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Isabella Hosana
He's ready to go. Byeeee Babe. Be good, okay? I will miss youuuu. 💔�
Ingattt Babeeee. Good luck sa review nyo. I love you so much! Salamat sa lahat lahat. <3
Nakailang kiss din sya kanina sa akin sa bus station para di na ko umiyak. Pero wala pa din. :(
Naiiyak ako kanina sa bus station habang paalis na sya. Mahihirapan na naman ako mag adjust neto.
Uuwi na si Babe laterrrr. :((( Iiyak na ko.
Job well done for your 2 weeks straight 12 hours of duty Babe. I think we both deserve a Seafood Dinner Buffet later
Forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you.
I hate the feeling when you don't reply to my texts. It makes me think that you're talking to someone better.
Never leave the one you love for the one you like, for the one you like may leave you for the one they love.
Dear Ex....when you see me, I want you to recognize what you had, regret what you've lost, and realize what you’re never getting back.
A girl doesn't need to tell you straight up how she feels, it's written all over the way she behaves when you're around.
I can't wait to wake up every morning to you by my side.
For example. De Rien (welcome) is pronounce as "do hyang". WTH!
Still thinking why french people do not usually pronounce the end syllable of their words when speaking. Quite hard for me...
Just realized that today is granny's and cousin's birthday.
Woke up so early to feed my nephew because I have a date with Babe @ 10 am and it takes years when my nephew eats his meal.
Naantok na ko. Pero katext ko pa sya. Ayos lang. Hahaha.
I don't want much... Just your hugs, kisses and you.♥
A million feelings, a thousand thoughts, a hundred memories, everything because of one person you love.
I want you today, tomorrow next week, and for the rest of my life. ?