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Brian Baumgartner
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I made a semi-diving stop on ball hit sharp to 3rd by Kenny Lofton. Jeter ran out onto the field to hug me like I had just won World Series.
I had the opportunity to spend 1 evening w Jeter as my coach in a celebrity softball game. He was so generous & kind. Been a fan ever since.
The new Jeter/ Sinatra commercial is unbelievable. Love it.
If you are a woman- wearing a padded bra will most certainly make the dreaded "boob rash" a distinct possibility. #LAHeat
If u are a man- wearing tighty- whities today may prevent you from having children in the future. #LAHeat
To those of you outside LA- let me distill all the tweets today from those of us here, in words u can understand- "it's hot as balls in LA."
A little late but nonetheless... Congrats & Mazel to @KevinRahm on your new baby girl!!!
Oh my god, I think the Eagles could clinch the NFC East.
Very kind!“@AndrewBank: Caught up on THE BRIDGE. So good. Esp @MatthewLillard & @BBBaumgartner. "The Spirit of Radio" scene's an all-timer.”
Great day. Watching football with a friend (Coyotes not welcome.) Enjoy ur Sunday peeps.
Feed wild animals bad. Make animals too comfy. Dangerous 4 animals & humans. Life better for both when both live with healthy fear/ respect.
You are a moron. Read what I wrote. Jesus. “@JeouxyCupcakes: they were here first. Get over it. They deserve life like any other organism”
Those of you offering "a gun" as solution... "Kevin from The Office Fires Gun in Hollywood Hills And Kills Neighbor" not the ideal headline.
.@chrissyteigen seeing the people feeding them like pigeons in the park sent me into an uncontrollable rage. Of course they aren't scared!
.@chrissyteigen exact same situation! Wouldn't go. We got help & ranger said "He won't leave until he gets your dog". They aren't scared.
The teens in the car got a LOUD talking- to by me. But they're obviously not the only offenders. Let's help the animals. And us. Thanks.
A walk on my street in the evening? Forget it. I am not an alarmist in general. But we have a real problem. Something must be done.
I have a 7 -8 foot fence around my backyard. Children can no longer play outside- day or night. My dog cannot be outside. And going for...
Any organization interested in educating humans to this danger & finding solutions to this growing problem- find me. I am the man to help.
It is the equivalent to throwing food to Alligators in Georgia. Wild animals should live in fear of humans. Healthy distance. Co- existence.
The teens in the car. They were throwing FOOD to the Coyotes! How someone could not be aware this is a terribly idiotic idea is mindboggling
The coyotes I honked at- Barely flinched. Moved SLIGHTLY to avoid being hit by the car. But they did not scatter or retreat. I then noticed
To eat my dog. Sometimes multiple coyotes. They have become aggressive. Determined. Reports of coyotes chasing PEOPLE have been reported.
Honking at the coyotes. Attempting to scare them aware. If u read my feed here- you know coyotes have been climbing my fence attempting...
I looked over to the right & there were 3 coyotes on the side of the road. Suddenly enraged- I aggressively pulled around the car & honked.
And now a cry for help: As I entered my neighborhood last night- a car was stopped in the middle of the road. Confused- I stopped behind it.
Good lord... “@chrissyteigen: BRAIN EXPLOSION RT “@atotalmonet: ban humans…””
I've been emotional today. This put me over the top. Huge kudos @espn for fantastic piece on a true hero #RedBandanna…
How on earth did @nfl rule on Rice without doing EVERYTHING in its power to uncover the truth? Stupid, stupid, stupid. And more... CRIMINAL.
Well this was a really great Sunday.
Shocked both these teams are ranked in the top #15. Seemed like 2 last place teams in their conference. #13-10 #97penalties
Not of fan of either team-BUT- the USC & Stanford game was maybe the most terrible game ever. Horrible coaching, playing, & officiating.
Do the SeaChicken fans in Seattle realize that everyone else in America is rooting for the @packers? #GoPackGo
Are you ready???? I am so ready.
This. @SMUMustangs@AngelaKinsey: What is Labor Day party w/o football?! #SMU vs. #Baylor #BrianVs.Angela 😜🏈”
Hey @espn America is kinda tired of you showing the dad of Clemson's QB. Thanks.
Yessssssir!!!!! “@alanst1: @BBBaumgartner Goooooo Dawgs!!!!”
Well done! “@caseycorley: Coffee out of this creepy thing.. The best way to start a Friday! #theoffice #kevinmalone
It's my year bro!!!“@johnkrasinski: Yup, draft Monday... And @BBBaumgartner loses in January. Just like old times. @JoeSorbaro @rainnwilson
We draft Monday! “@JoeSorbaro: @johnkrasinski @rainnwilson @BBBaumgartner are you guys still doing your Office Fantasy Football league?”
Tonight I have the first of 2 FF drafts. I have the 3rd pick. I'm thinking I draft @OfficialAJHawk. Any other suggestions?
In case anyone was wondering- I don't miss the World Cup.
Ballmer is a maniac. The energy he brings is fun to see. #Hardcore