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I'm doing the best I can momma to behave myself take care of home and become a husband and continue the business...
Ppl hate hearing the truth smfh don't know why I went on hustle page but debates are cool I learn from them I learn who not to be around
Maken lunch in the casa grown man ishhhh
Found a pic of my mommy going through stuff #teammaggie miss her so much
My moms pass away things start to unfold about my mom father side of the family books about our ppl I knew it just couldn't prove it and I'm so happy my brother went to the storage place to get her stuff This land is ours these laws are all fake
My great great aunty Rip real Indian heritage
I would love to have another kid losing my moms made me feel like this and I'm not ready to but I will hit some fortunate lady with the mean jumpshot God will send her because most the women I know are full of shit
Ok I'm sending you this message because as of now I can't even see my Facebook page and I didn't download the app I'm send pics through Instagram so if you wanna inbox me do not I can't read it text my cell thank you
Me as a kid cute or nah ?
Dude like me be tryna settle down but these chix just wanna get throttled out #wheresallthegoodwomen shit is messed up for guys like me
I can't read inboxes call me or text me ASAP ppl tryna get it
347-876-5604 text me about the apartment
Current situation wish I was in Ethiopia smfh
Mess my leg up playing ball but I'm sitting in my moms chair absorbing all the confidence she had
Public announcement I grew up in a community A community filled with violence and danger. It was my mom and me...
Wanna give a shout out to all my family all my ppls that means everyone but I really wanna shout out to my cousin...
My oldest son love this kid can't wait to see him play season coming soon
Shout out to my Grandmother she did tenant patrol in Tompkins projects #deathrow and you don't have a clue on how thing was especially if you wasn't there
Everybody on Facebook on my timeline I am not down loading squat I can't read inbox messages I was gonna 86 the...
Jewnub for sale link up ladies only 150 for 45 mins ladies what's Gd bills gotta get paid
Saturday sept 6 we celebrating for Rah-La on Quincy and Marcus Garvey after party at my crib celebration for my...
Tyler in the pool #reservation with the Blac foot tribe aaaooowwwaaaa
A female expect me to love them they gotta put in years of hard work because my moms showed me what a strong...
Still haven't slept but I'm getting dress to raise up going to the pow wow on the reservation Yo Eb I love you so...
Not tryna be rude but I'm not in the mood for encouraging words
Ppl say they got ya bac ppl say they did this and that this who I kno for a fact loved me my moms and I'm pissed because she deserved more and shit ain't pan out how it should have and I'm mad as fuc I can't take it no more shit pissing me off
Good morning ma just wanna say I love you 💕💕 #teammaggie think about you every second of the day I'm fighting through this but it's hard I wish you was here I need you more than ever
Been up can't sleep thinking bout my moms it's Odee WAC without my moms no food no kisses no arguing no play fighting no advice no nothing dam why me #notagoodday
Told you ppl about that ice challenge shit go help the homeless in your hood do something better with your life...
Chilling with the youngin #oldpic
#solitaire solo in the casa missing my momma #teammaggie
New joint @therealrichiepgs9_ tuff go to youtube see the video listen to some real rap #gs9 shit #90z flex be-careful hating young guys it out of control 👨👈bow
Listen to the Cuz song tuff Gsnina 90z music over everything
Must See Very Important This can Save Your life #wakeup ppl the time is now
They hating at a all time high #clowntime 👨👈 talking to you yeah you
Cut myself I need a medic nooooo not my middle finger I need those 😢😢😢
Sometimes your mind plays the game you think it's a game but your programmed to love the same things beautiful women cars money never the less the fame shit I rather be lighting candles eating like a king but oh yea I won't eat your bones you bite your lips scream and moan I'm just tryna get closer
This what the walk foots think of you
I hope y'all see what's going on