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Bendigo SEOMarketing
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189.2M Americans watched online videos in November 2013
What’s more important – quality content or funny memes?
Americans watched 26.8B online video ads in November 2013
Did you know that "list" posts get 200% more links?
Americans watched 47.1B online videos in November 2013
Revenues from mobile entertainment services will reach almost $75B by 2017
54% of US households subscribe to digital cable, up from 51% in 2011
49% of US households own DVRs, up from 42% in 2011
Mobile social media use continues to rise
82% of US households own HDTVs, up from 67% in 2011
29% of US households own tablets, up from 5% in 2011
Which social media tactics work the best?
65% of US households own smartphones, up from 44% in 2011
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30.7% of US fantasy sports players are aged 25-34, compared to 25.1% for 35-44, and 17.3% for 18-24
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30% of active gamers in the US plan to purchase PlayStation 4, compared to 22% for Xbox One, and 10% for Wii U
5 ways to improve your unique selling proposition
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Fantasy sports players are 72% more likely to be between the ages of 25 and 34 than the average adult internet user
36M Americans used sports apps on smartphones in September 2013
87M Americans visited sports websites in September 2013
4 Pinterest tools you need to be using
77% of Asian Americans have made an online purchase in the past year, compared to 61% for the general population
Asian Americans will have a collective buying power of $1T by 2017
Asian Americans have an average annual household income of $63,400, compared to $49,600 for overall US households
It’s time for some trivia! True or false: Shorter subject lines increase email open rates?
Asian Americans are twice as likely as the general population to spend at least $2,500 per year on internet shopping
29% of Asian Americans use a smartphone and/or tablet while watching TV
74% of online sharing activity in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving is related to deals or coupons
Females account for 66% of social media activity during the holiday season
90% of Americans listen to radio each week
The average American consumes 60 hours of content each week via television, radio, online, and mobile
The average American watches 1.5 hours of online video per week
The average American watches 1.3 hours of mobile video per week
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2013’s most clever advertising campaigns revealed
Content marketing playbook reveals some amazing tips
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