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typed in my home alarm system wrong and a hot cop came to my door, I say that was a success
I didn't realize growing meant dying inside but hey it's whatever
can this power outage pls be the apocalypse I hate sowing
how many calories do I burn from sliding down a wall crying
im crying of laughter at my tweet not even embarrassed
dear guy at my work let me touch ur buns
who's going to s-trip y'all
how could I feel so loved and used at the same time?
You know what I call boys under 6.1? Friends.
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when the bae tumblr keeps u up at night
if you ask me if you look like a slut tonight, I think that you know the answer to that
if I see a tweet tonight about how thunderstorms give them peace I'm going rip my eyes
I forgot who I am and somewhat afraid I'll never be the same again
can people just tell you what they're feeling can that be a thing pls
aren't moms supposed to be warm and endearing
I won't judge you because I'm a little fucked up myself
falling in and out so fucking quickly, it's an endless hurricane of wanting and waiting to be loved
This is dangerous, cause I want you so much. But, I hate your guts, I hate you.
we all know one girl who would do this
Girls love saying "suck my ass" like its gonna hurt my feelings. Bitch i will suck your ass.
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now the real dilemma is why is the fire emoji under the smiley faces and not nature huh
got my first burn today and it's literally pregnant
I too often find myself wanting to be someone I don't want to be
call me hunger games catching fire
I wonder what I would look like with a beard
a pair of sperrys will heal my soul
fuck sleep lets do some online shopping
I want you to touch my skin like the moon shines on the earth
happy birthday to the best cocaine dealer in town ❤ (I didn't even get to say bye to you beeteebee)
dear girls who've borrowed my large comfy sweaters could I have them back pls
some grade 9 has the nerve to say that she doesn't want to fail her test because she doesn't wanna work at mcdonalds bitch stfu im gettin $$
k this cute boy at my work is cute
Josh is gunna rip his eye bagels out
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dear acs what do I do If I don't have tie dye and my wardrobe consists of black and grey?
its day 4 of my new job and all I want to do eat the chicken nuggets
went to church today to see 2 men playing footsies during prayer 😭👏
brave yet so afraid
I fell in love with a boy who couldn't fall for me