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"because the spirits, we ain't really rappin' ,we just letting our dead homies tell stories for us" -2Pac
"a black man only has like 5 years to exhibit maximum strength, & that's now while you're a teenager" -2Pac
It's kinda attractive when someone can reply to your sarcasm with sarcasm instead of just getting offended
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"what type of den did they put you in when the lion starts hissing"
text me dry & I'll reply every 8 hours😊😊
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Leon Huff - I Ain't Jivin' I'm Jammin'
As Steve Jobs said: Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect.
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"don't noboby even try to reach her mind"
Jill Scott - Thickness
Your girlfriend gotta be ya homie that's how shit last
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society, y'all trippin'
I'm just trying to do the opposite of left as long as there's the opposite of death.
the TRUTH is limitless in its range, if you drop a "T" & look at it in reverse it could HURT.
New day! New opportunity! Let's attack this day with enthusiasm and make things happen!! ;)))
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When you're last minute studying and suddenly realize you've f**ked your life up
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subject verb agreement
Just when a person thought that grass & petrol was bad... People start doing this... smh
I like being low key 🔑 and not being in the mix. Sometimes it's just nice to stay to yourself.
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I lowkey listen to Hozier...
never underestimate.
Adding drunk people to fitness quotes makes things interesting
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even with all those scars from your past, I still want you
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'cause when I leave this world I'm gonna leave with some poetry...
Having great expectations allows your mind to see the vision, therefore bringing it into existence. #unstoppable
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I'm gotta treat me a different way.
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Fail your way to success.
The sun isn't jealous of a star...
"If they don't know your dreams then they can't shoot 'em down." - J. Cole
Nina Simone - Strange Fruit
Humility is a sign of weakness??? Not where I'm from...
Abolish slavery. Alleviate poverty. & Emancipate your mind.
"PREPARATION belongs to you. TIMING belongs to God." #teachinglove
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Do you ever just wanna do a backflip but realize you can't.
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Just don't be suprised when I'm gone...
Keep on pushing...
I hate talking Music shit with people that have No real idea of what its really about
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joey bada$$ - right on time #fleek
friendship heights
Tbh, I'm so salty rn... Frfr... Fvck!
Whenever I delete my text messages I feel as if I'm deleting evidence...
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Bitches love to be grown until its time to 1.Suck dick 2.Pay bills 3.Get a job 4.Pay rent 5.Pay for food
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A6: There are so many great quotes from powerful thinkers. I'm inspired by words, but I'm moved by actions. I admire behavior. #EntrepChat
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One cannot go a day without a 'lil inspiration from @SteveMaraboli! #EntrepChat
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[parents aren't home] expectation: *has huge party* reality: *brings laptop to the living room instead of hiding in my room*
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You shouldn't let poets lie to you.

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