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Benson Henderson
Anyone know if Glendale, AZ police are allowed to give car jumps to stranded citizens???
See ya later #Tulsa, it's been fun (well not really but u guys know what I mean ;-D)...getting a souvenir, which 1?
To my latest sponsors @MateFit, they're gonna help so much w/all their products, getting me down to weight and helping me stay there #TeaTox
Huge s/o to @Everlast_ for keeping my hands, shins and head all protected throughout my hard training camps
Of course @TrainingMask too, they've had my back since way back in the day, thanks for all the great support...
A special s/o to my wife for being my rock, there's no other person on this planet who gets me the way she does...
Love my team @TheMMALAB, we all are gonna have our ups and downs, it's such an amazing comfort knowing they have my back no matter what!!!
Btw gotta shout @dethrone Royalty for being one of the realest and most down a$$ sponsors there are, in this #MMA game...
New website, new blog post, while eating crepes in Tulsa, ;-D...…
Be sure to check out my new site, to debut it in a cooler way, hahaha...#TheOnceAndFutureKing
Respect to DosAnjos, thanks for the wake-up call...hey @ufc I'm not too banged up, just sayin' to all my fans!!! Prov. 3:5-6
Half @TheMMALAB team in Tulsa watching teammate @sandersmma do work!!! via FaceTime thx to @effyescudero #LABElite
A esposa de .@BensonHenderson "atacando" o braço do ex-campeão leve nos treinos abertos do #UFCFightNight…
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Chegou a vez de @BensonHenderson !! Ele trouxe sua esposa para um treino de jiu-jitsu
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Daughter's BDay is this Sat. She wants to watch @BensonHenderson during her party. I got her another present. #prouddad
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"I never try to come across like I'm perfect. I know I sin every single day and that's why I need Christ in my life" -@BensonHenderson #UFC
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Benson Henderson: "I'm never going to be ashamed to wear my faith on my sleeve" - #UFC @BensonHenderson
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Guess who the latest Team member to join @MateFit is??? U betcha!!! Proud to join #MateFit #TeaTox revolution...
What what??? RT @VernonWells10: Follow @JackWinery and stay tuned to see what is coming...
To all our early AM students: The 5:30 & 6:30 am classes are cancelled tomorrow, August 18. We will resume our normal schedule on Tuesday!
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If the @Panthers win, YOU win. On the Monday following a @Panthers win, get a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts for $3.99 in NC and SC only.
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#MainEvent ??? RT @ryothegreat: Are you hoping to get on that Phoenix card assuming all goes well next Saturday? @BensonHenderson
Love what u do big homie...RT @thebeatsnatcher: @BensonHenderson another carrier of the cross
Smooth is good!!! RT @bynd123: Smoothly just saw @CelReece45 at my hotel ✊ good look by saying what's up #RaiderNation
I'm actually giddy waiting to read this later tonight RT @JackSlackMMA: Go read my Bader vs St. Preux event breakdown…
I'm excited for after this fight! RT @jbarber34: @BensonHenderson @MariaMouse118 @ActivelyFlT I've made these before and they are delicious!
Way to go @LaurenMurphyMMA, gr8 @ufc showing and way to push the pace!!! Proud of u chica...
Great training day at @TheMMALAB today,watchin the champ @BensonHenderson give fundamentals during sparring #salute
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Lauren Murphy John Crouch and her camp at Pre-Weight ready ta Rollll Baby!!!!!
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Getting my UFCFightNight49 tickets! Ready to see @BensonHenderson get one step closer to that title!! @ufc
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It's official! I am now a part of the greatest company in the world! The @ufc #mma #ufc
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The 1st official adult #BJJ class at @TheMMALAB taught by my #WCW in her @CTRLindustries gi, ton of good detail
The 1st official adult #BJJ class at @TheMMALAB taught by my #WCW...she did a bang up job too, ton of good detail...
Great sparring rounds today.Getting beat up by the best @BensonHenderson makes me better.#TheOnceandFuterKing #steelsharpenssteel #1%better
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