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Blackie Chan
These kids need to shut up in my math class. Ferrrrrreal.
Conte is the worst player in the NFL. What a pussy
I felt like I had my shoes on in bed and then realized I didn't so now what do I do???
Wake the fuck up humpfrey
The internet here makes me want to guage my eyes out!!!!! UGH!!!!
"He has a girlfriend" "well in soccer they have goalies and they still score" LMFAO
Solar bear let's goooooo
Unfortunately I'm the type of person that you can screw over 1 million times and I would still be there for you if you needed me
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I can't wait for my tattoo. #backpiece
You don't phase me anymore. By the way it's not "fuck boy" FUCKBOI.
And sometimes I smoke and drink...that's really all the time
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Wiz khalifa had the best ice bucket challenge lmao
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My English teacher just told us we never have a due date for our papers 😉😉
I can't fuck with you no more hoe and I'm sorry
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You used to be so beautiful.. but your soul makes you one ugly ass bitch
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I ain't the Chicago bears but I'll still give you the good D 😂
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What's life without dreaming big
round 2 was a success 🍺🍸
They weren't kidding when I was told SIU is a huge party school. Rager again tonight and bars after!
4-0 in beer pong my first night. Let's just say that frat was impressed ;)
Party the first night at SIU!!
Officially on my own at SIU!
So glad I have a lake view from my dorm :)
Been puffing that Sensi Star
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I'd be down for that!
More excited to move in then it be my 18th birthday
#IfWeDate you the real MVP for puttin up with my attitude 😏
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It's all falling into place again. 😆😆😆
Time for a new chapter in my life. Let's get itt!
I have the worst heartburn
When you're around someone so much, for so long, they become a part of you, and when they go away, you don't know who you are without them
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Definetly no sleep tonight
Aaaaaand there went all possibility of me getting any form of sleep tonight.. god damnit
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I'm tearing up and shit. I'm going to miss my best friends. Fuck.
Let's be real if you aren't smoking at least 3 blunts it's not a smoke session! Haha
The fact that I'm living in a hall with a big ass lake and a basketball court is pretty awesome. 👌
All ready for siu. Now all I need it to leave the 815 in style! Hmu!
Last day in the 815 for awhile!
*pours bong water on your opinion*
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You're the driver of your dreams. Steer in the right direction
Going 130 on 251 Is not safe. Don't try it
Just beat a custom gsx in the camry. Fuck with it!
Last night was so wild