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Ben Rose
Why not just knock on the door and politely ask, 'is that you Reevaluate?' Oscar Pistorius trying to fool all of us. #OscarPistorius
Pilot or passenger deliberately avoided Malaysia Radar... #MH370
Diego Garcia runway programmed in pilot's simulator? Why??? #MH370
@Benjamin_D_Rose why couldn't they track the phones of the passengers?
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Crashed? 1. Why is the black box not pinging? 2. Where's the debris? 3. Why did passengers phones ring for days after crash? #mh370 #coverup
The fallen plane was carrying 200kg of lithium batteries, thankfully lithium is inert unless mixed with mangosteens. .#MH370
Given what the media told us, all tweets have no meaning. #MH370 #whatreallyhappened #thenorththesouthandtheping
Precisely why it's so important to invest in machines that go 'ping'. #MH370. Plane found! Prayers for the lost. X #notinmiddleeast. #hmmm.
#MH370: "My instinct says he is safe", says mother of a passenger #MAS #prayforMH370
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BREAKING: Malaysian authorities implore all citizens to go for a swim, close their eyes and yell out "MARCO" - really loud!!! #MH370
Looks like that Canadian pilot was spot on...
They found it! 3200 km east of Perth. RIP #MH370 :(
INteresting! RT @ricktillery: Gotta admit, this is a pretty plausible theory about what might’ve happened to #MH370…
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Terrain masking. Something you’d practice on a simulator? #MH370
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VIDEO: The Passion of Chelsea Manning, with @ChMadar and Noam Chomsky, at MIT…
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These guys should be in jail but as the master ruling class I guess we are all suppose to bow…
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Windy @ Nepean River. Police everywhere at Penrith station.…
@johncusack "Chomsky on 9/11, Syria’s "Bloody Partition" & Why U.S. Role Ensures Failure of Mideast Talks"…
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Australia: WikiLeaks Party seeking accountability in the Senate | ABC… join/donate:
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Technical hitch hits news anchor - The West Australian… via @thewest_com_au