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Notting Hill is fun today and not at all scream-y & fan girl-y.
Pianist arrive 5 mins before show starts. Way to conform to the stereotype pal.
KK's shiny ass. Humans landing a probe on a comet. One of these things is bigger than the other - the answer may surprise you...
Down to 40% phone battery already. No charger. #dangerzone
I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (Oooooo)/ I am four eels/ Never meant to make your daughter cry/ I am several fish and not a guy
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My favourite thing is waiting at a venue for 2 hours with zero information.
"hey rember all the thimgs u LOVED in this movie?? haha well guess wat now u hate them" -movie sequals
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Multiple mince pies consumed... It has begun.
Uh oh. BOGOF mince pies in Xmas kryptonite #help
New 'most fun gig I've ever done' title holder as of right now. Hashtag smiley face.
Being indirectly broadcast to the world courtesy of Tropical FM this evening. Hello, the world.
Hmmm, timed this train journey very well. Sitting is overrated.
"what you listening to?" "Pet Sounds" "oh, I love the Beach Boys" "Beach Boys?"
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me: [raises hand] my date: again, that's not necessary
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Sitting on my bag on the train. I'm one of those guys.
Back to Londres, the Capital, the City, the Big Smoke, London Town, The Swinging City, Laaandan, and so on.
I don't genuinely hate many things, but Piers Morgan & (especially) the Daily Mail are on that list.
Hmmm, good. Not at all awful & bad - “@piersmorgan: OK, here's my @MailOnline column on the N-Word >…
I'll live a happy & content life if I never hear or see anything about this Dapper douchebag ever again, thanks.
Part of me feels compelled to watch 'Donut Showdown', despite my brain telling me I'd hate it lots & lots.
[A dog is leaving a note on my car] "Whats going on?" You're getting a 'barking' ticket "Hahah oh wow thats clever" This isnt a fucking joke
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Never a dull moment in B'north
Local paper front page stories this week include: Man dyes hair pink; houses may or may not be built; farm animals saved by firemen
Time for sleep now #💤#nakedandhorizontall
Perhaps, a bit too much Peroni #perhaps
Beers with the old man #cheers
New children's book: Sorry you're not a dinosaur and other reasons life will disappoint you
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Di Maria for Bale? Ok. Sure. Good journalism.
Ah, Wolverhampton. The place where dreams come to die.
Sarcasm travels very well over social media* *sarcasm
£10 for wifi? Yes please @VirginTrains, I'll take that deal.
Back to B'north
Wine gums are really good & I'll battle anyone who disagrees.
Liverpool & Man City lose. Chelsea draw. Great week to be a bitter Utd fan.
Apple juice is the drink of kings. Kings drink apple juice with their grand feasts, and I also drink it.
Like my hunter gatherer ancestors before me, I'm dining on raw fish that I caught with my bare hands in the Tesco reduced section.
Getting a bus during rush hour is what idiots do. Today, I am one of those idiots.
Love it when I'm on a totally full bus, because I'm one of those people who hates having any personal space.
Hercules feat. The Rock is many things, but I'll tell you what it isn't: good
Just bit my own lip because I'm an idiot who can't eat things properly.
Enjoying how suddenly arctic my room has become. Visible breath, which is useful for checking that I am in fact, breathing.
Aaaaand Arsenal decimate my accumulator. Good.
Chicharito sighting.
Mute on, 45 mins of Andy Townsend is more than enough for one week.
Jack Frost has been about. Might be time to put the shorts into hibernation.
It's also very Brad Pitt-y, if you're into that too.
Fury is the most intense thing I've seen for a while, and I highly recommend it to fans of intensity.