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BBC Earth
.@ArcasGuate help animals affected by the illegal pet trade in Guatemala @jraldred for #EarthOnLocation
Why did our species survive when our fellow humans didn’t?
The muskox grows its own sweater
A sniffer dog is being trained to detect the presence of harvest mice
The birds that fear death
Our dirty thunderstorm clip has gone viral. Find out how we filmed it.
Sprites look a bit like the straggling tendrils of a jellyfish
Share your best video & pics of South Africa #EarthCapture
This Guatemalan jaguar rescued from the pet trade can never be released into wild #EarthOnLocation @jraldred
Why did we survive when Hobbits didn’t?
The Arctic fox can survive below -20°C (-4°F) thanks to some incredible adaptations
The sniffer dog that detects secretive harvest mice
We know so little about our oceans they might as well exist on another planet @BBC_Future
Upward lightning: shooting from tall buildings to clouds
Share your best pics & video of South Africa #EarthCapture
.@jraldred is glad to be back in Guatemala after 10yrs. Filming at @ArcasGuate. #EarthOnLocation
Our relatives the Hobbits and Neanderthals are dead, why did we survive?
The sea otter is the furriest creature on Earth
The world’s smallest snail has been found in China
How to use a 360° Underwater Camera Rig ft. @okaytobesmart)…
Ball lightning is quite real
Send us your best video & pics of South Africa #EarthCapture
The Timber Rattlesnake - one of the most endangered animals in New England @iron_ammonite for #EarthOnLocation
Why did we survive when Neanderthals didn’t?
Fluffy animals may be cute, but they aren't growing fur to get cuddles

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