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Beth Moore
evangelism teacher author 518,396 followers
Today I'm heading to Denver for an LPL tomorrow & Saturday. Asking Jesus to be astonishingly present & active. Would so appreciate prayer!
30 years ago I drove all over Texas in a Dodge Dart w/a jug of water for an overheating radiator. Still so blessed to go forth & serve girls
We can walk straight into a spiderweb and not know it until we're bitten. We need divine discernment to feel the stickiness on our skin.
2/2 If so, what made you think he/she was "the one"? (Even if it's silly in retrospect.) Important: Did that knowing/feeling prove correct?
1/2 Studying relationships and I'd love your input. Have you ever had a distinct moment when you knew or felt that a person was "THE ONE"?
2/2 Clearly I couldn't have handled the past I wish I had. This is why God forgets our sins but we don't. Gotta remember where we came from.
1/2 Yesterday on the way home from work I caught a nauseating whiff of a judgmental spirit in myself and nearly threw up in my mouth.
This little guy caught my eye this morning & made me smile. Everybody needs a safe place. Good Monday morning, y'all.
Give it time. Hold on to Jesus. If you'll trust Him, I promise you that it will not always hurt as badly as it hurts today. Hearts do heal.
I long for a world as magical as the one seen through the eyes of a 5-year old girl. There will be dancing.
Flight attendant: "Ladies & gentlemen, please do not force oversized bags into overhead compartments." Chests of drawers, Shetland ponies...
The enemy of our souls is a false prophet. Don't let him taunt you with graceless dread and doom toward your future if you belong to Jesus.
Not complaining because I'm not trading my man. But cleaning one's pockets before throwing one's jeans in the wash must be a female gifting.
If you're married to a fisherman, you probably pull these out of the washer half the time, too. Freshly washed lures.
It's Gathering 4 for those of us who are doing the study "Children of the Day" together! Just 2 more weeks to go!…
1 Peter 1:8 "You have not seen Him but you love Him." This One who is dearer to us than our next breath, closer to us than our skin. Jesus.
This recap from LPL Lubbock brought me to tears. For one thing, the song @cottrelltravis sings on it is just gorgeous
Y'all. The maker of that salsa I flat-out drank in Lubbock just dropped by LPM with a few jars. I'm shamelessly happy
Sometimes you meet people out on the ministry road that you sense in your soul will mark you forever. This is Mary.
Maybe I'm expecting too much but I just feel like a Border Collie named Queen Esther ought not roll in something dead.
We had a blast in Lubbock Texas! Such fun women. Taking home some memories that will last a life time. 2 of them.
I'm so grateful for your prayers. What we're looking for at these events no human planning and preparation can accomplish. It must be Jesus.
Lights go up on LPL Lubbock TX in 90 minutes.Would some of you bold warriors pray for Jesus to be outrageously present, powerful & personal?
Per previous tweet, if you can't afford a ticket, contact Living Proof Ministries. If we run out, we'll try to find you one. Give it a shot!
Women near Lubbock, we'd be honored to serve you at LPL. All welcome, whomever you are, wherever you've been, whatever you believe. Come&See