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Brian Baumgartner
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I also may or may not have done this. With my pumpkin transporter (aka wheelbarrow).
This is me yesterday. At my first ever Pumpkin Patch... picking perfect pumpkins.
Yes. I am in Palm Springs for a wedding. But always watching... Congrats #UGA on another big win today.
Sunrise in Palm Springs. Did I wake up early or stay up late? #fijowed
So this happened. And my neutered dog got very confused as he watched intently.
I wanna take this moment right now to congratulate... the Kansas City Royals for making it to the World Series.
WARNING! If u visit my house & steal these M&Ms off my desk u should note: These are same M&Ms Prop…
Something tells me he was not being so innocent before I turned the corner & saw him.
So when the #Packers scored the touchdown with 3 secs left- my phone somehow ended up on the floor and shattered. #WorthIt #NotDrunk
Good luck on ur teams and ur wagering today, good men & women of the USA. #NotFutball
Hmmmmm β€œ@pcpeople: We're hearing that @BBBaumgartner of 'The Office' fame might just be this year's homecoming parade grand marshal at @SMU”
Well @AngelaKinsey - The answer is (left to right): me, Angela, and the fruity drink is Oscar's.
Great time! Thanks! β€œ@AndyMcLane: Thanks for the greatest evening @BBBaumgartner @AngelaKinsey @OscarNunezLA @JasonBerry1979”
This is me. Laying in bed. After my dinner with Oscar & Angela. I forgot to take pics there.…
Congrats to the Cardinals. Go Royals. #NextSeasonSeemsFarAway
Mattingly should call on the groundskeeper for the batters box.
Groundskeeper. Bring on the Groundskeeper.
Ummm... Not sure how u guys interpreted my tweet about @Buck negatively. I love him & think he is doing a hell of a job.
Great. Thanks for clarifying!!! β€œ@BMcCarthy32: @BBBaumgartner teams and NY have different angles than what you see on tv”
Joe Buck & his family has worked for the Cardinals for years. He is showing what a pro he is. Complained about calls last night & today.
Unless there is a view we didn't see on TV- how in the world is that overturned?? Umpire is sitting in perfect position.
Maybe the mound is bad. Bring out the groundskeepers. #Dodgers
Good move but will be needed eventually."@SauxJr: Puig not starting.… Thoughts @BBBaumgartner?”
@BBBaumgartner the main issue with the mound was that martinez wasn't warmed up yet in the bullpen
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I don't know if I have ever seen this. Calling out grounds crew in middle of at bat when not raining?!?!
Hear that everybody- I'm a freaking wizard! β€œ@JoeJrice123: @BBBaumgartner your a comedy wizard πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€β€
Hi Oscar!!!!! β€œ@OscarNunezLA: @BBBaumgartner @AngelaKinsey At ur bachelor party in Vegas I lost $1000 b4 my ass hit the stool.”
Beautiful. #Dodgers Let's go get it done! msjennafischer agrees!!!!!
I wonder: Is @jennafischer rooting for the team from the city she left & will never return to (cardinals) or the city she will never leave?
I keep this on my fridge exclusively because of the snide on Social Media.
Oscar?!? I need proof this is you. Tell me something only I know. β€œ@OscarNunezLA: @AngelaKinsey @BBBaumgartner help! I need twitter tutors.”
Nonetheless- Packers played a complete game. Very pleased. Congrats #Packers
I would gloat about Packers/ Bears game but... Come on Chicago. Ur team is terrible.
What time is it? Oh right... It's time for #Dodgers Postseason Baseball. Congrats on great game last…
Yesterday. Trying it but I don't get it. β€œ@AngelaKinsey: .@BBBaumgartner ummm when the heck did you get on Instagram? I am kinda excited!"
This pitcher it missing an "A" and a "T".
This pitcher is missing an "A" and a "T".
My dog is really concentrating on the game. #Dodgers