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Becky (: OMWB #STL
When you can't be bothered to correct a typo =))
What am I even gonna wear today
Swear it's impossible to promote instagram accounts and get people to follow them! @ato_alexander
Some man recorded their dogs reaction when coming out from the kennels and I happen to be in it... arghh
Everyone please go follow @ato_alexander on insta gram <3
It's sad to know a 6month old kitten from work had to be put down :(
#tbt #bobthebuilder...
#tbt ... Couldn't imagine having my natural colour hair again...
Omg, 6month old kitten at work had to be put down :( imaging coming back from Holland and finding your pet is dead
Hey! Can everyone do me a massive favour and go and follow @ato_alexander for me and help him get to his goal of 5k!
Hate how people keep asking me how I found out about @ato_alexander... I can't even remember, it just happened :')
Everyone get following @ato_alexander on instagram <3
This cough is a nightmare...
Weird seeing pictures from when I used to have blonde hair...
Nothing ever goes right for me!
In love with @Ebony_Keisha & @ato_alexander's cover of 'all that matters' at the moment
@LethalBizzle Im going 2 straight up annihilate u on TARZAN3! Its ppl like u that make this whole UK ting look stupid #KingOfDaJungleIsBack
Retweeted by Becky (: OMWB #STL
@adambrown07592 what? Nah I think @TheDappy is the best yanno! No one has bars like him and no one raises the bar like him! #enoughsaid
Retweeted by Becky (: OMWB #STL
It makes me excited to know it's not long til I see my boys again! @RoughCopyUK
Got my new hoodie, literally live in these hoodies in winter! @ato_alexander @omwbworld #omwb
Makes me so happy to see pictures of @ImRichardRawson & @officialtulisa together
My brother just came in with a Maccies for me... wooo
Everyone needs to go follow @ato_alexander on instagram and help him get to his goal of 5k!
What do I even wear Monday!!?!
Going to london on Monday! Gonna be so weird going and not seeing @ato_alexander though!
Only got this phone on Friday.. and tomorrow will be the 5th time I send this model of phone away cause it's broke... I hate blackberry's!
Meet sonic! Aw, new 6month kitten at work
Awaiting the day where a customer sees my top/phone/wristbands and asks what OMWB means :')
"@FamousFangurl: People on the internet: Your taste in music is perfect! People in real life: wtf is this shit?"
Not long til I see my faves again! Missed them so much! @RoughCopyUK
Dunno why I wear a white top when I work with cats&dogs... #omwb
Why to I wear my white omwb top to work when I work with dogs..
"@ato_alexander: “@leoni_raime: @ato_alexander I miss you 💯” &lt; love leoni!! ✌️" I miss you both :(
How are people expecting me to go London in my own on Monday.... I need friends =))
"@ato_alexander: Almost back to London.. Dublin on Friday 🙌" wanna see you on Friday though, stupid job trialll
Wanna see more pictures like this? Then go follow 'Ato_alexander' on instagram! He's perfect <3
"@ato_alexander: Who's on Instagram though? ato_alexander" <- follow himmm!
Add me on BBM pin:2BD8479D
So it's not even been 2 months since I last seen @ato_alexander but it feels like years