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some of the best days of our lives haven't even happened yet
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@troyesivan check out this talent that is @ticsayjoshua 👏🏼💪 🎵🎶🌺🎤👍🏻💜✨
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a venti pgtl please
y'all are fake ass fairweather moon fans where's your love for the moon when it's a waxing?? when it's waning?? OH THAT'S RIGHT gotcha okay
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took these typical selfies yesterday
art family portrait day?¿
work makes me feel like
itsy bitsy moon
josh was extremely angry that i got a ride and he didnt😧9
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"have a whippin day" i am disappointed
Ok josh ily (but don't question Ur sexuality because then I'll have no one to drool over boys with)…
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kayt molley makes me question my sexuality
attention all artists: anyone else in love with the new typography on ios 9?¿ like this font is so adorable
if u have cold medicine and would like to donate to me pls slide into my dm's thank u
i wrote an absolute killer chorus and now every time i write a verse i feel like it's not worthy of being part of that song, UGH LIFE
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need a one way flight out back here
the codeword for bitch was pumpkin
car rides and blank faces
colour night group was a mess
when ur crush suddenly walks by
future plans?¿
happy birthday to the biggest fuck boy i know love ya buddy ol pal
took this video at my family reunion
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joining the sky cult • 12/09/15
demi lovato deadass said mugs when the interviewer asked her what her favorite dish is I'm dead
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if u have a tattoo of the sun circling ur belly button pls kindly fling urself into the sun
funeral attire?¿ • 12/09/15
i love the way u lie • 11/09/15
> tells my mom i want to go to school for art design > mom refuses and explains that i should become a servant of the lord before i apply
a spider landed on me and lets just say i no longer have a functioning keyboard
did diamond white just follow me uhm thank u i am still rooting for u since xfactor
funny how the new iphone gets announced and mine starts breaking down ?¿ conspiracy ¿?
crusty? • 09/09/15b
lowkey have a thing for the new vp but also don't but yes
so many grade nines who think they know me like no u just follow me on insta
happy psl day and a little self promo • 08/09/15
but the real question is where is uniform?¿
to whoever called me brute today thank u ur input is much appreciated
this mailbox was cute af • 09/07/15
i have so many errands to run today! - me before i have to go to walmart and buy mouthwash and maybe stop at harveys
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i only go to church to eye down this one guy

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