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Watching #bonobos on #MonkeyPlanet? Want to find out more about them? Let's start you off with 10 mind-blowing facts!
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Wild male monkey filmed caring for dying partner -> #monkeyplanet
Along with chimpanzees, bonobos are man’s closest living relatives. Our DNA is 98.7% identical #monkeyplanet
Young bonobos console their fellow apes with hugs and sex, say scientists -> #monkeyplanet
To find out more about all aspects of chimpanzee behaviour, take a look here -> #monkeyplanet
Chimpanzees, like us, show a strong preference for being left or right handed when using tools #monkeyplanet
Siswi doesnt just imitate, she also saws wood, hammers nails and paddles canoes #monkeyplanet
With only 6,600 Sumatran orangutans left, they could be the 1st great ape to become extinct in the wild #monkeyplanet
Learning what food you can (and can't!) eat can be tricky for young gorillas! ( #monkeyplanet
Black lemurs show humans aren't the only ones that like mind-altering chemicals! #monkeyplanet
Long tailed macaques: The only monkeys in the world to have developed a tool kit for 45 different foods #monkeyplanet
White faced capuchins rarely get as close as they do when fur rubbing... They're usually squabbling! #monkeyplanet
Zanzibar red colobus look very different to their western cousins. More info -> #monkeyplanet
The crew were mauled by monkeys while trying to film the monkey party in Thailand! #monkeyplanet ->
Coming up in 10mins: Concluding part of #MonkeyPlanet (9pm, @BBCOne) Revealing the brainy side of our primate family
Our #photooftheday ( is a stunning orange-tip butterfly taken by Nick Edge @savebutterflies
*To the tune of @the_prodigy* "Kanzi's a firestarter, Marshmallow-toasting firestarter" #MonkeyPlanet, 9pm, @BBCOne:
Green Woodpeckers have a distinctive laughing call or ‘yaffle.’ #R4tweet © RSPB
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#Birds learn to choose the the best nesting materials, rather than building from instinct ->
Meet Ashol-Pan – the 13-year-old girl hunting with a golden eagle
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A gorgeous gannet is our #photooftheday ( taken at Bempton cliffs, Yorkshire by Dave Mason.
A wild marmoset monkey is filmed embracing and caring for his dying female partner ->
Our #photooftheday ( is a mother mallard and her ducklings, photographed by Paula James.