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Mojang statement on Microsoft buy-out: Confirms three founders to leave.
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Microsoft buys Mojang, the Swedish firm behind video game Minecraft, for $2.5bn (£1.5bn) -
Apple's Tim Cook says TVs are stuck in the 70's. Wonder why he's talking about that? AUDIO:
WATCH: Why Le Mans racing car designers are turning to 3D printing.
China launches mobile phone lanes for pedestrians to avoid crashes while walking and swiping... Good idea?
#BBCClick's @jen Copestake looks at the devices that could be in the house of the future
Looking for the time? This week #BBCClick has the latest on smart watches. See for schedule
WATCH: See the Le Mans racing car that is made with 3D printed parts - #BBCClick
"This is something quite different" says @stephenfry re the Apple Watch. Is he right? Tune into @BBCNews at 2245.
Mirror mirror on the wall @jencopestake looks at smart home tech from IFA. See #BBCClick
A defining few weeks for wearable tech? See what we made of it all on @BBCiPlayer - (UK Only)
We've a gadget frenzy for you on this week's @BBCClick - watches, cameras, robot cleaners and at last a way to spy on your dishwasher...!
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.@spenley does his best impression of Wall-E on this week's show from IFA. See #BBCClick
You will soon be able to get an SD card with a whopping 512GB of storage space -
Google faces $323,000 fine if it doesn't start reading customer emails, @geekdotcom reports -
New material could be used to make planes and trucks... and can "recover after being crushed, like a sponge" -
Is this what Microsoft Windows 9 will look like?
Easy questions for a Friday - "why does the Universe exist?" Even a @TEDTalks audience giggles
Google buys firm behind hi-tech spoon for Parkinson's patients -
Facebook is piloting the ability to have your posts expire after a set amount of time -
The power of editing and science has revealed we were exactly 495m from the fireworks in this week's @BBCClick
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Honey I shrunk the ZX Spectrum - inside the world of bonsai computing! -
Honey I shrunk the ZX spectrum - inide the world of bonsai computing!
VIDEO: Could this app teach you to dance? @spenley finds out with the help of the Dutch National Ballet #BBCClick
Enjoyed the music in this week's #webscape? Check out this link for details of the tracks used
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Woman missing 10% of brain - the cerebellum - lives, only the ninth case in medical history
Apparently U2 have given their new album away pro-bono. *searches twitter to see if anyone else made that joke* Guys how do I delete text?
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Not a fan of U2? Here is a handy guide about how to remove their latest offering from ur iTunes (via @BBCNewsbeat) -
A fun read from @BBCTech about the workers who lived on the Google campus -
Thx to all who took reaction selfies.. I've plenty & you'll be on in the show 3 weekends from now... You all rock (& are pretty funny!)
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Reports say that Microsoft is in talks to take over the video games studio behind Minecraft -
Demonstrating the two best things about Samsung Gear VR for this week's @BBCClick. No lag, and comedy eyes.
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Meet Theo - the BBCs pigeon chaser! Handler Andy suspects new hawk-like drones may replace Theo one day..
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Does the Apple Watch justify the hype? @RichTaylorBBC gave it a try after the launch -
Reaction can be whatever you like.. shocked/amused/scared/happy.. just needs to be your face so we can see who you are :)
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Want to be on #webscape? Tweet a photo as if you have just seen something I have sent you on your phone.. the best will be screenshots :)
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Latest news from the #Apple press conference as they unveil new iPhones and the Apple Watch -
#AppleLive just announced Apple Pay.... NFC payment with iPhone6 & 6+ @BBCClick includes TouchID and Secure Element chip
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Bigger form factor for #iPhone6 means better battery life. Phew - might last till 4pm each day then. #AppleLive #AppleEvent
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#IPhone6 and #iPhone6 Plus - BOTH bigger than current models - 4.7 & 5.5 inches with RetinaHD displays - 401ppx for 6Plus #AppleLive
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