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Becky (: OMWB #STL
It's so weird my boss having a party, but cause he lives in the house at work I keep walking through it =))
Smallest rottweiler I've ever seen! Omg! It's so cute!
Having to go back to work 30 mins early is rather sad
Miss having dip-dyed hair! Wanna go back to thiss!
Why's it so hard to find size 8 wellies
In tesco and @FuseODG comes on! Wooo
At work. Glad the weather is better than yesterday
Love how my boss has randomly decided to give me a pound extra a day :L
Hey! Please follow @ato_alexander and check this out -> also follow his movement -> @OMWBworld!
Can't wait to see @RoughCopyUK again! I miss themmm!
Wow... »1 a day pay rise =))
The only ever texts I get are from twitter :L
So glad I have a spare pair of wellies! Or my feet would get soaked again
I'm guessing I best get ready for work...
Hey! Please follow @ato_alexander and check this out -> also follow his movement -> @OMWBworld!
Literally soaked from work, it's horrible
I have a hole in my wellies so my foot is soaked
I advise noone to get a job outside
It's pouring down... I just spent the last hour walking round in this now I'm soaked... someone save me
How can you have a dog but be scared of dogs
Why's it just started raining :(
Can't wait til 12... im gonna be going straight back to sleep
Think my mind is just a play list of @ato_alexander songs... I'm now going round singing 'my life'
Really don't fancy going to work tomorrow...
This phone is so messed up though
"@Mazzi_Maz: I don't even like dogs" how can you not like dogs :o I work with them!
My dog makes me laugh so much when she barks, it's such a pathetic bark :L
Just remembered I have work for the next 3 days :(
Put your hands up in the air for a good time, put your hands up in the air if it feels right @ato_alexander
Sat in the car listening to my @ato_alexander play list <3
Stop trying to be a millionaire cause money can't buy time. Stop trying to be a millionaire cause there is more to life @ato_alexander
If you gota passion or a talent if you got a dream if there's some1 that you love and you really wanna see then relate to me @ato_alexander
Gonna make my mum listen to hoes :') @ato_alexander
Aw, talking with my mum about how proud I am of @ato_alexander and how I'm friends with lauren&leoni cause of him
Hadn't seen 1 of my mates since Christmas, now probably won't see her until we go maga together :')
"@Fact: Musicomania is a condition where a person's passion for music (song) becomes so strong, it prevents them from functioning properly."
Talking about our Maga memories! Can't wait to go back in a few weeks!
The way my friends saw a pic of @MaccaEvans1 and was like 'he's fit' =))
Probably the last time I see my mate until we go on holiday, barely ever see her :L