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how unsettling it must be to know the only person you see in crowded room is looking for someone else
let the city smaug exit your lungs and fill them with hapiness
there we were wind blowing faintly at our faces having the time of our lives, not knowing what would become of us.
I cooked today and dear god it looks so tumblr I'm so proud brb
can I go back in time when everything was simpler?
And like the moon, he had a side to him that even the sun couldn't shine on.
Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.
that's when I realized that you were the drizzle and I was the hurricane
my cover of my home boy troye sivan gasoline light me on fire
I got drunk hoping that I could forget you for just one night, but when my blood turns into alcohol you're still the only thing that crosses my mind, I guess maybe that's because nothing intoxicates me like you do.
there was a really attractive sales person that knocked on my door so I opened it and checked him out and closed the door
I swear if the sun rises before I sleep I'm going to cry
someone please explain to me this vine beware open if you dare
currently high on vix
forever will be my man crush ugh so perfect so hot I need a water bottle
this the fourth time he liked one of my tumblr posts ad I think we're practically soulmates
I wish could illegally download clothes
can't you see that we're perfectly perfect for each other
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my tongue looks weird when I sing la la la in this cover
wake up to seeing that jim chapman liked my tumblr post thank you ugh dead (what is it with me as tumblr this week)
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
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I'm crying because this is the third time my queen tyler oakley has liked my tumblr post and help I'm dead my god
the marks that people leave are too often scars
tyler oakley just liked another one of my tumblr posts and I'm dying
cute boy at starbucks and he also knows how to sweep
patiently waiting for an auguest video tyler oakley
dear joseph graceffa thank you for making my dreams come true my love and soul I love you so much thank for replying
why do samosas taste so good but so spicy
I literally have watched tyler oakley videos all night and now I see sunlight help
Why is everyone either busy or just a bitch?
over 200 notes on twitter I think this is my big break
no one wants to hangout with me? that's okay I've got youtube and tumblr anyways
I got over 100 notes on tumblr what even is life?
NEW VIDEO: "How My Mom Knew I Was Gay" ft. @MamaJacquelyn WATCH: (RT if you want a DM - my mom and I are both DMing!)
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omg it's early in the morning an I just realized my queen @tyleroakley himself liked my tumblr post omg (send help)
someone hangout with me tomorrow thanks in advanced much appreciated
ralph lauren models are hot like why not me
another youtube video another day