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When the grandma you don't speak to wants to say she couldn't recognize you bc your makeup, but she hasn't seen you in years. 😊
I'm literally seeing everyone today. Even saw my stepmom and that bitch could do nothing but stare.
stupid questions make me cringe.
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I am.....disgusted
I'd do anything for a double cheeseburger and chocolate milkshake right now. 😩
I wake up from my naps salty at life
Retweeted by bella's ok to support and compliment other women....nothing bad will happen to youπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚#stophatintin
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i always say i'll go to bed at a decent hour then end up being like "oh... is that the sun"
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i'm so needy. touch my butt. play with my hair. hold my hand. look at me. give me kisses. wahhh.
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Not down for commitment but a little fling with someone would be fun
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do you ever just really sit and think "damn I'm a little fucking brat "
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I'm in love with Tyler Hoechlin, that man is beautiful.
People in relationships get on my nerves, like you really gotta talk about y'all's whole date to the movies on insta....
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u gotta be real wit yoself before u can be real wit someone else.
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I'll probably end up being like Margot Robbie in never loose focus.
I'm so tired and in the worst mood, don't talk to me.
"ur gonna have a hard time in life with that attitude" hahaha like noooo??? do u see Kanye
Craving cheeseburgers and pie.
Need some girlfriends. That are REAL girl friends
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i am far too cute to be treated poorly by a boy.
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Make your girl feel beautiful and stfu πŸ‘…
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clingy n annoying doesn't bother me when it's from the right person
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I'd rather have four quarters than hundred pennies.
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I love minimalistic clothing and interior design.
Wtf ilsym mean? i like suckin ya meat?
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patiently waiting till I'm legal so I can mess with 25+ y/o guys
youz a snake in the grass type nigga
personal goal is to be the girl you can’t get out of your head no matter how much you try or how long i have not been around
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