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ben goldacre
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This guide to winning arguments on legal regulation for recreational drugs is great, like all @TransformDrugs output:…
I don't want to be unkind, but who gives an Uzi to a nine year old? This is Darwin award territory. And poor kid.…
If you want to positively campaign for reform in response to the disgraceful events in Rotherham, please follow @mandatenow.
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The thought of children in care, isolated, speaking up, after something so horrific, then being shut down and hushed up by their protectors.
I think it's because it perpetuated the rapes, and so contributed to far greater suffering.
I'm trying to understand why I feel more visceral disgust at the staff who covered up the Rotherham child abuse than the abusers themselves.
The council staff from Rotherham doing interviews are covering themselves with shame. I want to hear "I cried as I read this report".
I'd like to read serious legal & policy community discussion on the feasibility of laws to identify/slaughter staff covering up child abuse.
The Rotherham news is so foul I'm having involuntary angry face movements as I listen, like Bob Hoskins at the end of Long Good Friday.
Here's an idea for the next NHS Hack Day: Digital Red Book app that syncs data (ideally ultimately to an open-data-friendly NHS). @drcjar
Public expenditure per person in Scotland, UK, England, Wales, London etc.…
Joining in the bogus attacks on the NHS is a pretty dodgy low point for the Scottish Yes campaign…
It's a bit weird how Salmond keeps walking out in front of the podium. It'd be better if he stood on top of it.
These instructions from the BBC on how to listen to Radio 4 are magnificent RT @DavidLloydRADIO: (BBC Year Book 1940)
Ooh, LSHTM on University Challenge!
It is kind of amazing how the democratisation of tech has led to a kind of crowdsourced Stasi RT @sotak:
Grumpy prof permits email from students only to arrange a time to meet.…
Carol Vorderman was silly about MMR but this is a bit harsh.
Dominic Cummings ("Mr Kurtz joins the conservative party") does SciFoo. I agree on scientists influencng policy
@bengoldacre You’re in our 1st year rewind video talking about your big science poo if you’d like to watch/RT -…
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New book on the monarchy by the awesome @johnhiggs His last rejuvenated the robert anton wilson parts of my brain…
Highly recommend "Conundrum" by Richard Bacon on this RT @jamesrbuk: Why do so many govt IT projects end in calamity?…
not sure i look to DoJ for a view on whether a trial is uninformatively designed but has anyone detailblogged the PLATO ruling yet?
this anal sex paper by my friend (and early twitter adopter) @cicely is excellent……
"Punished for Being Poor: The Problem With Using Big Data in the Justice System"
"a job where you're at the mercy of variance can be extremely stressful": a stats-minded poker player wins $15m
amazed at how fast American schools have shifted towards segregation, with white ppl moving to private sector
actively advertising e-cigs (as with any drug) is dumb. all drugs shld be legally but boringly available.
"Inequality and the common pool problem"
the fab @DrPetra did this interesting "making of" document about how they did their miscarriage awareness campaign…
LOVE this from @Reuters. I don't *think* they meant it to be interpreted as a Venn diagram RT @millyshaw: via Reddit
Pastafarian fights gov't for his right to wear a colander on his head. Simple commonsense.
paper on suicide clusters and newspaper reporting in may 2014 lancet psychiatry #robinwilliams
Just polished off intro to next book. Every book I’ve ever written has my email address in it. I recommend this. Your readers are not serfs.
Invited by @theRSAorg to chair a Susan Greenfield event, lunchtime 2nd October. The answer is "yes please".…
A US soldier in Iraq discusses RobinWilliams films and Vice documentaries with a jihadi from Islamic State on Twitter…
This letter returning an honour is a moving reminder that we're all interconnected.…
The quality of discussion - both excellent and assinine - on the adrenaline trial is fascinating…
ooh lovely and handy RT @flowingdata: CSV Fingerprint: Spot errors in your data at a glance…
InterMune take-over:… INVESTOR TIP: if you have to sue the EMA to hide trial info... #AllTrials
As in UK, so in Africa #quackery RT @CraigSilverman: Nigeria appoints “rumor manager” to deal w/ Ebola misinformation
On #Ferguson… Rand Paul…… …agrees with Adama from Battlestar Galactica… RT @johnedwinmason
The fact that Anglia Ruskin are paying to promote the twitter tag #clearing is kind of interesting, but I don't know what I think about it.
Can the “ethicists" objecting to the adrenaline RCT pls write their bizarre arguments down, so we can formally take them out please? THANKS!