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Benson Henderson
True...RT @Forty9erFan16: @BensonHenderson Kelvin Benjamin is pretty good though
True story...RT @banxster21: @BensonHenderson two words as far as Lafell: Tom Brady, champ...
#Panthers #Seahawks die-hard...RT @slagpuppy: @BensonHenderson thought you were a Seahawks fan being from around there and all?
So looking at the #'s #BrandonLaFell n #SteveSmith have put up so far this season, safe to say my #Panthers shoulda kept them...#Hindsight
Gr8 pic!!! RT @YeungPhoto: WR JohnBrown catches the game winning TD for 75yards on a 3rd down. Cards win 24-20!
My #SundayFunday??? Relaxing & playing some ball, love finally having a hoop in my back yard...@ArielHelwani you talk a lot, you better be able to back it up...@matefitme thanks for the #ProperHydration #TeaOverSoda #TeamMateFit
i'm a genius, i figured out how to connect my sqor to my facebook and twitter all by my lonesome, hahaha...i kid...…
so it worked for my twitter but for some reason it's not posting on my facebook??? i call shenanigans!!!…
lets see if this thing here is working and properly attached to my twitter and facebook??? test 1 2, test 12...…
Make it 170 n I'm in...go ahead n RT this to let @ufc know RT @imRated_RAW: @BensonHenderson @3moorynoor18 SAVE THE CARD SMOOTH! #UFC180
When is it??? RT @3moorynoor18: @BensonHenderson plz fight diego in mexico, lauzon is out !
Yup, that's how I roll, I live that #ThugLife, sneak in my own snacks into the theater...@MateFitMe, broccoli, cauliflower & carrots, livin that good life...#TeamMateFit #MateFit #DontJudgeMe #TeaOverSoda
;-D...RT @effyescudero: Hey @BensonHenderson go to bed lol I know ur up hehe jk
Love these two guys, they are the heart of our gym. Thank you Skyler and Garrett, you guys rock!
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#EasyAsPie late night ritual getting ready for the morning, #RiseAndGrind #TeamMateFit #TheOnceAndFutureKing
.@CameronNewton is the only QB in NFL history to pass for 250+ yards w/ 2 TDs & rush for 100+ yards w/ 1 TD in a game. He’s done it twice.
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Atta boy!!!...RT @TheSamAcho: This game is all about the ball. Thx @YeungPhoto for the awesome pic #Cards #getsome
Snow, a Natural Born Killer and a sit down with "Smooth" @BensonHenderson highlighted first run… via @BleacherReport
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The U.S. political climate is a joke. I'm with Stewart-Colbert in '16. Let's bring decorum back to govt. @TheDailyShow @StephenAtHome
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Way to go lil sister, @mmajocelyn, with a gr8 W inside that cage!!! Proud of u...
OFFICIAL RESULT: Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger def. Rebecca Ruth via Decision (Split) #RFA19 @RFAfighting @mmajocelyn
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"When you're talking about fighting, as it is, with no rules, well then, baby you'd better train every part of your body!"
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My new favorite nighttime ritual, a lil #MateFit & #Netflix, can't go wrong w/that, getting my #TeaTox & #WalkingDead fix for the night...
Rick Story Suffered Broken Ankle in Win at UFC Fight Night Stockholm… @Rick_Story
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Ur a beast!!! RT @Rick_Story: So this happened in the second round.
Love you RT @MariaMouse118: I have a gr8 family/team n I am so thankful for the ones who have been there n helped me…
You might be a good grappler, but can you roll w/ a toothpick in your mouth like @BensonHenderson? #grappling #MMA
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Shhh, don't tell the @ufc RT @JohnMunley: The man @BensonHenderson with a toothpick in his mouth while competing at NOGI worlds.
I've brought my b-ball shoes to last 3 ufc's...RT @karlt187: @BensonHenderson stop dodging @arielhelwani for that game of hoops bendo!
#Hespect to real competitors #KeenanCornelius #GarryTonon who lay it on the line/compete n live their passions
:DRT @robertdrysdale: Bumped into this guy @BensonHenderson at #nogi worlds. Besides being one of the best #mma
Thx RT @LucaCarol: @BensonHenderson big ups for entering n challenging urself vs the best in the world Most mma guys would never consider it
@BensonHenderson It's awesome that you still do tournaments Go kill em in your next fight I'll be watching from Fed Way #pugetsound
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Took 3rd at #NoGiWorlds, the match I lost was interesting to be apart of, shoulda brought my track shoes to help me chase'em down ;-D
Best part about competing at Ibjjf nogi worlds was @BensonHenderson giving me one of his bananas because I was hungry. Guys is a class act.
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My #Wife just won #NoGi Worlds, nbd...hehehe, from NYC to LA back to back weekends n 2 #Gold medals for her...proud as all heck of my babe
That's a big, big win for Story! His move to @TheMMALAB paying dividends. One fight card down!
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And THAT is why I called him the King of the Spoilers. He can make very good fighters look very average.
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