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These next weeks = pushhhh
A #Taurus is stubborn, but not too stubborn to apologize.
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The "I'm really patriotic, but I couldn't name you the first 5 presidents" selfie.
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What should I get at whata burger
Until I'm a millionaire this will have to do.
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Baby I'm preyin on youu tonight
Just cause its thanksgiving wont stop me from cooking dope #dontstopgrinding
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(MUST BE FOLLOWING)Giving away 2 of these America flag jackets! RT to enter. Winners will be DMed in 24 hrs 🇺�
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But I'm glad you know me ;-)
Who are these people😂 like I don't know any of you
When someone brags that they keyed your car but you're staring at it in your grandmas driveway 200 miles away >>
Prestige world wide
Ugly girls always got stuff like "Ya boy in my dm" in they bio, nah actually im not in ya dms
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Don't waste my time
It should be illegal for there to be cop sirens in songs bc I freak out every time
Ambition is priceless its somthing that's in your veins
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The back of my shirt is flossy
bruh i just realized... antarctica is spelled the same way backwards 😳
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When a guy takes longer than you to get ready.....uh
If your names Gigi I'm probably obsessed with you
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We be goin up on a Tuesday @suphali
What good is rioting and lighting buildings on fire gonna do?....people are crazy
Can't wait to be reunited with @suphali ❤️😍
Why are people such idiots
Just some mf kidssss
AHHHH it needs to be Wednesday👸 my hair needs help
Ion got no type
I feel bad for anyone not dating me
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Lowkey don't wanna leave norman😩
"I think most people wake up everyday seeking mediocrity. You have to wake up and seek greatness." ~ Chris Carter
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@joseeecuervo: you think you're so badass bc you party😩😂” I know right?
Girls a super hottie plus she parties way harder
Tell me why I still randomly break out I was told this would end at like age 15
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