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ur bae
the sun was in her eyes and she still look good🌻
happy birthday @NikoKhale ☁️
they do too much for my life and that's all.
a lot of ppl gotta get cut-off.
PSA : rappers u cant swag rap in cyphers. U need bars.. At least a line or two that makes people say ooooh.. If u can't do that, CHILL..
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we was turnt,happy bday🌻
@1ModelBoy: They be going off on this Song!! 🙌�” thank u😘
what's the move tonight?
he da best and it's not finished. cc: @yung_reklezz ✨
my hair was flawless✨,and if u want the best/most fabulous hair follow @luv_indianhair
@LamarrCrumb: @TheGirlCHAZ_ Hell yeah. We gotta turn you up for your senior year lol” we in there
@MissTyne: Singing OMG girls, man they have the best colored hair. I like the pink girl. I want pink hair.” I like u👌
now all of a sudden Ebola is everywhere😒
wow y'all zoey just made me so happy wit dat pasta lol
@Kaylaa_couture: @Beauty_OMG ‼️‼️ Look at my tattoo” wait is this real?!
my mom is superwoman,I'll never stop saying this.
@ShondaDrams: @Beauty_OMG what is your Instagram name” heyimbahja
I like how @Beauty_OMG's & @lourdes_lolo's instagram names go together or whatever
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@Star_OMG: Oh well good morning Zoey😗” who hotter then her?
I'm a mean girl just like my lil sisters. #meangirlmonday #butitsthursdaytho @coolkidlo @thegirlchaz @__ardesiaaa @_bellet_ 💕
@ThatBoyCurtis: wanna promoters want the "love price" for a show” 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭
oh okay,I ain't know that.
boys r weird.
um,so if a person deletes a DM it deletes outta yours too? cause that happens to me.
I just got in the bed tho 😂
my bestfriend✨🌻happy birthday bre@exquisite_eyee what's understood don't gotta b explained�#19goingon2121
okay y'all it's my bestfriend bday and I couldn't b happier I met her. she's changed my life and nobody gets it but that's okay cause we do. u my day 1,my partner in crime,and I love u. what's understood don't gotta b explained we just cool like that👌✨ happy 21st birthday🌸 😂
cause who really hotter than lo.....? like my lil sister is fire😍
"I can tell that sumn's wrong wit chu,tell me do u wanna talk about it"
"rollin down the street,smokin' indo,sippin' on gin and juice"
my twin turns 20 tomorrow so we bout to turn her up😊💕🌸
that iconic shit.
u get money and spend it on these ho's that's a no no.
@exquisite_eye: my birthdayyyy tomorrrroooooowwwww” yaaaa twinn turnup👌
She always lifts me up when I'm down. THANK GOD FOR ZA'RIYA NAVAE RASBORO 🙌
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lil mama snapped
what just happened was so powerful for the African American community
and the Spanish girl was fye.period.
cause the last line was real