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Bertie Gilbert
And then Killed The Cat will be it's own 25 minute long mad-fest. More on that later.
The Eden Project. Like falling through the time vortex into a future in which we live in eco systems encased in domes
short filmmakers! Intermix is presenting the Short Films programme at @BufferFestival and we're taking submissions!…
post production on our @NewFormDigital/@RealRonHoward funded short film is going well! Here are some screenshots -
They think if they constantly incorporate dramatic music, we won't notice the lack of real drama. Like Big Bang Theory with a laugh track.
that's the plan! will try to stick to it.
shooting a 15+ minute short at the end of the month. Released in September. Then in October we release our @RealRonHoward funded project
I just liked "Charles Bukowski. Uncensored." on Vimeo:
killed the cat first cut nearly done! Can't wait for people to watch it. October soon come
if you live in the Toronto area, I'll be screening my short films at the scotiabank theatre for Tickets are 15 bucks
you can now buy tickets for @BufferFestival for $15! I'llbe screening my short films at the scotiabank theatre -
"The problem isn’t coming up with ideas, it is how to contain the invasion. My ideas are like uninvited guests." Werner Herzog
“A bag of severed cats’ heads was left in a Manchester side street and no one knows why…@benjamin_cook was this you?
From Iron Man to Guardians of the Galaxy, ranking the marvel cinematic universe movies from worst to best -…
i'm editing one short film and writing another. In the meantime, here's my last which i'm still immensely proud of -
come to my film screening in Toronto at @BufferFestival! (if you want. You don't have to)
really interesting and well informed critique of my short film, Tick Where It Hurts -…
Status Report (What i'm doing and What's happening) -…
as someone's who's lost people to a similar fate, I'm heartbroken. As an admirer of a true artist, well, I'm still heart broken
editing our @RealRonHoward funded project, writing my next short film and off to Toronto soon. Grateful I'm able to do stuff/make things
Tears everywhere but everyone is happy for our buddy. Go get 'em @ThisTim and make some good ass films
Staff Pick: "Tom Rosenthal - 'A Thousand Years' (Official Music Video)" by Alice Dunseath…
the pooseum of modern fart
The Single Best Reason to go to is to see @bertieglbrt's films. I mean it. @mmitchelldaviss will be there too.
and @mmitchelldaviss will be hosting! gonna screen some films, take some questions, cook some beef
hello! I will be screening some of my short films from 6 - 7:30 on Oct 19th at the scotiabank theatre Toronto -
the current run time for our next short film is 32 minutes. I guess funding just makes films a bit longer
that's a wrap on our @RealRonHoward funded short film 'killed the cat'. We had a @mmitchelldaviss on set too! -
i like Brolin but why on earth isn't Bryan Cranston playing Thanos
we're shooting at my nan's place because we spent the rest of the budget on the appearance from Michael Jackson's reanimated corpse
we're shooting a bit more for our @RealRonHoward funded short film on thursday at my grandma's house. here's my last
Guardians Of The Galaxy. I know lots of people are saying this, but @JamesGunn has created 2014's answer to Star Wars. Except, well..better.
post production on our @RealRonHoward & co funded film is going well! here's my last short film -
i will be screening some of my short films in Toronto at @BufferFestival on the TIFF screens! pre-sale tix end soon…
Richard Dawkins looks like a much younger man in old man prosthetics
Here are some lovely film photos by @kieronjmd from the shoot of our short film 'killed the cat'-
my short film 'tick where it hurts' has hit 100k. thanks! some big news regarding said film could be revealed soon -…
i'll be screening some of my short films in Toronto at one of the TIFF theatres. (@BufferFestival) grab early tix -…
of course the film isn't anywhere near done yet, but I'm happy. Thank you @RealRonHoward and new form for making this possible
i must stay away from sharing too much about our new short film as we can't release for a while. but
a nice (but exhausting) but nice (but exhausting) film shoot. thank you cast and crew and thanks @RealRonHoward