was telling Keith how much I loved this thought that somebody tweeted back to me last night about my uncle...
San Diego LPL girls, here's our recap! We loved every second with you. @BobonicKalonick put something fun at very end…
You never know when you might need some extra lettuce. Please note what the checker rang up for Keith.(He only had 1)
My Uncle Roy, my deceased dad's only sibling came to LPL. Hadn't been. For some reason this puts a lump in my throat.
Met this darling thing at info desk at SD airport when I begged her for directions to nearest Starbucks. Loves Jesus.
You San Diego LPL girls, you left us slack jawed. You came for Jesus. And He came for you. What an honor to watch. Never lose that fire.
Word, speak. Breath, blow. Water, pour. Bread, feed. Light, shine. Vine, grow. Wine, fill. Shepherd, lead. All You are. All we ask.
In San Diego. Ecstatic! But English minor in me needs this "relax" to be past tense. Then again, I need to be relax.
At airport food court for my San Diego flight. I love you, Houston.
This thing we're doing here necessitates a fight. If we drain all our energy fighting people, we'll have nothing left to battle darkness.
When we're in the will of God as best we know it & we still have to fight ferociously for our ground, it's to develop the muscle to keep it.
“@hackerjen: Bible study with my mom & sisters over Skype... I love it! #Jesustheoneandonly”//Best small group ever.
Even if it wasn't fair, even if it wasn't true, even if it wasn't right. If it was humbling, it wasn't all a waste. God will raise you up.
You women of the West coming to LPL San Diego this weekend, you are front & center on my mind. Praying for Jesus to floor us w/His Presence.
Can't quit looking at this picture of my @AmandaMoJo's puppy Sailor. Sometimes you have to chew on what you hear.
On plane heading to Nashville to serve at a Dove nominee luncheon tomorrow. So blessed to. Will also get to see @angcottrell @cottrelltravis
So in love. Girl of my girl. Could listen to this child talk for hours on end.
The text I just got from my friend doing the 10K. I love her so much, I cannot stand it. Girlfriend, you are our fav.
My prissiest friend is walking a 10K. She's so unnerved she may as well be swimming the English Channel. She's no doubt dressed the cutest.
An astonishingly gorgeous breezy day in Houston. Family coming out. Children playing. Adults laughing. Spaghetti and meatballs simmering.
It helps to marry someone you think is cute.
We are terrified of boredom. We often resist obedience to God because we fear He'll bore us to tears. We have no idea the life that awaits.
God's peace is like a river, not a pond. It is not stagnant. It is not confined. It moves. It forges tributaries. It breaks in. Brings life.
Looking so forward to this! Bringing @AmandaMoJo & @MelissaMoore77. "@cottrelltravis This is going to be such fun!”
3/3 Yes, of course, discipline but every single day hold them in your arms, tell them you love them and say what's really great about them.
2/3 Then he gets in trouble every night at home. Parenting is hard & frustrating. But kids can't emotionally survive 24/7 "straighten up!"
1/3 Thinking about a conversation I had in a salon yesterday with a distraught mom of a 2nd grader. He gets in trouble every day at school..
Life's so freaky half the time that I'm too baffled to tweet. Sometimes all I'd have to say is a general, all-purpose "what the heck?"