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Ben 'Benson' Bowe
CoD players, for my own personal knowledge, what would you prefer for league qualification. Seriously curious.
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If you haven't already, RT this for a chance to win, remember announcing the winner at 100K!…
My last RT = 10/10 for effort
@Benson_EU Is it alright if we postpone are league match against OpTic until tomorrow? Is it ok if you still cast the match or are you busy
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My shipping container is stuck in Customs... YEYYYYYYYYYYYY...
Just confirmed @Epsilon_Swanny will be casting tonight's Pro League matches btw @FaZe/@DenialEsports and @FaZe/@TeamEnVyUs with @UMG_Matt!
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Not the greatest start to my day :/
watching esr with @Benson_EU hes definitely took the Soccer Saturday from the UK for the style of the league review thing
Retweeted by Ben 'Benson' Bowe @Benson_EU and myself doing some CoD League, when I say some I mean all
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. @MLG CoD Zone continues tonight - Featured games of ON vS Denial & OG vS tK -w/ LIVE updates on all games - 20 mins
@Mavennn @enable_ @Benson_EU if you spent as much time on predictions as you did on this you would probably be better than 0-32 :P
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This @enable_ to ON plot/conspiracy/illuminati is getting out of control...
@Benson_EU Both teams would then have an "Ian"...also, Formal and Enables last youtube videos were both 7 months ago....hmmmmmmm
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@Benson_EU @Mavennn and both OpTic teams would have an Ian on the team
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I am dumb. That is also a former Halo champion on each team. That's some kind of tri fecta.
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If @enable_ went to OpTic Nation, that is a @redbull athlete on each team and a ginger on each team. That's science.
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Yo that's crazy... If Enable went to ON both OpTic teams would have a Halo Pro, a Ginger and a Red Bull athlete!! cc @Mavennn #SorryNotSorry
.@MLGPuckett & @Benson_EU want your thoughts on @OpTicGaming's #OpTicNation roster change; give your thoughts on
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Going to cover the release of @OpTic_MBoZe on the show now -
No longer apart of OpTic Nation Details here:… will remain apart of @OpTicGaming. F/A though
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Missed any of the CoD League action?! Don't worry, I GOTCHU - Looking at OG to start off today!
The eSports Report is LIVE with @Benson_EU on - come join the chat!
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Figured may as we'll announce the winner to this giveaway at 100K… (makes sense)
. @thebasedmod the only way I'm leaving MLG is if Puckett drags me out kicking and screaming lmfao
Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given and the chance to live a dream, it's just hard w/ no family here :/
Big THANK YOU to everyone who has been tuning into the #ESR throughout the year! Each month's viewership has been better than the last.
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@Mavennn @Benson_EU @CameronAckerson @Fwiz We save up all the bad words we want to say during the cast and yell them at eachother back stage
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. @iMercVI @twitter I'm not talking about RTs - I see random tweets which no one has RTed
I hate how you can see people's tweets you don't follow simply because someone you do follow follows them. Defeats the point really @twitter