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We point fingers and place blame. It's less painful than facing ourselves and telling it like it is with no bullsh*t. #besomebody.
Blessed to share my story and talk about PASSION at @TEDx. Watch here:… #besomebody.
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Learn to confront your demons head on. Understand them. Empathize with them. Then beat the sh*t out of them. #besomebody.
The Hustle does not go home for the holidays. #besomebody.
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“The poems tell me when they’re done but they also tell me when they’re not done…” - @SunniThaPoet. #besomebody.…
Everything becomes easier when you channel all your energy towards one goal. #besomebody.
I'm here now. On the opposite side. So much to run to. No desire to hide. #besomebody.
Together, we built a community that became a movement that evolved into a global Platform for Passion. #besomebody.
Watch the @TEDx Talk by #besomebody Founder, @Kash_Shaikh, and you'll be ready to jump off The Cliff... #besomebody.…
We battle pain and knockout fear. We don't run from risk. Rise to the occasion. #besomebody.
"It's scary not knowing where your next meal is coming..." - @EmilyMBerry. #besomebody.
SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!! 😀😀😀 It's time for the world to meet Justine!
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On the radio with @ChicaAboutTown for your drive home, Austin! Tune in to 95.1 FM from 5-6pm. #besomebody.
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Today is showtime! Tune in to FM 95.1 with special guest Founder/CEO from #besomebody @Kash_Shaikh #besomebody
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"PASSION is the most overused and underserved word in human history." #besomebody.
We're stoked to share the @TEDx Talk given by #besomebody Founder & CEO, @Kash_Shaikh. Going ALL IN on your passion.…
"I walked onto the thin air between worthy and worthless expecting to float on my own bullsh*t." #besomebody.
My @TEDTalks is out. Dream come true to stand on that stage... I talked about PASSION. #besomebody.…
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Find your adventure this holiday season. Download our free iPhone app to Explore, Discover, and Unleash your passions. Link in our bio. #besomebody. Photo: @keahiggins48.
Great times celebrating the holidays with these amazing people last night. #besomebody.
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"Our mouths keep moving but our feet stay dead bolted to the ground." #besomebody.
What I gotta do now, doesn't need be said. It's all in the feeling. #besomebody.
We handcuff our happiness to the ground, we lock our dreams in the closet. But, we also hold the key. #besomebody.
"We have the responsibility to do what we love to do..." - @UlrichEllison. #besomebody.
Book a BMX Racing Experience with Brent Sterriker on our free iPhone app #besomebody.
Having a hard time getting your words out? Book an experience with me! I'll get your pen moving! #besomebody
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Unleash your passion for BMX by booking a BMX Racing Experience with Brent Sterriker of @pcbmxnet on our free iPhone app today. Download link in our bio. #besomebody.
There are two types of people in the world: those who lift you up and those who bring you down. Go ALL IN with the first group. #besomebody.
"You can believe in yourself and you can change the world." -@JenBricker1 #besomebody.