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Christian Bering
Denmark in 2nd place in @OKFN's global Open Data Index (via @nilleren) - something to work on! #opendata #ODIS
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Twitter should let you set a OOT (Out Of Twitter) message when you are on holidays and then send you a recap email with what you missed.
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Out of my comfort zone...
This is a brilliant car sharing project:… - @MinBilDinBil please do this in Copenhagen!
My vision for enterprise architecture involves collaboration, simulation and innovation: #entarch
So even though @LinkedIn 's blogging platform is not especially slick, access to it got me started writing a little:
The biggest incentive for me to write is not how slick the platform is, but how many people will see my content.
Just tried the newest version of Oculus. It's going to change everything.
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At indløse en fysisk check ved skranken i et pengeinstitut, føles som om man gør noget forkert - bankdamen var også mistænksom :)
Hvis man er fire mennesker, der gerne vil spise julemad i morgen aften i København - hvor går man så hen? #twitterhjerne
Haha @DRNyheder er så ringe: “I Ferguson er der dukket et helt nyt fænomen op - citizen journalism!” #wtf
What should I name my new robot vacuum cleaner? #firstworldproblems (cc @khoyer)
New client has these small acoustically insulated boxes to work in. Great alternative to the open plan office nearby.
Opinions are like birthdays. Everybody has one & I only know yours because of Facebook
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The data of @LinkedIn combined with the interface of Tinder = An app called Weave for professional networking:
The power of collaboration: just shortcut a project by searching the client's wiki and finding people working on the same thing elsewhere.
Imposing silo #nofilter
Was only thing keeping me from going RT @SAI: Scientists just figured out how to serve espresso in space
It seems @Uber has only beta-launched in Copenhagen. #uberdk
This book is full of brilliant quotes: “In fact, viewed from Europe, Starbucks is more of a milk company than a coffee company”
BREAKING> European Space Agency fines Philae Lander for negative TripAdvisor Review. @HuffPostUKCom @ThePoke
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Now that Facebook has separate apps for Messenger and Groups, I can uninstall the main app. Keeps me from closing my account, smart thinking
We have all been victims of it (and we have all done it at least once)
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Airbnb og Uber er 'deleøkonomi' på ca. samme måde som når Leasy Peter deler sine fjernsyn med dig. (og det er fint nok)
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Venter tålmodigt på, at danske medier opdager den igangværende shitstorm som @Uber aktuelt kæmper med i USA.
Lidt vildt hvor dårligt @drp3 rapporterer om @Uber lancering i København. Private chauffører? Man aftaler prisen med chaufføren? Øh nej.
Børsen lancerer Uber i dag uden hele fortællingen - om selskabets metoder mod Lyft, behandling af kunders data, uigennemsigtige priser
Retweeted by Christian Bering… reading Elon Musk on killer AI, thinking about all these security breaches. Maybe it already happened & we don't know
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Good morning virtual neighbors! It's Monday morning and this clip sums it up perfectly:
Whoever comes up up with a tiny Lint-Roomba that cruises up and down your sweaters keeping them clean all day will be a millionaire.
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What happens when you flush a bunch of GPS trackers down a St. Petersburg toilet "@leprasorium:"
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OH: “ FalerNUM - hvad fanden er det for et underligt navn til en bar?” - min (meget) jyske kollega.
Me too! RT @tkjacobsen: It's that time of the week again. This time, I have 5 #InboxbyGmail invites up for grabs!
Client gave me an almost new Thinkpad to work on. Great to be back on a proper keyboard (HP is not quite the same).
Business travel - Copenhagen style.
I now have to leave our #CometLanding party to go drive a rover on Mars. If that isn't proof we live in the future, I don't know what is.
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Just waiting for a pair of twin girls in blue dresses to appear.
Ok Twitter - I har 5 minutter til at minde mig om hvorfor vi ikke kan lide Jensen’s Bøfhus. Kan helt ærligt ikke huske det og jeg er sulten.
Betsy Burton: #entarch becomes critical to the digital business strategy #GartnerSYM
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.@rasmusbang Not really. More like the guy on the left gets to do the stuff on the right in the weekends :)
Vi plejede at gå i byen sammen til den lyse morgen. Nu møder jeg mine gråsprængte venner i business loungen i lufthavnen.
I just used my left hand to check my pocket for my phone, while holding my phone in my right hand. Monday morning!