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Bethany Hamilton
My family celebrated my parents being married for 35 years! So thankful for solid & loving parents! #love #family
"All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming." -- Helen Keller
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CMA was part of a team that successfully disentangled a dolphin calf caught in fishing line. Thanks to all involved!
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Sometime life can be more challenging than you want it to be. I cling to the truth of Jesus Christ when these challenges come my way. The truth of Jesus is what brings me hope & strength to overcome. πŸ“· @mick_curley_photo
My artistic side is in the ocean! πŸ“·Adam
If you want a beautiful #smile, check out @DamonBraces Doctor Locator sometime this #LDW!
Lovely picnic date with my handsome goofball hubbyπŸ’™
Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies we made last night! My husbands favorite cookies! #glutenfree 😜
Throwback to last years beautifully flawed retreat post workout shot with @bethanyhamilton and…
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The harvest! #coconutwater #bhbodyandsoul Sorry for flooding your feedπŸ˜—
I love me some coconutπŸ˜› #spectating #coconutwater #bhbodyandsoul
Adam is getting me some fresh coconuts! #coconutwater πŸ˜› #bhbodyandsoul
My new book "Body and Soul" has yummy recipes! 😜 #bhbodyandsoul
What do you think about Adam & I doing the Amazing Race?! #soulsurfers @AmazingRace_CBS
Which team will be the first to cross the finish line? Meet the all-new cast of the #AmazingRace.
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To get better at surfing you should catch lots of waves! If your not catching waves your not gonna progress. @ScottoArianna
Simple surfing! I love being in the ocean & relying on nothing but me & the waves! @normafostlynch
So yeah ehm just curious when is the winner of this being announced?? @bethanyhamilton
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NEVER I repeat NEVER go to the store hungry 😳
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🚺🚹 My honey bunns! #love
There was a shark in the water surfing today. I went in. 😁
#nofilter πŸ˜πŸ’™
Getting excited for the #BeautifullyFlawed Retreat! It's an exclusive retreat for young women w/ limb loss. Follow @FOBH_Foundation for info
Getting excited for the 2nd annual Friends of Bethany #BeautifullyFlawed Retreat! It's a retreat for young women with limb loss. Follow @friendsofbethanyhamilton for more info. Last year's retreat was an incredible time!
You may already be avoiding artificial #flavors, but what about "natural flavors" – are they really #natural?
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Be someone who makes someone else look forward to tomorrow.
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Forgiveness flows freely from those who know how much they've been freely forgiven.
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Taking advice requires humility and shows wisdom.
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#nationaldogday I love my doggies!!!
#LiveAction my husband is whipping up a ice coffee blend in the blender! 😝#espressoo
Turn down for whatπŸ‘Š Pic: @liebervision
My family celebrated, my parents being married for 35 years, yesterday! So thankful for solid & loving parents! #love #family
Thanks for the shout out Pharrell! @Pharrell
Always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals. - @MichelleObama #GIRL
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Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid. Courage means you don't let fear stop you. - Bethany Hamilton #GIRL
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