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Bethenny Frankel
@skinnygirl vodka blueberry lemonade, punch with @skinnygirl sangria, and limeade with @skinnygirl sweet'artia (plus a cute bartender)- perfect Labor Day!
What a hot and humid Labor Day we are having on the East Coast. How's everyone doin today?
I need to get on @cookiedabooboo's level and start relaxing more
Oooh @JMJEWELRY has some awesome goodies in their store!
What do you think about that big tobacco #finishit commercial?
It's a @skinnygirl Cosmo and Chris brown kickoff to Labor Day weekend!
If i'm craving beets does my liver need cleansing?
Happy Labor Day weekend! @Skinnygirl white cran Cosmo today! What are you enjoying?
When they institutionalize me, I only want to be wearing this. Forever.
When they institutionalize me, I want to be wearing this. Forever.
I have just decided my coffin will need to be made of tupperware.
Hey @OrvillePopcorn - it's selling like hotcorn! RT @christyg3131: @Bethenny last box at @Target! I made it sellout!
Perfect snow cone- no big whoop
Perfect snow cone- no big whoop
Do I look like the hamburglar or what?
Do I look like the hamburglar or what?
Look at this lady! Running around like she’s a pup- you are young at heart, @cookiedabooboo
Look at this pup- so active and she's 14! You go girl! Xo @cookiedabooboo
Pair w @Skinnygirl wine &movie! RT @ReneeLocks80: @Bethenny @OrvillePopcorn this popcorn is so good can't believe it...
Do what you can and enjoy it all! RT @Mrs_LMP: Seriously one of the YUMMIEST snacks ever!! Thank you @SkinnygirlDaily @Bethenny...
Happy Nat Dog Day to my furry baby @cookiedabooboo - through thick and thin, you've always been by my side- a girls best friend is always the barking bitch beside her xo #nationaldogday
.@prettyprinting licking the @SkinnygirlDaily wrapper while guzzling @Skinnygirl sparkling marg-my new spokesperson
Happy national dog day!!! I don’t know where I’d be without @cookiedabooboo - love you girl!
how's my girl @prettyprinting licking the @skinnygirldaily bar wrapper while guzzling a @skinnygirl sparkling margie? She's my new spokesperson.
Perfect beach drink! RT @PaulaTheresa76: @Bethenny obsessed w @SkinnygirlSpark strawberry lemonade tasty&good for u!
Such a comfy #ootd - loving these @rag_bone pants with these @BananaRepublic flats!
Do you guys like my #ootd? I love these @rag_bone pants- super cool and comfy!
One piece at a time. @SPCConsulting: @Bethenny When everything falls apart, how do you put it back together?
It's driving me nuts. Today i heard a sting song & the beginning sounded like "am i wrong," the current song. What was is?
In desperate need for some afternoon yoga- what a Monday! #dowhatyoucan
Relaxing with a @Skinnygirl Moscato by the pool on this Sunday evening- what are you doing?
#vegas in the summertime! Love this @zarausa jumpsuit!
You deserve it Xo RT @ashleybertolini: Much NEEDED after cleaning the whole house and working!! @Bethenny @Skinnygirl
Mmmm dinner is served! Videos to come!
Mmmm dinner is served! #Videos to come!
Good morning, Saturday! What are your weekend plans, tweeps? Last weekend before Labor Day- live it up!
Lovin Lake Powell! #summer
So I just started watching "breaking bad" (i know i know..i'm late) but holy shitballs, this show is cray. Midway through 2nd season.
I'm on a houseboat here in Lake Powell, AZ. Insane!!!!!
Lake Powell, AZ is literally one of the most beautiful wonders I have ever seen.
Happy #tbt - here's me and @cookiedabooboo back in the day - love you!
Skinnygirl heaven @skinnygirlsparklers @skinnygirlfresh @skinnygirldaily @skinnygirl #skinnygirl #summer