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josh ticsay
@calberry_noah has just been informed by his doctors today that his surgery is now August 17 so the party will be on Saturday the 15th 🎉🎊🍻
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Party August 17th text or dm @calberry_noah or me for details
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if a dude ever had anything bad to say about my stretch marks i'd give him a juice box and a colouring book
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i hate seeing ppl insecure about stretch marks and shit like all they are is evidence that your thiccness is evolving what's wrong w dat
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this was the moment melaiya realized a white man had stolen levi's identity @MelaiyaGrappie
this book is sad af but my bookmark ain't
ayy me and @JoshuaTicsay worked hard on this be sure to check it out 😎😎�
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i'm so glad i was like a 2 in highschool because it gave me the opportunity to improve myself to like a solid 5.9
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me and my crumpets?!
aahhh big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my most favourite person ever😘❤️🎉💄 love you longtime sweet cheek@thejoshuaticsaycIpyG
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awe thanks robby 💕💕💕can't wait to hang ☺️…D7R
r.i.p. balloon u were cute while it lasted
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thanks baby gurl 💕💕 miss u lets hang soon sunshine…2H0
thanks shanoon 4 making my bday better u stud 😊🎉…28
thank u gurl 💓 let's sow pants together sometime…B
thanks tash 😊😊 shoot me a text & let's catch up sometimes!…kp
is it really my birthday if I don't post anything on insta?, anyways for the sappy part. so, josh is finally seventeen and in my 17 crusty years I've learned so much & have made so many friends (and enemies ha u know who u are u thot) but throughout everything I'm glad to say that right now, as i ce
thanks baby liam 💩💩 cant wait till ur not grounded u shit head…wtQ
@thejoshuaticsay HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the only boy who truly has my heart💓 I love u honey, hope ur day is great! 🎉�pjgw
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momma bre 💕💕 miss u bunch lets have a picnic soon at or nearest school playground soon �…76rW
glad you were one of the first people i half came out too 💕💕 love u lots and miss u a bunch!…Ko
thanks bella 😋😋☺️ glad to know ur still a sweetheart after all these years, lets go for coffee sometime ☕…hP
thanks nat 😊😊 text me sometimes…fyC
thanks syd 😄 come out and visit us soon!…W
aha thanks ryan 😊 anytime for u ✌🏻…Hb
thanks aid & will do anything for poppa wu…
morg ☺️☺️ being bffs with u was probably one of the most memorable times of my life 🌞 thanks u ball of…T
hey @thejoshuaticsay HAPPY BIRTHDAY 💟💟💟 Get Starbucks wasted today and sushi soon?¿¿ XO LUV YA CRAWPe
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awe thanks aural 💕💕 so glad to have spent my grade 9 year as your bestfriend 😊 and yes sushi soon…ivw
thanks u butthole 💩 love u forever and always…k
@thejoshuaticsay happy birthday ❤️❤️❤️hope it's the best, Starbucks when I'm home?🎈😢
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bail, thanks u little fruitcake and betch we're going for dinner when u come back 💩 respond 2 my texts u…T
thanks my art bff 😎 and trust i will forever get my fix of starbs…U
happy birthday thirsty bitch @thejoshuaticsay 💦 love you BF and hope you get lots of sausage and love 🎉❤️🎊1f4ZT
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thanks u spicy samosa ☺️☺️ lets hang soon!…
my girl ally hitting it up on all the social medias 🎉🎊 thanks u…Ch
thank jube jube! hopefully u took art next year so we can make beautiful dinner plate babies again 💕�…jV
thank kennnn! 😊 come visit me sometimes!…p
thanks t8! hopefully i get to give u dirty looks for many more years 🎉…o
awe thank you ur a doll 😋 glad i get to work with you! �…Gn
thank you nugget 😎 bonfires soon! & u may have forgot a pic �…jx
thank you tay p, much love ur way 💕☺️…o
♪ happy birthday 2 me, u all r crusty, happy birthday happy birthday, send ur nudes to me ♪

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