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Brian Hoff
When your iphone restarts, why is your passcode needed instead of your fingerprint? Makes me think the passcode is more secure than prints
In the Yosemite version of Quicktime you can select your iPhone as the input to make a screen recording! Amazing.
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Clever! If using the Apple Store app on an iPad, the app uses your current model to compare with the new one.
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Is anyone having issues with Photoshop CC 2014 on Yosemite?
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HBO is going to let you watch its shows without cable Moves like these brings Apple's "TV" 1-step closer imo
Still free. Still Awesome. Our new iOS 8 PSD is available. Formatted for iPhone 6. Share the love.
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People working 80 hr wks making $200k/year think they’re successful. In my opinion, they just have two $100k jobs - @dalepartridge
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Brooklyn you smell like a flame broiled burger. I’m ok with that. I missed you.
See you in roughly 20min. Brooklyn Beta
First impression after logging into Ello for the first time: It’s looks confusingly hipster.
If I had a penny for every time I heard “we need to move fast” / we’re in a time crunch” & the party stating such is usually the one late
Anyone else experiencing Gmail issues?
A friend of mine, @JamieBonifazi, is looking for suggestions on a solid 50mm lens for her Canon. Been out of the camera game awhile :)
Back buttons in the top left are just painful to reach with new iPhones. More swipe to go back people. Sincerely, My right hand thumb
Excited for @monteiro's 2nd book, 'You're My Favorite Client'. A bit of what to expect: 1st book's fantastic as well
Man, Photoshop CC 2014 throws up errors and crashes like it’s the only thing it’s good at.
@behoff iOS 8 != iPhone 6/6 Plus, unfortunately :(
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Many apps saying they've been updated for iOS8, yet still looking blurry / "zoomed in"
Any articles out there that have best practices for taking a existing iPhone app (@2x images) to updating it for @3x?
Good looking iPhone 6 leather cases: where you at?
I'm sure some manager at @LinkedIn thought this was a REALLY good idea. Pro tip: don't animate your tiny UX targets
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... Wondering how they can make "who to follow" and discovering "pinners that you might like more prominent." cc: @Pinterest
While I seem to have several hundred repins on @Pinterest each day, my follow count very slowly increases. Seems like a "social" problem.
With mobile phones becoming increasingly taller, I can only imagine the evolution of our fingers. A future thumbs up could poke an eye out.
BIG high five to you @Dropbox — you’re previous version history just saved me several days, if not more, of work. Phew!
A neat animated SVG loader and spinner tool: (via @JasonTiernan)
Designing for the ‘Thumb zones’…
Props to all the apps who included the @1Password extension in their iOS 8 update. 🔒
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Who has the most comprehensive iOS features list?
.@abrahamvegh Come on, looking for some bad influence here! :P
Thinking the extra $200 I pay for the iPhone 6 before my upgrade price, I could make back on selling my 4S. Should I do it? :)
The price difference when you are a mere 2 months from a phone upgrade is a joke. Thank you for being shitty AT&T
How’s the 4S handling iOS8?
Trying to remember a site that selects colors and you can adjust the hue & saturation by scrolling left / right / up / down…
Apologies to anyone still following my old @ brianhoff account. It appeared it was hacked. All is in order now
Retailers, take advantage of @Pinterest by showing ‘similar’ recommendations when some1 clicks through from an sold out / old item
Oh hey there Issue 9 of @offscreenmag – looking lovely as usual I see.
Just how big is the iPhone 6 Plus? Here's the most helpful size comparison chart yet.
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When do pre-orders start for the iPhones?
If you thought texting and driving was an issue, just wait until we’re drawing a driving
While the watch looks sexy in it’s own right, I’m still a man of classic style watches. These feel a little teenage-ish
Oh snap son!
Where do you even *find* a shirt like that?!
I remember when then first iPhone came out and people cried that it was too big and they wanted smaller.
Apple is starting to feel alive again. Don’t remeber feeling this excited since the first iPhone premiered.
Can’t say I’m loving the Rdio organizational changes. I feel confused.
Really excited about the new features for @Dropbox Pro users
Development Is Design - thank you for this @BradFrost