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So glad I can regale with pointless tweets again.
& Andy Townsend struggling to find things to say is definitely not very, very bad. this England game is fun. Highly enjoyable spectacle.
Love to nap in the evening & wake up feeling worse #oldman #ugh
Did you know you can just buy live lobsters? Anyway can I use your shower mine is full of lobsters
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Not sure I've emphasised it enough in the past, but I hold a special hatred in my heart for the Northern line during rush hour.
'More like Stuckwell station' I surmise to no one in particular as another rush hour train departs with no room for yours truly.
'If it's not red, it's an orange' - good analysis from Jose as always.
Very much enjoying all the happy Glastonbury news from friends & acquaintances. I'd like to announce that I'm definitely not jealous.
Delayed reaction, but - Falcao!
Love to not sleep. Caffeine is definitely what I needed.
Ah, the last train. The air is thick with drunken ramblings & cold McDonalds fries.
All about coffee stains. Shout out to the suit for splashing me with his hot beverage on the tube earlier.
Sweaty in the jazz joint #swing
Broken equipment & tangled cables? That's extremely what I like.
Coffee spill over my light grey tee? Cheers mate. Thanks dude. Nice one pal. Appreciate it bro. Thank you buddy.
Caffeine is my pal today.
Love a good delayed tube. I want to marry one.
Green tea is good. Pomegranate is also good. Both together? know it's good.
Tinie Tempah made passing out sound way cooler than actually is.
Love to not sleep
Nice Weather for Ducks
Assist of the season from Welbeck today.
Goals. More goals please.
Brixton is fun & good.
Chilli stout is very bad. Don't do it. Ever.
Chilli beer time #10% #uhoh
Transformers 4 is a bad, bad movie #review
*jesus givs u bread* this is my body *jesus givs u wine* this is my blood *jesus puts ur hand in soggy noodles* and these r my BRAAAINS ooOO
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I call the big one bitey.
Black, 42 long, and nothing touches this body but pure silk.
5?! Leicester?! I for one, am feeling very good about this season. This will be a good year. #😢#mufcc
Well, the optimism was good while it lasted.
Love to be sober in Shoreditch on a Saturday.
jk, he's cool #🍻
If Sam Adams is such a stand up guy, why does too much make me do the opposite?
My man goin' HAM on the bongos tonight.
All Day Sucker.
I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve visited Chernobyl… it’s 14
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Not sold on vegetable crisps yet. Not sure I trust 'em.
Love US coverage of the Prem-ear-ship soccer.
The DM reminds its readers yet again that I have been married a lot.I would like to remind them that during the 30s,the DM supported Hitler
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"I'm bored," I say as I soar through the stars on a spinning ball of adventure
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Guanacos are elegant animals with fine legs. That's my informational tidbit of the day. Factoid if you will.