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Mint Cookie ♕
The wanderlust is real right now…
I wanna go somewhere. I wanna feel the excitement of being in a new place
I want to refresh my mind
There's only like 3 people who's really care about me
I'm officially 21 years old virgin today lol
I'm so bored of my daily and weekly routine
lol go kill yourself
ha bitch, you say you hate her but you always with her. hypocrite
I smile alot today lol
when you're scared watching a horror movie & you cover your face, but you still keep your fingers apart to watch it.
So i just made vine but idk what vid i should post xd
black is such a nice colour [pic] —
I hate having the flu. flu sucks -_-
My throat hurts. I don't know why.
Haven't seen him in 3 days </3
where are you nigga? i am missing you
I hate living with my dad :/
Don't act like you don't know anything, cos I already know everything
i really cba to get in the shower and wash my hair
i have nothing to post
i think it's time that i should leave
Hate me all you want. And I'll ignore it all my life.
Sleepover with my bitch :* @Loren_mbeng tonight!!
I notice everything I just don't say anything
'no place I'd rather be' me singing about my bed
I love you more than any man I have loved.
Why do you treat me like I'm invisible?
it's a lie. time doesn't heal anything.
i can't stop loving him
why can't i forget him
I just want to be beside you everywhere
Bang bang, i hit the ground
Fridge, You light up my world like nobody else