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Beth Moore
Do yourself a favor. Forgive the person. Quick. And get on with it. No part of unforgiveness makes it worth the toll.
LPL Recap especially for you Ft Wayne girls! PS. Keith to me: "Is that a hula hoop you're in??" Whatever it takes. :)…
Let's keep walking this thing out with Jesus "through honor & dishonor, through slander & praise." (2 Cor 6:8) Forward, between the ditches.
I love the time of day when day begs the night for one last drop of light.
Takes a good bit of gall to beg a Monday off, prop your back with billows of pillows, face the woods & read a new Jan Karon. But I'm willing
2/2 Give @cottrelltravis, the team & me a few weeks to figure out how to best make it available. Promise to let u know. Hold tight to Jesus!
1/2 God bless you girls who gave up a Saturday for the simulcast. Letting you know we're hearing your requests for Identity Declaration song
Deep breath. Ok, Girls. Let's have some Bible study. See you in 40 minutes. Jesus, You are everything to us. Speak. We're listening.
And also notes on what not to forget to pack that is still in the dryer.
Simulcast notes printed and in notebook but I'm cleaning the house still jotting notes on anything that'll sit still.
You can also do Bible study curled up on a couch with a cuddly puppy dog like my @AmandaMoJo with her sweet Sailor.
It's upon us! Living Proof Live Simulcast Saturday/All women so wanted!" #LPLsimulcast
1 mighty woman & 1 powerful story of what she & Jesus have walked thru this summer.Praise God for you @ChristineCaine…
Bless you sweet moms of littles studying the Word!"@jbbergoon: finished! Being a new mommy made it difficult @ times
When I get to this part, I say it with emotion almost every time. Just read this out loud and let faith & hope arise.
As I go back thru my memory work in 1st & 2nd Thess, I relive the whole journey with you who are studying it. May Christ's glory be glaring.
You girls KILLED IT on the survey! So good & intriguing. Thank you! It will stay up til Thursday for additional women…
All willing females: I'd love to have your insight on a women's survey I'm conducting. Your privacy will be protected…
Ladies: my next tweet is for a women's survey I'm conducting. I'd be so grateful if you'd RT (next) tweet to believers & non-believers both
My husband is eating my masterpiece of a pie - Heaven in a homemade crust - straight out of the pie plate. Hacking it with a fork. Shoot me.
Lessons in rolling out homemade pie crust. It's a slumber party at Bibby's. There'll be food, fun & a BB gun for boy.
Let's make a bold move today and decide to like someone we don't and smile at someone surly and speak a kindness to a critic.
The thing about that thorn in the flesh is that it pops the balloon of an inflated ego. We may hate it but it's good at its job.
I took a picture of one of them for you. Look toward lower right corner at the object that looks the size of a toad.
You have to be brave to take walks thru the woods where I live. This is my branch for knocking down huge spider webs.
This is my man. @MelissaMoore77 clicked the picture last night as she left. I keep glancing at it. I love him so much
Many tweets from women about Bible studies they were starting this September.Heart spilled over with love & gratitude…
Sometimes you've just got to make the decision to lighten up a minute. Even while things are still hard. A heart needs an occasional break.
Right here in the deep fried capital of the south, Keith Moore and I are learning to make dang good Asian food.
Sometimes your man walks in from out of town with flowers. And sometimes he walks in with fried okra. #givemetheokra
I love what God is up to with @IFgathering. I believe in you young women. God is raising you strong & brave. Praying!…
Y'all. Queen Esther somehow pulled a big block of cheddar cheese off the kitchen counter & ate it. Yep. All of it.
One sign of deep devotion to your dog is taking her for a walk in the rain and feeling happy about it.
Individuals can participate from any online location as an active part of the group. Scroll down to "watch" for how.
If you're a female age 14-100 of any background or belief, please join us online on Sept 13! It's about: being female
It's like Jesus has never taken a risk management course. If He's thrown you out where the gators are, have the faith to walk on some snouts
A friend gave me this CD last week & I absolutely love it. @lindsaymccaul, this is a beautiful gift. Powerful songs.
Give people their dignity back. To withhold it is an act of hate.
This on a Newsweek retweet. World's oldest wombat turns 29. I just don't know, y'all. I'm an animal lover & all but.
Yay! It's fabulous! "@ChristineCaine: #Unstoppable is now out! Can't wait for you to read it so we can talk about it!
Funnest full-circle memory today. @AmandaMoJo, @MelissaMoore77 & I had lunch then met these 2 after school with cake.
This vivid segment captures the process so powerfully.
If that word God entrusted to us had no application to us, He would've given it through somebody else. The church needs more than windpipes.
Praise God, preachers & teachers, when He won't let us get away with dodging a word He brings through us. We've got to deal & keep it real.
This precious thing right here has grown right up on us and starts kindergarten tomorrow. Bibby can hardly bear it.
Back in Houston. Memphis LPL girls, we loved every minute with you. Jesus is so worthy of our complete obsession. Do not lose ground. Stomp.
I'm looking for some people of faith to pray with holy fire that the glory of God will blow the roof off & shatter the darkness at this LPL.
At soundcheck with team for LPL Memphis. @cottrelltravis brought his whole church choir. Lord have mercy, the music.