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Becky Tumewu
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“@delaarahmah: Terima kasih atas surprisenya @BeckTum @TALKincorps :*” Love you and welcome to our family, Della!!!
“@Godly_Life: As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. -Prov 27:17” GOOD MORNING!!!! 🌻🌅
Hari ini juga ada lelang hasil #DesainTasku B&G karya beberapa artis seperti @cjerikho829 @Bellaudya829 @BeckTum @Irwansyah_zs lho ^^
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To all mothers with daughters: "God is not looking for perfect mothers to raise perfect daughters.…
It's time to rise above those negative circumstances and believe what God says about you. You are blessed, favored, loved…
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To see almost 2000 women gathered to learn about the goodness of our Lord is amazing. I believe this nation will have great future #TWC14
Feel so blessed today to be able to attend Treasures Women's Conference 2014 with my girlfriends, we're spiritually rejuvenated ❤️ #TWC14
Today I was reminded again that no matter what God will always keep His promise, never give up! #TWC14 #celebratingLife
Selamat berbagi bersama Telkomsel hari ini @erwinparengkuan @Rubenuranata @TALKincorps
Superwoman @BeckTum at Pagelaran #25thBerkarya #MerendaKasih. She's just beautiful inside & out ❤️️
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Peserta latihan dan praktek materi yang sudah diajarkan #effectivecommunication @BeckTum for Telkomsel Cust. Service
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Peserta latihan membaca dengan intonasi yang benar #effectivecommunication @BeckTum for Telkomsel Cust. Service
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Artikulasi bicara harus jelas,intonasi suara harus tepat #effectivecommunication @BeckTum for Telkomsel cust.service
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Jangan bicara karena hanya bicara tanpa memberikan manfaat kepada orang lain @BeckTum #effectivecommunication
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Never entertain your negative thoughts, & become the new you #boostingconfidence #inhousetraining @BeckTum for Telkomsel customer service.
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Powerful public speaking for today is supported by @TALKincorps with cheerful @BeckTum :))
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Sudah dimulai Pelatihan untuk Customer Service Telkomsel sesi Boosting Confidence @BeckTum
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Review materi ajar sambil sarapan, kami sudah siap berbagi untuk customer service PT Telkomsel day-1 @BeckTum
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A very courageous act today: attending TWC 2014 with heavy mascara *if you know what I mean*…
My SuperWoman Role Modelsss!!! The women I used to see on tv only 😳😳
Bersama para bintang senior!!!! Wohowwww, mereka masih cantik2 bgt #MerendaKasih #AnneAvantie
MC kalau mulai uzur begini deh, font Cue card-nya ukuran berapa tuh @farhandeltafm ??? #MerendaKasih #AnneAvantie
“@SweetBoutiqueHI: @BeckTum Thank you for this beautiful evening!” My pleasure... ❤️❤️❤️
The Grand Opening of Sweet Boutique by Kempinski, last nite.. #celebratinglife
This Company took me seriously, they respect and take a good care of me.. This is the 4th year of our…
I Love doing the photoshoot For Sophie Paris!!!! Thank you @PhilipeKarunia @shabura @glennprasetya…
Today's Dream Team at Sophie Paris' Photo Session. This is a 'before' pic, wait for the 'after'!!! ❤️❤️❤️