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Beth Moore
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My pastor @jonescurtis preached 2 powerful services today then swept our property for snakes, killed 1, then freed us up for our egg hunt :)
This day, followers of Christ, none of our debates and opposing interpretations matter. This day we too are raised from the dead, one Body.
Never before had such a barren place bellowed such hope. The cries of the angels echoed from the empty tomb, "He is not here! He is risen!"
If you're in the Houston area without a church for tomorrow, we'd love to host you @BCFellowship. 2 campuses, 2 AM services each: 9:15 & 11.
A new blog post: The Women that Saturday.…
That Friday the rulers of darkness packed the atmosphere to cheer over the defeat of Jesus. They were shamed instead.
My car is so full of Easter eggs & pastel candy right now that, if anybody hits me, it'll be like the Easter Bunny croaked. Somebody hit me.
We've each got a situation. Each, a story. Each, a hope. Each, a disappointment. Each, a heartbreak. Each, a Savior. Jesus. The One for All.
A day of encounters. A funny pastor's wife at a restaurant, a grocery checker trying hard to make it, & a young woman who cried in my arms.
To any sister who needs to hear it: You're woman enough.…
Why the older ones walked away 1st instead of stoning the woman: We've lived long enough not to have turned out as well as we hoped. Grace.
I wish some of you girls with aching hearts were on my back porch watching the biggest, brightest moon climb the limbs of these tall pines.
The bitter irony is who stepped in the poop. I'm not in the mood to say.
Well, if you don't mind risking poop on your sparkly Toms, you might get to gather fresh eggs with Memmaw.
The Jones are out in the country with us for supper. @AmandaMoJo to Annabeth as she runs outside: Try not to get poop on your sparkly Toms!
This Holy Week may those who have begged & begged for a person's forgiveness & still not received it find peace & healing in the Cross.
My man just sat down on the couch with a 1/2 gallon of Blue Bell with hot fudge & pecans poured straight on top of it
My pastor: "Don't be afraid to ask people to church on Easter. People are more willing than you think if you're not too weird."
I'll shut my eyes tonight thinking about 25 women who boldly stood up in front of that whole group today and received Christ as Savior.
.@PriscillaShirer wears the best perfume. "What is it?" I demanded. And she handed it to me. Name? "Black Woman." I wear it & grin. #wannabe
It's a tremendous privilege to work with @cottrelltravis & team. This began our 17th year & I've never seen them more flooded w/the Spirit.
On airplane in Minneapolis about to head home, awash with gratitude to Jesus for the grace of His presence at LPL. We thank you for praying!
Girls attending any LPL this year. Just saw the listening guide booklet. Best note-taking paper ever. Slick pages. Lined. Bring good pens.
This is the sanctuary where we get to serve this weekend. Fill it, Jesus. Meet her there. Each woman. Unmistakably.
2/2 We deeply want Jesus to be lifted up higher at our LPL events in 2014 & see the lost saved & the less discipled come to love His Word.