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Beth Moore
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HUGE ceiling leak under repair in our den. My living room couch is in my kitchen. Plastic everywhere. Even on horns.
Last 1: My freedom in Christ began w/memorizing Psalm 103. Tormenting thoughts would come & I'd say it out loud. The Truth trumped the lies.
3/3 Demolishing a stronghold is about replacing the lie w/Truth. Memorize a chapter of Scripture. When those old thoughts return, speak it!
2/3 ...just committing & recommitting to never think of it again never works. It always comes back. This isn't about emptying our minds...
1/3 When battling a destructive mental preoccupation (whether unforgiveness, sexual addiction or constantly replaying chronic regrets),...
Grinning back on the time I asked an elderly man how he was doing and he said, "Well, if it ain't one thing, it's two." A sage for all ages.
Today our summer Bible study wraps up on the blog! Did some of you finish? If not, don't stress! Finish at your pace!…
If someone brings you a donut, I think it's only right to eat it. It's loving your neighbor.
...The trajectory of their family line turned in that 1 divine moment. May Jesus raise up mighty servants in every generation of that line.
I keep picturing the bright faces of a grandmother & granddaughter (about 11) who came forward yesterday, BOTH receiving Jesus as Savior...
My girl @AmandaMoJo just texted me this of Annabeth. They'd been to the circus. Y'all, come on. I can't bear the love
Denver LPL girls, I will remember you a long, long time. Hold tight to Jesus the One and Only. I love you guys! Walk it out!
Thank y'all so much for praying for us in Denver! God was so present with us! Many came to faith in Christ and so many to hope & freedom.
Looking for some people full of faith who'd pray for us in Denver this AM. Please pray for Jesus to come as mighty Deliverer & work wonders!
My team at soundcheck for Denver LPL. Love them so. We want to see Jesus show up in this arena tonight & tomorrow!
Today I'm heading to Denver for an LPL tomorrow & Saturday. Asking Jesus to be astonishingly present & active. Would so appreciate prayer!
30 years ago I drove all over Texas in a Dodge Dart w/a jug of water for an overheating radiator. Still so blessed to go forth & serve girls
We can walk straight into a spiderweb and not know it until we're bitten. We need divine discernment to feel the stickiness on our skin.
2/2 If so, what made you think he/she was "the one"? (Even if it's silly in retrospect.) Important: Did that knowing/feeling prove correct?
1/2 Studying relationships and I'd love your input. Have you ever had a distinct moment when you knew or felt that a person was "THE ONE"?
2/2 Clearly I couldn't have handled the past I wish I had. This is why God forgets our sins but we don't. Gotta remember where we came from.
1/2 Yesterday on the way home from work I caught a nauseating whiff of a judgmental spirit in myself and nearly threw up in my mouth.
This little guy caught my eye this morning & made me smile. Everybody needs a safe place. Good Monday morning, y'all.
Give it time. Hold on to Jesus. If you'll trust Him, I promise you that it will not always hurt as badly as it hurts today. Hearts do heal.
I long for a world as magical as the one seen through the eyes of a 5-year old girl. There will be dancing.