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Ben 'Benson' Bowe
100% convinced Silver ELO is worse that Bronze ELO in LoL... More trolls and people who seem to play with their face...
Parasite got benched?!
The Curse really is real...
If Curse choke this 2-0 lead...
@Benson_EU dude I can't stop watching this montage
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The clip at 7.30… is probably the best moment i have ever casted over... I just wish i could have seen the chat :O
@Benson_EU That was absolutely beautiful. You have the voice of an angel.
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Enjoyed the casting montage @Benson_EU but distinct lack of @BurnsyCoD and @Martzbrah when compared to the first one.
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@Benson_EU Great video Ben! i absolutely loved it! i got goosebumps
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The @Halo PAX Prime Showdown starts now! Tune in to check out some crispy Lockout H2A action.
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I liked a @YouTube video Ben 'Benson' Bowe : A CODcasting Montage : PART 3
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WELP here it is -… My CODcasting Montage: Part 3 - All the best plays/moments/clips i have casted all year!!
After going through pretty much every game i casted this year, I figured out @OpTic_ProoFyJC goes off alot... Like... ALOT
BRUH - I need Halo in my life right now...
Uploading the video as we speak! Will tweet it when its live!…
OG v TCM Freight Blitz MLG Anaheim!!
What was the event and game where Scumpii went off on Freight and myself and Fwiz were counting his kill streak?!
Counter Strike stream w/ @Benson_EU! Come hangout, bros!
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About to carry @FaZe_Dedo on CS:GO - Come check it out
Whats Championship football like?! May as well acclimatise now...
United fans can tell me that their squad isn't good enough, but Fergie beat Arsenal 8-2! With this side.
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Great point for Man Utd that, could be vital in their relegation battle come the end of the season.
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Yes I am a #MUFC fan - I just find this season to continue on from last seasons comedy sketch of a performance.
FACT: Arsenal have won two trophies since Manchester United last won a competitive match.
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