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cbf with life
I notice everything I just don't say anything
'no place I'd rather be' me singing about my bed
I love you more than any man I have loved.
Why do you treat me like I'm invisible?
creamy yummy
it's a lie. time doesn't heal anything.
i can't stop loving him
why can't i forget him
I just want to be beside you everywhere
Bang bang, i hit the ground
Fridge, You light up my world like nobody else
Either i give everything or i have nothing
Bang bang, my baby shot me down
yellow flicker beat // lorde
centuries // fall out boy
comfortably numb
Sunday boring
And now im so happy~
and i hate myself for loving you
You treat me like i'm a toy, you come only when you want to play and leave after you get bored
Hopefully someone will hit me up to do somethin or I'll just end up laying down napping all day
my face is fat
i just never want you to see me the way i see myself
becoming everything i said i wouldn't be
I hate when people say "What do you see in him/her" just because they're not attractive. You don't fall in love with someone for their looks
You tell me you're in it, but you seem really out of it.
My followers are so cute
you used me and then you threw me away
you only appear when you need something from me
And my heart is so broken
My beloved cat :'''(
My cat died...
You said you don't want to drift apart, yet I'm always the one to start a conversation...
I guess I'll just sit here and be useless like I always am.
i miss him lol
i haven't seen him today
she acts like summer & walks like rain