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Ben 'Benson' Bowe
Update: Iā€™m now the Head of Gaming @YouTube! Iā€™m excited to be working with the most passionate creators in gaming.
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Less than 2 hours until Championship Sunday!!
Think I may break @EGTeeP hands and force him to to cast...
Watching the Ohio State Game at the "World of Beer" - Not drinking sucks though
Basically every team I predicted to win, lost
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Here is a look at tomorrow's schedule. The day kicks off with @OpTicGaming vs. @MWeSports at 12pm EST. #MLGtvArena
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Thank you for watching day 2 of the Season 3 Playoffs hosted at the #MLGtvArena. Tune in to Championship Sunday tomorrow at 12pm EST.
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@Benson_EU vs @MrAdamAp in a shirt throwing contest. Money's on Benson, he reached the top deck at G3.
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.@OpTicGaming wins Search and Destroy with @OpTic_NaDeSHoT finishing 11-2. They are now up 2-0 against #OpTicNation. #MLGtvArena
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" @Denial_Replays, put the controller down and leave the booth, your career is over" - @Benson_EU damnnn lol
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This series could have the potential to be crazy...
@Fwiz and @Benson_EU are playing Money-casting... I can see this becoming a thing. An expensive thing.
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Amazing how much can change In a week :0
So far @OpTic_ProoFyJC is having one hell of an event!
Happy birthday buddy @FlamesworDsQ Have a great day!!
OpTic Gaming and Rise Nation are headed to round 11 on Search and Destroy Warhawk. #MLGtvArena
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In Season 3 .@OpTiClayster had a 1.13 K/D on Warhawk SnD, the highest K/D on both teams!
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Honestly @EGCrimsix is hilarious! Loved casting with him! Still pretty tired after finishing late last night. Apologies for the goofs :0
I have learnt alot from @EGCrimsix already - Duck Hunting, Smokes and he knows...
Impressed with @EGCrimsix . He maintains his chill and is additive to the discussion. @Benson_EU has mancrush
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First game. I'm tired haha My bad!
I will be joined by semi-pro gamer @EGCrimsix to open the first game of the day! FaZe Vs MW in 30 minutes!
Stream live in 60 minutes!!
Love the pink shirt/pink striped tie by @Benson_EU at the event today. #BreastCancerAwareness
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?! @Benson_EU just mentioned 'Neo from the Matrix' mid sentence like it was nothing... T1 casting.
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@MLGPuckett @Benson_EU if you are correct with the game 5 prediction, i think the internet might just brake.
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Just a heads up, play has been paused. You aren't missing anything!
Found the beautiful @Denial_Replays to watch the nV vS MW game with!!