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Ben Savage
Spur of the moment idea ❤️ My GMW and BMW quotes and picture wall! I absolutely love it
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#SundaySoul The Civil Wars "You Are My Sunshine"
Just rewatched the episode of GMW where they go back to the sixties and I found my new motto @BenSavage
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My 4 yr old niece. "I'm gonna be like Riley. And I'm gonna have a cool teacher like Cory." 😂
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Looks great RT @rowbeyonce: #ThreeMonthsOfGMW I hope you guys like this, I've spent 3 hours perfecting it
Night on the town
Thank you for the thoughtful birthday messages this weekend. You sure know how to make a guy feel special
A special video birthday message to @BenSavage from his 'kids' Auggie & Rowan 🎈🎈🎉�
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34 and going strong
Hope you enjoy tonight's episode of #GirlMeetsWorld - Directed by yours truly 🎬
Ben Savage from "Boy Meets World" is a director now, for... "Girl Meets World" -
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An all-new episode of #GirlMeetsWorld airs tonight at 8:30 - Directed by yours truly
Sorry for the delay RT @sarahdasilva_1: I've been waiting 19 years and @BenSavage still hasn't noticed me #boymeetsworldforever
Hi bestie RT @Jessiredcup: I just want to be best friends with @BenSavage
Looks perfect RT @admnamy: This was my evening. The way life should be. @BenSavage love your jersey girl!
Great morning at KTLA
#GirlMeetsWorld continues this Friday! Retweet if you're excited! Let the epicness commence �
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Did you get my text?
Enjoy RT @keatins: A little boy meets world to end a good weekend @BenSavage
Happy to help RT @TiffanyOwenby: Watching Cory Matthews describe mashed potatoes has made me feel all sorts of 15 again. Thanks, @BenSavage.
Lurk away RT @ladykhaleesi_: I may have just spent 45 minutes lurking @BenSavage's Instagram because I'm having #GirlMeetsWorld withdrawals?
September 12th 8:30pm RT @LauraAnn19: @BenSavage when does girl meets world come back on?
An afternoon with my nephew
If it's me and you against the world, then so be it
Say hello for me RT @NikkiOncer815: Grandpa at the edge of his seat watching Girl Meets World 😄
#SundaySoul Daniel Johnston "True Love Will Find You In The End"
Happy Birthday to a talented young actor @AugustMaturo. I'm proud to be your TV dad
Excited for the next #GirlMeetsWorld on September 12th. @BenSavage directed that episode. Awesome!
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Saturday night live
Mrs Savage meets world
Proud to support my friend @Zendaya's inspiring project
Watching Girl Meets World w same friends I watched Boy Meets World w back in the day! @BenSavage #GirlMeetsWorld
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Dinner w/ the crew
Why thank you RT @ClumsyCuddlers: @BenSavage You make me hungry for chicken and cup of noodles.
It's Friday! #GirlMeetsWorld is on tonight @ 9:45 pm. Minkus is back. And my hair looks terrific