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Oh dang! 1st time wearing a suit since Jr Prom back in high school (AHHH memories) ...just got fitted by @propersuit thanks fellas!!!
mmmmmmm feels like summertiiiiiime :)
Just realized @bassnectar sampled Mike Ruppert's voice from his Truth and Lies of 9/11 presentation. Awesome : )
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MORE SUMMERTIME MUSIC: We are hyped to be a part of Summer Set 2014 :) Tix + info:
Great moons of Jupiter! Spent the last 48 hours mastering 15 tracks for deluxe double vinyl :) ears beyond ringing, eyes like spirals #NVSB
should have used a different video. The *POINT* is i'm completely over fake mainstage EDM where the DJs r just faking it. happy saturday :)
yeah forget that video! pool parties = no rules!!! ;) @LaidbackLuke is a great artist. i was talkin a totally different point and
um...sorry, someone with too much time on their hands just hacked into my TW and posted all these rants ;) dang heartbleed bug!!!!!!!
ok, this is why i don't tweet haha...back into the mastering lab
100% NOT calling out anyone in particular. Every good DJ FEELS IT & jumps around :) that's good. Go Buckwild! But 3 guys for 1 track = ?
i've always liked the concept of Peace Love Unity & Respect in music. It's out of RESPECT for music that i say this. zero hate. all love :)
and yes it's not hating to speak the truth: i'm all about doing what you love & sharing that with your friends! But i also have to be honest
i hope you all start supporting them, and stop being so impressed by a guy air dancing and cheering for himself behind a CD player... :)
i can think of several hundred WICKED artists alive & touring today who deserve all the love in the world cuz they are gifted & work hard
the 'scene' is what you make it, so when you support fake ass DJs who dance around behind a CD player, you're just contributing to the prob
i mean u don't have to stop going out or stop loving music, just support all the rad underground artists who work so hard and are SO good
i guess it takes crowds and people who are discerning & educated & passionate & critical & aware cuz currently: it is an embarrassment.
not trying to hate, but seriously... the EDM thing is so Millie Vanilli & those guys were MORTIFIED when they were exposed...
i just wonder where are the ARTISTS & the FREAKS & the VISIONARIES... and why do EDM DJs just cheer themselves on behind a CD payer?
There's a HUGE difference between what i love & that fake, phony, mainstream commercial mass-marketed EDM DJ thing. 2 different worlds...
killer lineup: cannot wait to return to The Farm up in BC :) @shambhala_mf
Final tracklist is coming together nicely, hunting for unique remix artists to do dirty dance moves with my new songs…