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Ben Peppard
Every person in Washington should have to watch this on their first day:
YEAR 2015 | WEEK 48 | MONDAY | NOVEMBER 23 | POLITICS - Ben Peppard…
These are ideas that I find interesting:…
They're changing how relationships operate on @facebook. Link:
Saw some big rip currents in #mozambique today. These can be very dangerous. Be careful. #YearInSpace
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Today's List | Things Wrong With @RealBenCarson's Map | Link:
YEAR 2015 | WEEK 47 | THURSDAY | NOVEMBER 19 | TODAY'S LIST - Ben Peppard…
Here's today's politics:
Mr. Loftin​ is a great man. I hope they allow him the authority to exhibit what he stands for bc he'll get it right.
I'm not much of a tweeter. If you'd like, you can follow me @ either:, or
I listened to this this afternoon. It's hilarious. Just press play once you hit the link. It's worth it, I promise:
This golf course has a massage cart-gal giving us massages, a beer cart-gal giving us beers, and a head cart-gal giving us advice.
146,542,680,853,973,069 times the Internet came up with the dumbest list of nonsense. Hold on, I lost the link.
The Oxford Dictionary has selected "emoji" as word of the year. That's a bunch of 💩
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"The wind has knocked out your internet." My computer finds 12,000 wireless connections. That's some focused wind.
Thinking of Paris.
I had money on this happening, and I had it happening within 2 rounds.…
We cannot let our grandchildren wonder why we did nothing about climate change. We must take bold action to transform our energy system now.
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In America today, we are seeing the richest getting richer, and almost everyone else becoming poorer. Enough is enough!
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It’s hard to believe a candidate funded by the big banks will adequately regulate Wall Street. #DebateWithBernie
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Leading the world, this country will rid our planet of the barbaric organization called ISIS.
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.@BernieSanders on raising minimum wage: "Put money in the hands of working people"
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The FDA wants the public to give them the definition of "natural" for it's new food labeling…
11.13.2015 | Today In History | Civil War |
If the election was today and these candidates [] were your only options, who has your vote?
Assuming he ever found it, @realDonaldTrump has lost his everliving mind:
Deer Followers, Here's what's trending today: #PEPPARD
Aristotle thought philosophy was about practical wisdom, so he answered 4 questions to help explain: #peppard
This blog post deals with parenting or the lack thereof:
I side 97% with Bernie
Picking a #gop candidate = determining which golf ball to play when you’ve hit all the good ones in the lake. #Pinnacle #TopFliteXL #DtWound
I added politics to my website:
#InMyAlternateReality Doctors will warn me that I'm not drinking enough beer.
#InMyAlternateReality I won't know that it's alternate. We'll also have a sarcasm-font.
#InMyAlternateReality I'd start a non-profit for homeless folks; we'd give out cardboard signs and Sharpies.
We should call an apostrophe a "high-comma"–it would be easier when spelling your name aloud if it includes on of these, @chrisdelia.
Trump's spoon-feeding sound bites of political baby food to his voters–just make the airplane noise as you serve it.
I just wanted to let all of my followers know that I've gotta take u-turn up here at the next light.

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