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Ben Rose
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You can't imagine how Sean Abbott must be feeling right now...
A rubber neck extension for lids is now a must! Could help with lightening strikes too. Prayers for #PhilHughes
HUGHES UPDATE: Phil Hughes is currently undergoing surgery at St Vincent's hospital
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Why not just knock on the door and politely ask, 'is that you Reevaluate?' Oscar Pistorius trying to fool all of us. #OscarPistorius
Pilot or passenger deliberately avoided Malaysia Radar... #MH370
Diego Garcia runway programmed in pilot's simulator? Why??? #MH370
@Benjamin_D_Rose why couldn't they track the phones of the passengers?
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Crashed? 1. Why is the black box not pinging? 2. Where's the debris? 3. Why did passengers phones ring for days after crash? #mh370 #coverup
The fallen plane was carrying 200kg of lithium batteries, thankfully lithium is inert unless mixed with mangosteens. .#MH370
Given what the media told us, all tweets have no meaning. #MH370 #whatreallyhappened #thenorththesouthandtheping
Precisely why it's so important to invest in machines that go 'ping'. #MH370. Plane found! Prayers for the lost. X #notinmiddleeast. #hmmm.
#MH370: "My instinct says he is safe", says mother of a passenger #MAS #prayforMH370
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BREAKING: Malaysian authorities implore all citizens to go for a swim, close their eyes and yell out "MARCO" - really loud!!! #MH370
Looks like that Canadian pilot was spot on...
They found it! 3200 km east of Perth. RIP #MH370 :(
INteresting! RT @ricktillery: Gotta admit, this is a pretty plausible theory about what might’ve happened to #MH370…
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Terrain masking. Something you’d practice on a simulator? #MH370
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VIDEO: The Passion of Chelsea Manning, with @ChMadar and Noam Chomsky, at MIT…
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These guys should be in jail but as the master ruling class I guess we are all suppose to bow…
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Windy @ Nepean River. Police everywhere at Penrith station.…
@johncusack "Chomsky on 9/11, Syria’s "Bloody Partition" & Why U.S. Role Ensures Failure of Mideast Talks"…
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Australia: WikiLeaks Party seeking accountability in the Senate | ABC… join/donate:
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Technical hitch hits news anchor - The West Australian… via @thewest_com_au
Hey smh, where are you now?
BREAKING : Rudd wins, Shorten, shortened, Swan off song and Julia can now really sink her teeth into her knitting. 58-43..
Enjoy Vicki Madden's Writing for TV (Part 1)? Then don't miss WRITING FOR TV (PART 2): FROM CONCEPT TO SCRIPT....
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Someone should make a statue of @ShaneHayne - do Kennards how cement trucks?
If there's no such thing as climate change, how can it be nasty wet foggy rain one day and Sydney sunny the next? Yeah... HOW?
Green and Neil shooting like God.
I want to apologise for my rant earlier. Joel is one of my best friends and I was really hurting for him.
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Remind me to never stay @thestar again @JoelMadden. The only thing worse than snooping employees, are employees who don't how to shut up.
Chatterbox airs on June 11on Aurora. This month : The smile for peace guy, FilmLife, Thrifting Vintage stytle, DIY Rainbows and much more...
So so sad... The poor mum. OMG. Father and children killed while waiting for school bus -… via @smh
I'm going to go 'Dune' June, in preparation for Dry July...
Why is Emu Plains so friggin' hilly?
BREAKING: Eddie McGuire seen eating a Salami sandwich near Canberra school. #nomorebadpress
#eddiemcguire slip of the tongue? Yeah right - Collingwood forever racist.
Massive show tonight. We meet the 'smile for peace' guy AND we're @WEEWAA with Daft Punk. Check out Chatterbox - 11/6/13 TX : 7pm on Aurora
I too am looking forward to working with the on-camera pro @andyminhtrieu @Chatterbox_show @AuroraTV
Looking foward to the @Chatterbox_show studio shoot tonight. Some awesome stories to report on @AuroraTV #foxtel
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Beheadings in #woowich shootings in a police interview #boston 10 dead children #oklahoma. Let's blame it all on that pesky religion again.
Death toll from Oklahoma tornado climbs to 91, NYTimes reports
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If u want your kids to stop eating so much sugar, let the ants get to it and then eat your weet-bix in front of them. #sweettoothnomore
Chatterbox is beginning right now on Aurora ch: 183 on Foxtel. It's a ripper show that cuts right through how good it is to be a volunteer.