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bella smith23
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You're quite capable of holding your ground while defending th... More for Taurus
You might feel uneasy as you attempt to suppress your intense ... More for Taurus
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You can look at the world through x-ray lenses today, but your... More for Taurus
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Today's top priority is to find a comfortable middle ground be... More for Taurus
Your natural tendency is to tackle your tasks one at a time an... More for Taurus
Looking your very best makes you feel confident enough to take... More for Taurus
Although your desires may seem deliciously warm this morning, ... More for Taurus
There may be something quite reassuring about being with your ... More for Taurus
You might be worried today because you're not as certain about... More for Taurus
You can't escape your responsibilities today, yet you're more ... More for Taurus
Even if you were planning on kicking back and relaxing today, ... More for Taurus
You know what you should do today, but may be so entangled in ... More for Taurus
You're resistant to participating in a group event now because... More for Taurus
An unresolved financial issue may capture your attention today... More for Taurus
Fitting everything into your hectic schedule is tricky now bec... More for Taurus
You want others to adopt your point of view today, even if you... More for Taurus
A situation that seems to be beyond your control could push yo... More for Taurus
You may be stretched ridiculously thin today, especially if yo... More for Taurus
You are not happy if a coworker is on your case, but defending... More for Taurus