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can't wait for tonight
I once had a best friend that's now a stranger.
#50FactsAboutMe i dont know another 46 facts about myself
#50FactsAboutMe I am extremely ticklish
#50FactsAboutMe im obsessed with oreos
#50FactsAboutMe I always take my phone in the bathroom, wether im using the toilet or taking a shower
#50FactsAboutMe I like watching soccer, I just don't understand the rules
ahh finally in bed!
battery low :/
on my way to grandma's house
my dad is an arrogant twat
I fell asleep again!
Ooh it's Friday!!!
You are what I want
im your go go dancer
I'm not antisocial, I just don't give a fuck
I just found out my family thinks I'm an anti-social retard