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Ben 'Benson' Bowe
Don't miss the GB Summer Ladder Playoffs casted by @MLGPuckett & @Benson_EU tonight at 6pm ET!
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So done with my iPhone. It turned off at 50% battery remaining and is saying the battery is dead. If it wasnt for FT my family I would swap.
Starting at $119.95, the SCUF 4PS FPS will take your game to the next level
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ESR at 4pm followed by the BO2 playoffs until 10pm! Today will be a good day!
Evening gym session complete :) Feeling good apart from the cold/ebola @MLGPuckett has given me...
New nV roster is 21-1 in map count Who is that one loss to? This guy. In SnD. The best SnD player in the world
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Some of the things @MLGPuckett and @Benson_EU sat on stream is hilarious! Keep up the good work guys!
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Oh yeah... @MLGPuckett & @Benson_EU will also be giving out FREE #GBPremium (You may want to use that in the chat)!
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GameBattle's LIVE is up and running over on - Come hang out with @MLGPuckett & @Benson_EU! #GBLive
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ITS TIME!! GB LIVE w/ some BO2 action!! RT!!
1 hour left to join a Black Ops 2 GB tournament casted on by @MLGPuckett & @Benson_EU! Info -
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We introduced @Benson_EU to some pork buns, he introduced me to the Starbucks smoothie... #GameChanger
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. @Benson_EU #1 OBJ player on the last man standing % leaderboard gets a cookie on us.
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@Benson_EU @CoD_Stats @CODeSportsTV I'd be interested in first blooded % (how often you die to first blood)
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Just had a great idea for @CoD_Stats @CODeSportsTV - Last man standing % in SnD. We have FB% but i think it would be intersting to compare!
Black Ops 2 GB LIVE is today at 3pm! @MLGPuckett & myself shall be casting :)
#tbt - @Benson_EU and @ThevPBrothers at #EGL8 in Manchester just over 2 years ago! TCM Gaming took the…
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Signed up for this simply because of how awesome the video is…
I am going through a really motivational time. Need to stick with it :)
Joined a gym opposite the office. Going to start going every morning before work. Should be fun :)
Join a Black Ops 2 GB match & be casted LIVE by @MLGPuckett & @Benson_EU tomorrow at 3pm ET!
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Had a blast streaming tonight!! May do it more often!!
Playing some LoL - May play some The Forest after!!
Staying late at the office to stream!! Come drop in!! RT
My mouth smells like a bakery...
So... @Benson_EU is doing the Lemon, Milk and Cinnamon challenge LIVE on right now..
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Today's ESR show will start with @Benson_EU accepting his punishment followed by best of UMG
Retweeted by Ben 'Benson' Bowe Can't believe I actually lost... LIVE in 2 minutes :(