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Beth Moore
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I'm looking for some people of faith to pray with holy fire that the glory of God will blow the roof off & shatter the darkness at this LPL.
At soundcheck with team for LPL Memphis. @cottrelltravis brought his whole church choir. Lord have mercy, the music.
At team supper tonight 1 of our beloved prayer counselors told me her abs are sore after LPLs from praying for people.Prayer is holy Pilates
People yearn to be heard. Sometimes they shout because they feel like no one listens when they don't.
Ecstatic this is out! "@cottrelltravis: Here it is. I hope you like it. If you feel so inclined, spread the word.☺️…
Followers of Jesus, cast down the disputes, lift up holy hands and cry out with 1 voice for this global tide of violence and evil to recede.
Presently in the chair of Miss America of Hair to get highlights. Please somebody see how this starts. Hello Pippi.
There's something not to like about everybody. If that's the lens we insist on wearing, we'll have plenty to see and no one to love.
If it ain't one thing, it's two.
We gave her Benadryl immediately as they say to do & we're getting her straight to the vet. Since she's not seizing, she should be okay.
Birddog's been snake bitten again. This pic doesn't do her swollen jowls justice. Keith's on way to 24 hour clinic.
We are beside ourselves with joy to have these cities on the Living Proof Live calendar for 2015!
We're testifying today on the blog about all the creative ways God can work thru people to bless this world. Chime in!…
I know I did not just see Halloween decor at the entrance to the Kroger.
Not every revelation is for publication. Sometimes that convicting word from God was for us, fellow communicators. Not "them."
Know when to keep things between you & Jesus or you'll sacrifice intimacy for the sake of publicity. Let some things steep before you speak.
This evening Annabeth wanted to pick flowers from my garden & put them on Beckham's grave, stand at it & talk it over with her grandmother.
Memphis LPL one week from today. Praying. Believing. Asking. Expecting. Be there when we get there, Jesus. Let no one miss You.
Our family says a tearful goodbye to the world's happiest dog today. He will rest in our woods. The Jones's Beckham.
We cannot afford to lose heart. We are the ones God foreordained to serve this world in its exact present condition. We're on. Be valiant.
Girlfriend, you gotta do what God is calling you to do. He's the One you'll answer to.
One of the highlights of the day. True bonding right here. Where is my Queen Esther for such a time as this???
I have the great privilege of sitting down w/@JoyceMeyer in her studio today to talk about unity. Pray for Jesus to be so present & pleased!
."ChristineCaine: Two chicks, two steaks, two lobster tails, and a whole lot of fun.//Such a blast! Love you & Nick!
Honestly, I think Santa Claus just got on my plane.