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Ben 'Benson' Bowe
When i heard about the terrorist threat raised to severe in the UK
The UK Threat Level from international terrorism has been raised to Severe. We will respond calmly and purposefully, but without compromise.
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My family went out for a meal today & didnt tell me. I was a tad upset BUT then my mum brought me a steak dinner home from the restaurant <3
The highlight of my cod career was when @MLGPuckett & @Benson_EU roasted me on a 5k stream for going 1-11 on SnD
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Benson was 1 of his prediction in this LoL game, props
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Best Copyright Free song right now?! For a montage?!
Aiight guys, this saddens me to announce but today I'm officially telling everyone that... I stubbed my big toe :(, it really hurts
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Low key you really do have to carry at such a low elo...
Would you pay for an eSports Map Pack Download in @Halo 2 Anniversary to fund a $1M prizepool?…
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Question - What are some of the best moments i have casted over this year?!
Finally got into CS:GO Lounge - Goodbye Life
Im just saying he was one of my favorite players to cast over, and he has been missed this year
Imagine if @OpTic_BigTymeR decided to play COD again... What would teams do?!
I have realised what all this means EGBenson @Benson_EU
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Homie @Benson_EU dodged those questions like if he was in the matrix movie
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The next few weeks are going to have me like…
@Benson_EU wore a Black Ops 2 shirt on the esports report #intel
Retweeted by Ben 'Benson' Bowe Im going to be on here in a few w/ my thoughts on ROSTER MANIA
I have officially joined @OpTicGaming for the rest of the 2014 season. More info later. #GreenWall
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Nothing more satisfying than hitting a 5K on CS:GO all 1 shot headshot kills...
What came first, the bath or the shower?