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If I was heading back2school I'd take classes in communications, sociology, philosophy, ethics, psychology, history, human development.
we are gearing up for the next $/BH campaign.... time to start thinking about organizations working to give back to the community :)
THANK YOU @summersetfest!!! When Festivals give the opportunity to play without sound interference it opens up so many magical doors of possibility - hands down my favorite set of the summer πŸ˜„ [other festivals, take note πŸ˜‰] #NVSB #SSMF View in high res at
THANK YOU @Summer__Set!!! Hands down my favorite set of the summer πŸ˜„
SubPac Tactile Bass System - FEEL bass late into the night! On sale now!
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Hanging up my Bassnectar Suit for a week and gonna enjoy my last week of summer, then it's time for @northcoastfest πŸš€πŸ’₯πŸ˜œβ€οΈπŸ²πŸ„
Festivals who let me play without sound bleed are where it's AT!! @Summer__Set @SpringAwakeFest #Mudson that's where all the magic happens
Just follow your eyes Just follow your eyes :)
Fucking excellent. :) I loved every last second. Thank you @Summer__Set
Can't get The Cure out of my mind, magical feeling. Ok SUMMER SET I'm ready to dive in deep, let's go...
I hear her voice Calling my name The sound is deep In the dark I hear her voice And start to run Into the trees Into the trees
THANK YOU SALT LAKE CITY! Das Energi Music Festival was a slam dunk πŸ˜„ Now we headed to Wisco for our first @summersetfest adventure πŸ˜„ View in high res at #DasEnergiFest #NVSB Photo by @AGPfoto
Ooooooooooh Summer Set, tonight's the niiiight ;) excited to see you @Summer__Set's the weather? β€οΈπŸš€πŸŽ―πŸ’₯
As always & forever: free ear plugs galore for your pretty ear DRUMZ - GRAB THEM left of mainstage, courtesy $/BH #DollarPerBassHead We β€οΈπŸ‘‚
About to wreck shop at Das Energi Fest: most massive crowd I've ever seen in Utah!!! @V2Presents @datsik @12thplanet @ItsBrillz #NVSB #UTAWW
DON'T HATE THE 808 #NVSB design by Alex Hull πŸ‘Š
DON'T HATE THE 808 #NVSB (design by Alex Hull)
We are beyond excited to close out @summersetfest this coming Sunday, August 17. MASSIVE LINEUP (scope it!) all weekend long set in the beautiful outback of Wisconsin: we are much overdue for a reunion, feel the magnetic pull πŸ˜„ #NVSB #SSMF
We're beyond excited to close out @Summer__Set on Sunday! We are much overdue for a reunion, feel the magnetic pull πŸ˜„
The best way to be happy is to make another person happy #FSOSF