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Too much alcomahol pal
Damn shame.
As is The Young One’s University Challenge, and the Bottom chess fight.
Lord Flashheart’s entrance is still a vivid childhood memory
what's the point of bird seeds? what kind of-[grabs intercom at Macy's] whAT KIND OF FUCKED UP MONSTER WOULD WANT TO GROW BIRDS
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"Yo I'm Tony your "life coach." You alive"? "Yeah." "Alright keep it up we'll talk next week."
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Dino what you're thinking, that I should glow up. I agree. #dinosaurs #glowinthedark #ceiling #bedroom #glow #dino #bigkid #technicallyanadult
Love a good grapes bargain #grapes
*sits down across the table from suspect. Slowly lights cigarette* Murderersayswhat? Wh- ohhhhhhh you almost got me!
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i've noticed a lot of people on twitter saying "i want 2 die" and i think it's important to know that you can just say "i want dice"
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Gin Thursday #oops
Today sucked so much it featured a guest verse from Pitbull
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However the first dude & his soul/blue band was pretty sick.
This second band is really something. Not necessarily the good kind #something
Engineer. An engineer of sound. Let me do some engineering on that sound you have there mate.
First Ikea flat pack experience #pop
*quietly considers how many balloons are needed to fly my cat*
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Couple of party animals feeling a bit deflated after a wild weekend. #party #animals #balloons #tiger #giraffe #wild #weekend #bankholiday #london
Today’s barely even started & I already hate it & wish I was back in bed again #sundayfunday
Need some major z’s later #🐝 #💤