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benjamin williams
Just walked through Martin place past Lindt scary something like that just happened on my doorstep
Retired from football @ThierryHenry what an incredible player he was!
Great street I live on has been closed off now 😬😕
2 streets away there's terrorists with guns and city being evacuated 😟
Weather since getting back from Thailand is spot on 👌
All for downloading torrentz for free music but can't find myself to do it on the band aid 30 track gonna have to buy this one #goodcause
Sat watching the incredibles on a Saturday night what's going on 🙈
Skin and fave of a ten year old then that stash 😂
Seas still freezing here but so refreshing in 35 degree heat 🏊😝
Done with drinking after a month in Thailand body feels ruined 😞#detoxx
Back on sydney and seeing predicted temperature of 40 degrees on Friday 😳☀️🏊🏄🍺
Who goes full moon with 28 hours travel back to Sydney in Morning ? I do here we go 🙈
Full Moon Pre Party with the go-pro 😂
Today marked the day of a very upsetting disruptive event. This may come as a shock but @JosheeBee half eaten a pancake and binned it 😧
Tequila suicides 😫 gets worse every time
@sean_toft: Walking around Melbourne at 1 in the morning sober being a top boyfriend! #Keeper” gayyyyy
Koh phi phi most beautiful island but worst nightlife music I have witnessed since Wigan pier 😂#awfull
What a day rented mopeds out in Phuket rode to the tiger sanctuary played with the Tigers now time to get on the #sauce
Ruling out a hangover defiantly have Ebola feeling like this
7pm and my hangover is worse than when I woke up 😫
Having such a good time in Thailand already so good to see the lads after a year
Waiting for the lads to land! Sweating my cunt off here forgot how bad the humidity was!
Wondering around Bangkok on your own not a clue where your going 😩
been a long day traveling but finally landing in bangkok soon!
Have actually stayed in on a Saturday why everyone else is getting on it in manly. Safe to say it's killing me 😩
When a nap isn't enough. Give up 😴
It's taken nearly a year to actually miss home a little for some reason tonight kicked in 🙈
30 degrees outside and I'm stuck in a friggin office 😞 2 weeks till Thailand on a plus!
Playing out on a school night what a stupid idea that was #hangover #struggle
@MaximusITS: That feeling you know your right but don't want to be!!!! Hahaha” 😂 what !?
Going to struggle to stay awake for the united game tonight #writtenoff
Always end up getting so comfortable I the toilet seat before I know it half hour has passed 😂 sure I'm not the only one
@jamiedeankeenan: @benmarkwilliams get back for a visit!!!” Pay for my flight may consider
Boom second year visa already granted! That's another year in aus for me 😎🙌☀️
just applied for my second year visa $425 down but well worth it !
Judge is on crack Oscar Pistorius is as guilty as they come what a cunt
Steaming with one hand dan in scruffys 🙊
With @MikeCartledge having it off for his first night in Sydney at ivy! Yeah boy
It's official just used the sunbeds in Australia the weather is taking too long to come back 🙈
Sydney your taking the piss a little with the weather it's time to hear up please and thanks
Well hello @FALCAO 50 million deal agreed welcome to united
Newtown tonight 😜 go see what the Aussie students have to offer
Lose 82 rings Manage to get one back Beat boss whilst repeatedly losing and picking up one precious ring #Sonic
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Won't be long until the beach weather begins again 😁