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Seriously! I need to get away from here right now...
Sometimes I watch myself wasting time... Because I "have" to.
The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.
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At one point, oomf was my best friend... Hahahaha, shxt is funny!
I swear this person -> @SharonNM_ is something else... But, oh well... Shxt happens!
I got this deep affinity for bad girls...
If the truth hurts, it's because it has a point.
I wish I could wake up with amnesia...
I'm grindin' for all my shxt.
Another case of the proverbial lemonade...
Night-shift... *sighs
Dreams are bigger than anything... Why? Because they are allowed to be... What you do with them... Well, that's all you!
Fall for your own...
Blessings galore!
Timelessness & relevance.
Don't ever go with the the flow..
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Colors of you, babygirl.
I'm a proud black brother.
I'm not one to simply leave well enough alone...
@Oarabee1_1 "Conformity is the jailer of freedom & the enemy of growth." - John F. Kennedy
Just a fragment of my imagination...
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Shallow thoughts subside your intelligence.
One sided expectations will devour you.
Oh, I see... Another case of inanity... Don't lack substance.
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@ComplexMusic the only sensical things about this list are positions 1 & 3... The rest is smack! You ain't got the education.
Lots of people still haven't heard or downloaded #Surf. Please friends be friends and tell your friends about the wave
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She baad, & I love it...
This is like the 4th pair of earphones that I've busted up this year...
Only the highest grade, like trees that I inhale.
When you finally have sex with that one person you always wanted fuck 😉😋
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I Never Realized How Dysfunctional A King Is Without A Queen • • • Balance Is Key.
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Giorgio Armani on fitness and how to build a multi-billion-dollar global fashion empire
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"Freedom for all" just isn't specific enough...
Listening to Miguels Kaleidoscope album. That shit is still on.
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That awkward moment when you mistaken a stranger for a friend.
I'll do my best to be your best, boo.
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If someone really wants to see you, they'll find a reason, they'll find a way, and they'll make the effort.
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I think one of the greatest feelings in the world is when someone openly tells you how much you mean to them. Stuff like that is so rare.
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I wish I knew then, what I know now.
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